Old School quattros IV

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August 12, 2007

Text and Photos by: Dave Kraige and Paul Tholey

Old school quattros IV in Cumberland, Maryland was another successful edition of what has become a great annual event for owners of older Audi models. The event began Friday, July 27th, with a new and fun element, a garage party at a large garage located outside Cumberland provided by resident Doug Macy.

Participants were able to spend Friday night making final tuning adjustments on their cars before the autocross on Saturday. The garage provided a great location for participants to look under each others’ hoods, discuss the benefits and quirks of these cars, and diagnose a couple minor problems. There was also plenty of food and drinks for everybody, and a nice campground area for those who chose to camp out overnight.

The people and cars attending this year represented a good mix, with visitors coming from states including North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York bringing models including 4000, 200, S6, and Coupe quattro. Long-haul honors go without a doubt to Marc Swanson who drove overnight from New Hampshire trailering his amazing V8 Twin Turbo Coupe quattro.

Saturday was an excellent autocross as always, put on by Cumberland enthusiast group National Road Autosport. The course was very well-designed and suited the quattro drivetrain quite nicely with its emphasis on maintaining momentum and high-speed stability.

The Audi drivers put down some very respectable times during the event. OSq regulars Doug Macy and Dave Kraige led the Audis, finishing 1st and 2nd in D Street Prepared (45th and 46th overall out of 103), separated by only 0.069 seconds. Larry Zajdel (TT), Amram Edri (TT), Ben Swann (200 Turbo quattro Avant), and Scott Gogel (4000 S quattro) also posted top-3 finishes in their respective classes. Despite the brutal heat and humidity, all of the cars survived just fine with no serious issues.

After the autocross the Audi group headed out on the annual mountain cruise, winding through some very nice back roads around Cumberland, including a run up the Polish Mountain Hillclimb route, site of a revival hillclimb event put on by National Road Autosport one week after OSq. The cruise eventually wound its way to Mike McCagh’s farm, site of the traditional post-autocross picnic, featuring excellent crabs and kettle corn in addition to the standard grilled fare.

The organizers of Old School quattros wish to thank this year’s sponsors, 034 Motorsport of Fremont, CA, Custom Auto Craft of Luxembourg, and Monkey Business Fashions of Cumberland, MD. We will be going at it again next summer, so be sure to bookmark the event website and stay tuned for updates!


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