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May 1, 2007

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May 1st

Took the day to finish up the tasks I needed to do, like get the power invertor for the laptop, etc. Picked Ed up from DIA around 10:30pm, then we met Kasim to get a beer and pick up his race suit, helmet etc. Kasim is flying into S. Bend Thursday night, so no need for him to bring that kinda stuff on the plane. Hit bed pretty late and didn’t really sleep well.

May 2nd

Woke up an did the rest of my packing for the trip. Last night I’d noticed that the shimmy in the car was still there, despite having the wheels rebalanced. Ed suspected it was a bent wheel, so I jacked the car up and put my other set of wheels on the car. The good news is that the shimmy is gone, the bad news is my good wheels are now going to get goobered up with track pad dust. Oh well.

Headed over to SCR to have the last bit of vinyl put on, then Ed and I hit the road.

As expected, Eastern Wyoming and Western Nebraska are pretty damn boring. The Nebraska troopers aren’t all that generous either, one pulled over a Yukon just behind us that was going maybe 8 over the limit. Digging all the electronics, this is my first time using a laptop in the car with a power invertor and a cellular modem. Posting on AudiWorld while we’re flying down I-80 is just kinda cool. We’re hoping to get to at least Des Moines tonight, that’ll leave a fairly short drive tomorrow to get to the Tire Rack.


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