One Lap of America: Project One Lap – Update #2

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May 3, 2007

Source: Project One Lap

May 2nd

Tried to use the Tom-tom nav to find us dinner. It told us there was an Outback Steakhouse nearby, so we let it guide us in. Well, it brought us to some guys house in a residential neighborhood! Luckily Ed has spent some time in Omaha and he remembered where a good brew pub was downtown. I’m leery on relying on Tom-tom to get us fed.

Stopped in Iowa City for the night, rolled in at 12:30 am central time. Did 800 miles today, not too bad. Would have gotten here a little sooner if it hadn’t been for the Outback escapade, having a real sit down dinner and Ed’s smallest bladder known to all mankind.

May 3rd

Got broken sleep last night due to Ed’s crackberry going off twice. He’s agreed to turn it completely off at night in exchange for me not flushing it down the toilet. We’re on the road now, currently in Illinios, 170 miles from the Tire Rack. Once we hit the hotel we plan to buy beer and sit by the pool and wait for the other teams to arrive. We might drop by Tire Rack just to check the place out…


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