One Lap of America: Project One Lap – Update #6

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May 7, 2007

Source: Project One Lap

Well, we had a very eventful night. We met Dean in Laramie and grabbed the master cylinder and a bunch of Motul brake fluid. Then it was away to hammer across Wyoming. We linked up with the One Lap Supra, a pick up truck and later a One Lap corvette. We made very good time across the state and more importantly no speeding tickets!

We rolled into Streamline at midnight and Hans started working on the car right away. After installing our “new” master cylinder and bleeding the brakes, we left the shop at 2:30 am with hearty thanks to Hans. He really went above and beyond!

We hit the hotel at 3am and just collasped. I don’t think I could’ve driven another 20 miles, I was dead tired.

Way too early the alarm went off and Kasim and I left for the track, leaving Ed behind to try to catch some more zzz’s. Unfortunately the roll away bed we’d requested wasn’t there and he had to sleep on the floor! To say I was less than pleased would be a massive understatement.

Once again Kasim and I showed up to the track way too early, we could’ve shown up around 1.5 hours later. Doh! We took the time to unload the car and crash out and try to get some sleep. We’re running the East course in the morning, then full course in the afternoon at Miller. We made the decision to let Kasim drive both sessions, I’ll drive both sessions tomorrow at Pueblo.

He gridded and did great in the morning, placing 36th! He did so well, we gridded far earlier in the afternoon than we thought and we barely got the car prepped in time. Our brake problems are better but not totally resolved. [email protected] recommended bleeding the brakes again to make sure we got all the air out of the calipers and ABS system. So I was busy doing that after lunch, racing to get done before we had to grid. Then just enough time to splash in the 100 octane race gas and line up.

Kasim again kicked butt, closing 5 seconds on the Viper ahead of him. I’d geuss that we at least held our position in the mid 30’s or better.

After checking in with friends in Colorado on the weather and road closures, we decided to skip going the I-70 route to take I-80. It’s the longer way around by 75 miles, but the speed limits are higher and it’s been snowing up in the high country with freezing roads tonight. Couple that with road closures through Glenwood canyon and the Eiserhower tunnel and I suspect we’ll get to the track faster by going the longer route.

We quickly packed up the car and hit the road, Kasim is now having fun canyon carving up towards Park City right now, making it hard to type!!

Here’s a few shots, the rattlesnake sign was at a rest stop, and no Ed, you’re on your own for sucking out the poison! The other is Kasim crashed out in the car before the event today, then gridded to get on the track, last one is a shot of the clock after we left Streamline…


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