PAX Wheels Now Available for the Audi A6

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June 2, 2003

A cast aluminium wheel with a run-flat tyre is now available as an option for all Audi A6 quattro models with four- and six-cylinder engines. The design of the Pax wheel, as it is known, means that the driver can continue for up to 200 kilometres at a maximum speed of 80 km/h even if a tyre is fully deflated. At the same time, the PAX wheel affords a good balance between agility and ride comfort.

Although flat, the tyre still offers a high level of residual ride comfort – the driver does not perceive a loss of pressure as permanently detracting from the running characteristics. However, to make the driver aware of an impending flat tyre or a gradual loss of pressure, the PAX system is only offered in combination with the automatic tyre pressure monitoring system.

The PAX system consists of a special wheel rim, a modified tyre design and the actual emergency-run element, a support ring that sits almost in the middle of the rim and encloses it. This technology makes sure that the tyre remains on the rim even if it is completely deflated.

The PAX wheel can be recognised by its original 7-arm design for which both summer and winter tyres are available. The size designation differs from conventional wheels: the PAX wheel for the A6 has the metric designation “440” which, in purely mathematical terms, is equivalent to a size 17-inch wheel. The tyre designation is 215/650 R 440.

In addition, cast aluminium 7-arm PAX wheels with winter tyres of size 205/640 R440 are also available for A6 quattro models as an option.

Also new for the 2004 model year is the Rear Seat Entertainment System available for the 8-cylinder versions of the A6 and S6. This option includes two 6.5-inch LCD monitors integrated into the front head restraints and a 6-disc DVD/CD changer in the luggage compartment.

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