Reader’s Ride: Aron’s S4

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February 16, 2010

Compiled by AudiWorld

Name: Aron Pajda

AudiWorld username: TheyCallMeARI

Occupation: Student/ Valet/ Tuner

Company: BlitzKraft
“A Fine Tuned Euro lifestyle”

Vehicle Information

Year: 2001

Make: Audi

Model: S4

Mileage: 90,000

Color: Black

Engine: 2.7T

Engine Mods:
GIAC ECU flash
Evoms diverter valves
AWE Tuning S-Flo intake
JHM solid-shifter package
APR snub mount
(Motor work and upgraded turbo’s on the way)

Exhaust Mods: AWE Tuning twin1 exhaust
Vast piggie pipes

Suspension Mods: Vogtland coilovers

Brake Mods: Porsche Cayenne 6 piston front calipers
JHM 350mm slotted front rotors
Pagid brake pads
JHM rear big brake kit (300mm slotted rear rotors)
Hawk HPS brake pads
Stainless-steel brakes lines

Wheels & Tires: Custom 18″ BBS RS’ 8.5″ front
Custom 18″ BBS RS’ 10″ rear
Falken Ziex 512 215/40/18
Falken Ziex 512 225/40/18

Exterior Mods: OEM RS4 front bumper w/ fogs
OEM RS4 grill
OEM euro spec trunk
Cleared headlights
Apexcone 6000k hid kit
In-Pro chrome mirrors
Pulled Fenders
Shaved upper/lower door trim
Shaved side markers
Molded rocker panels

Interior Mods: AutoPower race rollbar
AWE vent boost gauge
HKS turbo timer

Audio / Video Mods: Pioneer Avic-Z3 headunit,

Pioneer iPod adapter,
Pioneer XM/Sirius adapter,
Alpine type S front speakers,
Alpine type R rear speakers,
JL Audio 12″ W7 subwoofer,
JL Audio A1800 amp,
JL Audio A4300 amp

Featured Car Questions

When and where did you purchase this car?

I purchased the car in 2003 locally. The previous owner was a lawyer so it was babied every since the showroom. I am currently the second owner.

Why did you choose this car as the basis of your project?

From a wide range of vehicles and multiple test drives, I chose this car as my first car. I consider myself quite lucky. It was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I worked nonstop to pay off this car, which makes this car mean a lot more to me. I have pulled this car apart multiple times and know it like the back of my hand. It basically has everything in a performance saloon I ever wanted: Four wheel drive, v6 twin turbo, 6 speed manual, luxury on the inside and elegance on the outside.

Was there anything unique about the car before you starting modifying it?
No, the car was completely bone stock, which I was looking for when I was searching for the right S4. All the others were either modified, or had been salvaged. I found 4 salvaged S4’s, in my area.

Did you consider any other brands, and what led you to Audi?

I was always a VW/Audi guy at heart; they had a unique personality with me. They were different and always managed to stick out.

What was your objective with this project?

My objective was to build an amazing car all around for the SHOW and for the TRACK. My build started off slow in the beginning but during the spring of 2009 I ordered my unique 18” BBS RS’ I was the first person in the USA to have a set from JustMatz UK. I loved RS’ from the start but needed 18’s to clear my future Porsche brakes. So I needed custom work done. After receiving the wheels they poked a bit so during the summer the body of the car was overhauled. Pulled fenders, shaved door trims, etc to accompany the wider wheels. I wanted to get all of the bodywork done before H2o international to show off the new wheels. During the summer locally I won 2nd place with my car unpainted at the Midwest Treffen show and at H2o I won 3rd place (fully painted). As of now the exterior is exactly what I wanted but now I am working on my engine build and custom turbo set up. If I need to race/track then I will put on my race wheels and be ready with tons of power, but when I am showing I will have my 18” RS’ on with a wicked engine bay to show off.

What companies or individuals were involved in the build-out?

I did all the mechanical work to this car myself, I never feel safe giving my car to a mechanic or shop. I worked on it at my garage and shop with friends. Shout out to Mark Moczulski, and all my friends who have helped me over the years.

What was the most difficult part of the project to get right?
The biggest difficulty and problem with the build was to order the wheels just right with the perfect offset and specs. I spent countless hours in my garage playing with plywood spacers I made, the RS’ centers, and with lips from random rims I had in my garage. There is no turning back when you go custom.

If you had to do it all over again what would you change?

Nothing I love my car how it is right now, It always turns heads when I drive it around town. People do not even know what it is. It will be amazing and complete once the engine/ interior work is done.

Have you generated any formal test results with this car (dyno, ¼ mile, etc?)

I am waiting for my engine and turbo upgrades/ race wheels for dyno and ¼ mile

Are you finished – what’s next?

Not even close, I need to finish the interior with some race seats and some cosmetics, and the most expensive part is going to be redoing the engine. I would like to do a 3L with twin gt28’s or possibly a r32/r36 motor with single turbo.

Is this your daily driver, and if not what else is in your garage?

No this is not my daily; I also have in my garage a 2008 VW R32, and currently building a 1983 GTI (fully shaved, 1.8t swap & air ride).

What is your favorite thing about this car?

The sound and the power, the exhaust purrs like a kitten while normal driving, but then turns into an angry monster when you punch it. The power is always there, just tap the accelerating and you leave everyone in the dust.

As modified, what makes your car unique?

There was A LOT of controversy in the Audi forums and their thoughts about BBS RS’. Nobody thought that it would look good and would not match, but I was stubborn and had to do it how I wanted and the outcome was great.

Where can other enthusiasts see your car?

I am slowly becoming more active online and traveling to more shows, so I will possibly be at a future event near you

Anything else you’d like to share?



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