Reader’s Rides: Nick’s 2011 Audi Exclusive Glut Orange S5

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September 10, 2010

Compiled by AudiWorld staff

Owner Information

Name: Nick Salvatore

AudiWorld username: The Chef.

Occupation: Sales Rep.

Vehicle Information

Year: 2011

Make: Audi

Model: S5

Mileage: 200

Color: Glut Orange

Engine: 4.2 V8

Engine Mods: None (yet)

Exhaust Mods: None (yet)

Suspension Mods: None (yet)

Brake Mods: None

Wheels & Tires: 19’ Split 5s on Pirelli PZero Rossos

Exterior Mods: None

Interior Mods: None.

Audio / Video Mods: B&O Upgrade.

Featured Car Questions

When and where did you purchase this car?

– Purchased Aug 25th from Millennium Audi in Houston TX

Why did you choose this car as the basis of your project?

– I have owned 7 Audi’s in the last 7 years, I love the brand and this is my first “S” car. Combined with the elegant lines that Walter DeSilva created with this car…it seemed to be the ideal jump into the S segment….

Was there anything unique about the car before you starting modifying it?

…the Gult Orange Exterior. Ha. I went through the Audi Exclusive program and Erin Goward at AOA was a big help in the entire process. I had a list of 3 Exclusive colors I wanted to try to get approved with Glut being my first choice. It was approved and off we went. The car as I know it is a one of…at least in the United States.

Did you consider any other brands, and what led you to Audi?

After so many prior Audi’s my heart was still with them of course but I did look at a few Mercedes AMG options. (C and E 63)

What was your objective with this project?

Its just starting, so it is still evolving. The car is very unique in its own right…you don’t see many S5s let alone Glut Orange examples. The car is a daily driver and will log 15K a year for the next 3 years. It wont be some crazy show car, I can tell you that. Its really to make an OEM++ type car, a little lower, louder, faster et al.

What companies or individuals were involved in the build-out?

Thus far I have sourced suspension and wheel spacers from H&R. AWE has provided the Exhaust and Downpipes. There is still a bit to come with Engine tune and wheels.

What was the most difficult part of the project to get right?

The Color. Glut Orange is a very rare color and I learned AFTER the fact it was the same as Solar Orange that we see on the TTS. Still, not many out there in that shade in the US at least. It was relying on Google image search for a color that is hard to photograph and it also confuses many people to label correctly (Solar, Glut, Signal, Papaya etc) I ordered this example based on a few one off RS4’s in the hue. Total disclosure, I thought the color was a metallic when I ordered it. Because of the way this changes in light combined with the inability to see it in person, I had to assume as much….sorta like the way way Sprint Blue up close has that light pearl to it. Even tough it is not metallic, I am very happy with it.

If you had to do it all over again what would you change?

Nothing yet. Get back to me in 2 years. [AudiWorld plans to keep in touch with Nick to follow the progress of his modifications etc with this highly unique Audi!]

Have you generated any formal test results with this car (dyno, ¼ mile, etc?)

None yet.

Are you finished – what’s next?

Tint. Suspension. Exhaust. Downpipes. Tune. Wheels. Not done – at all.

Is this your daily driver, and if not what else is in your garage?

Yep it is my daily. My fiancé drives a 09 A4 2.0T, Brillant Red on Ebony Leather.

What is your favorite thing about this car?

That its an S5. In GLUT ORANGE.

As modified, what makes your car unique?

As it stands…it stands out. Some tasteful mods to bring the package that much more in harmony will make it complete.

Where can other enthusiasts see your car?

In Houston Texas….wont be hard to miss. Cars and Coffee on the first Saturday of the month is also a good bet. That aside, anywhere you might see be it on line or inperson.

Anything else you’d like to share?

A Thanks. I knew this would be a pretty cool concept but I didn’t think it would have gotten the attention it did only a week into ownership. The Audi Enthusiast community is a place I have hung my hat for the last 7 years. Between various forums and sites I have logged some 30+ thousand posts. I have met hundreds if not thousands of people all over the country that have developed into personal friendships…to get that as a side benefit in something you love on its own (Audi) is pretty great. Thanks to the forums and sites for giving us a place to build the relationships and show off our rides!

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