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August 28, 2007

Source: Audi AG

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A treat for the eyes and ears

The Audi A8 has always been a leader with its simple and logical Multi Media Interface operating system. The 7-inch folding screen and the MMI terminal on the centre console are a delight to use, the simple menu structure continues to be the benchmark for clarity of design and straightforward user guidance. The MMI is also the centre point of the diverse range of multimedia and communication systems in the A8.

The standard audio system is of a high quality: the radio features a double tuner and the phase diversity reception concept, whereby digitised signals from two aerials are permanently evaluated and combined into a strong, interference-free reception signal. This maintains a high-quality signal even in adverse conditions. Nine speakers, a five-channel amplifier, a vehicle-specific equaliser and a total output of 230 watts create a mobile soundscape.

The infotainment range in the Audi A8 can be perfectly matched to suit individual requirements. Its modules include various sound systems through to unprecedented high-end systems, DAB digital radio reception, a CD changer, a TV receiver for analogue and digital signals and Rear Seat Entertainment. This includes a 6 DVD changer and two monitors in the head restraints of the front seats.

Digital-quality radio sound

The optional DAB tuner offers radio reception with unprecedented quality. Digital radio is far superior to even the best analogue FM receivers in terms of dynamic range, transparency and spatiality. The high-quality systems in the Audi A8 are particularly effective in bringing out the digital sound quality. Digital audio broadcast (DAB) is already widely used in many European countries. In Germany, the UK and Belgium, for instance, almost full coverage has been achieved.

Should any gap appear in the DAB network, however, the audio system switches instantly to the relevant FM stations.

Direct iPod connection

For many, a constantly available, portable music collection has become a fixed part of their lifestyle. Using the Audi music interface you can connect up an Apple iPod to the A8’s audio system and control it via the MMI operating system with the same intuitive logic that iPod users know and value. But many other MP3 players with a USB interface can also be used to play music via the Audi sound system.

An Audi A8 naturally always knows its way around – certainly when it comes to the DVD navigation system and its various detailed display options on the 7-inch colour screen. If desired, this screen will also display TV programmes – albeit only when the vehicle is stationary for safety reasons, but from analogue as well as digital channels (DVB-T).

The Bose Surround Sound system ensures that electronic signals are impressively converted into sound waves. Twelve speakers, an 8-channel amplifier and an amplifier output of 370 watts provide compelling spatial sound quality.

Perfect sound experience

Music in the Audi A8 becomes the ultimate sound experience with the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System. The standards of development for this top-class system from the Danish high-end manufacturers were extremely high: a sufficient dynamic range has to be available from pianissimo through to fortissimo possibile; an orchestra must come across as one sound entity, yet the individual instruments must still be clearly placeable. The Bang & Olufsen Sound System achieves all of this with unprecedented precision and quality.

The amount of technical equipment is correspondingly high: a total of 14 speakers with a diameter of up to 270 millimetres are distributed at optimum locations in the interior, each with its own output stage. The centre speaker and the acoustic lenses on the instrument panel ensure authentic sound reproduction at every seat. The doors are filled with mid-range speakers and woofers; the rear shelf accommodates two surround sound speakers and the powerful subwoofer. The digital sound processor delivers surround sound, has dynamic vehicle noise compensation and can be adjusted to the listener’s preferences via the MMI operating system. Total system output: more than 1,000 watts.

The Advanced Sound System also appeals to the eye, living up to the design standards of both Audi and Bang & Olufsen: The cover of each individual speaker is made of aluminium. When the system is switched on, the two acoustic lenses rise smoothly from the upper section of the cockpit.

The ideal car phone

Safe and easy use of the phone has become one of the most important requirements for motorists – not only for those who spend a great amount of time on the roads for work-related reasons. Combining the advantages of a hands-free mobile phone system with the strengths of a classic built-in phone, the Audi Bluetooth car phone offers the best possible solution. That makes phoning on the move convenient, more flexible and simpler than ever.

This innovative telephone solution is extremely convenient as the mobile can simply remain in the driver’s jacket pocket. After registering just once, the vehicle’s system can automatically access the functions of the mobile phone as soon as the driver gets in. The only condition is that the mobile must support the so-called SIM access profile. This allows the car phone to retrieve the data of your mobile phone’s SIM card, your own telephone number and personal phone book. The mobile phone’s telephone module is then switched off, which also prevents radiation in the vehicle interior. The car phone uses the vehicle aerial for an optimum reception at all times.

Simple operation via MMI and speech control

The Audi Bluetooth car phone is operated via the easy-to-use speech control system, the MMI operating system or the multifunction steering wheel. The latest digital voice processor, especially adapted for the vehicle, largely suppresses interference from echoes or vehicle noise to deliver excellent hands-free voice quality. For discrete phone use, a cordless operating handset can also be added to the system.

For business purposes, the Multifunctional Communication Unit is available for the rear. Here a complete office is accommodated beneath the centre armrest: this device not only offers a telephone and internet connection – it can also fax, scan and photocopy documents.

The equipment, data and prices stated here refer to the model range offered for sale in Germany. We reserve the right to make changes. Errors and omissions excepted.

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