The Audi Environmental Foundation publishes book aimed at young researchers

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October 19, 2011

Source: Audi of America

· Environmental aspects linked with education

· Dr. Dagobert Achatz, Managing Director of the Audi Environmental Foundation: “The book motivates young readers to think and investigate.”

· A contribution to responsible handling of natur

The design of winglets on airplanes was taken from eagles, modern cargo ships are powered by wind and the movement of whales is monitored via satellite. These and many other links between nature and technology are described for young scientists in the book “Abenteuer – Leben Natur Technik” (Adventure – Life, Nature and Technology) from Audi Stiftung fur Umwelt GmbH (the Audi Environmental Foundation). The focus of the book is on the origins and role models for modern technologies as well as on sustainable management of the earth’s resources.

“Our book contains exciting examples of the interplay between nature and technology. With attractive illustrations and easy-to-understand text, it is aimed at young researchers and is intended to motivate young readers to think and investigate,” said Dr. Dagobert Achatz, Managing Director of the Audi Environmental Foundation. “The book not only provides a view of the past and present, but also dares to look at future challenges associated with continuing urbanization and growing world population,” Achatz added.

Presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the 80-page book published by wissenmedia shows everyday phenomena and the surprising natural basis for their technology. The 27 sections of the book allow young readers between the ages of 9 and 12 to better understand their world and to find clear answers to complex questions such as: “Is a half-pipe an object with perpetual motion?”, “What do bees have to do with airplanes and houses?”, and “Technology – nature’s friend or enemy?” The book helps to educate young readers about the environment and sensitize them to environmental and technical issues.

The book can be ordered at no cost by e-mail at “[email protected]” with reference to “Order for book for kids”.


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