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June 5, 2007

Source: Audi AG

  • Quicker, simpler, more customer-friendly

    Offering a wide array of innovative functions, the new Audi online shop from quattro GmbH is now available. The relaunched version of the shop pays special attention to user-friendliness, which is a major plus for customers.

    The improved Audi online shop is being launched with a range of new functions. The shop’s general menu guidance has been greatly simplified. Thanks to a reduction in the number of menu items, the user is able to navigate more quickly. In addition, the constantly visible shopping basket, large pictures and clearly presented information for the respective products provide an adequate overview.

    The button “Recommend”, which can be used to forward the viewed items to other potential buyers, is a new feature for visitors. When a specific item is selected, users are automatically shown similar products in order to widen their choice. Functions such as “New in the Shop” and “Last Items Viewed” also improve user orientation. Larger product illustrations on which product details are much easier to recognise are a real advantage for customers.

    Visitors to the shop can look forward to a wide range of new items, such as the latest Audi R8 lifestyle collection or popular model cars. It goes without saying that all items displayed are also in stock.

    The layout with the latest Audi design and considerably faster page loading make the shop even more user-friendly. The photos are of the same high quality as those featured in the latest quattro GmbH brochure. They visually enhance the shop and underline the high quality of the products available.


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