Tokyo Motor Show: Audi A1 metroproject quattro Concept

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October 19, 2007

Compiled by: AudiWorld Staff

The first official photos of Audi’s upcoming Tokyo Motor Show debut have surfaced – although not through official channels. Said to be dubbed the Audi A1 metroproject quattro Concept, the small coupe would be positioned as a direct competitor to the MINI Cooper.

Interestingly, a complete photo set is making the rounds online, although the typical accompanying text is as yet still not available. This begs the question whether it is another case of the manufacturer pre-releasing photos just a few days ahead of the international press event, or whether Audi continues to have a rather porous embargo strategy.

With no official text yet available we are hesitant to speculate about too many of the vehicle’s internal specifics. From an external perspective, however, the name can clearly be seen on the rear license plate. We also see some consistent Audi styling details such as the large front grille, LED headlights and daytime running lights and more angular taillights.

The interior includes very TT-like air vents, although many other items such as the entertainment and environmental controls appear to be more concept-ish than ready-for-production.

According to Motor Authority where the photos first broke the car will include a 1.4L TFSI engine producing 150hp. The real item of note is the reported 41hp electric motor on the rear axle which can be used to drive extra torque or true zero-emission driving in residential areas. This would make the metroproject quattro Concept a true hybrid.

Full details are expected on Wednesday, October 24th, following Audi’s press conference at the Tokyo Motor Show.


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