Torque Factory S4 Wins 2007 Ultimate Sportscar Challenge

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October 28, 2007

Source: Torque Factory

Venice, CA. – Torque Factory is pleased to announce the Torque Factory/Brent Mattraw/Penske Audi West Covina 2001 Audi S4 has won the 2007 Ultimate Street Car Challenge (USCC) put on by Sport Compact Car Magazine. The event was held August 6-8 in Southern California and included 15 grueling tests to measure all aspects of performance and civility. Making this win even more impressive is the fact that two weeks prior to the USCC, Torque Factory had the S4’s drive train in pieces. In the aftermarket automotive industry, the USCC trophy is considered a heavyweight championship belt.

Product highlights included a soon to be released Torque Factory/GIAC USA engine management package; Innovative Turbo’s Beta RS6 turbo package; STaSIS Engineering brakes, suspension and differentials; Techtonics Tuning’s exhaust system and Evolution Racewerks intercoolers.

Leading to the overall win were top finishes in the Engineering “Guru” panel, driveability, ride quality, power, power delivery, acceleration (including a 0-60 time in 3.0 seconds flat) and braking. The S4 weighed a tank like 3550 lbs without driver.

Torque Factory sends a big thank you to its partners and supporters who helped propel the Torque Factory/Brent Mattraw/Penske Audi West Covina car to victory: Jay Morris and Justin “Pickles” Ballou for many late nights prepping for and working the event, Mike from Wicked Motorsports, Justin from Innovative Turbo, the team at GIAC, Evolution Racewerks, Lucent Motors, Toyo, STaSIS Engineering and Penske Audi West Covina.


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