vBulletin Discussion Forum Migration Set for March 16th

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March 13, 2009

Dear AudiWorld Readers,

History repeats itself! Last summer we attempted a migration to vBulletin Dicussion Forum Software and determined that there were some serious technical challenges in our way. Since then AudiWorld’s parent, Internet Brands, Inc., has migrated several other websites with Discussion Forums orders of magnitutde larger than AudiWorld. We have addressed the proper hardware and software configuration issues and are ready to make the swtich permanently on March 16th.

While it will be a significant change in format, vB offers a range of functionality that would simply have been impossible to integrate into our existing Kawf format. Importantly, all forum data will be migrated and all legacy URL’s will function properly, meaning that the AudiWorld knowledge base (and all the search engines and links in cyberspace) will experience no lapses in continuity.

My simple request of the community, just as during the previous migration attempt, is to approach the new discussion forum software with an open mind. From my perspective we have succeeded in retaining some of Kawf’s intimacy while enabling a whole host of other functionality to benefit readers, including younger users who actually prefer the updated style software. We are certainly open to comments and suggestions and will treat each piece of feedback appropriately with the one caveat that this migration is going forward. Please do not ask for a return to Kawf because it is not possible.

We expect vB to go live during the business day on Monday, March 16th. Readers will experience some limited downtime probably not to exceed 1-3 hours during the actual switchover. Thank you in advance.

Jason Teller ([email protected])
Founder & Managing Editor

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