Waterfest 13 Preview

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July 15, 2007

By: Jason Teller

It’s mid-July and if you are a fan of Audi and VW in the US then that means one thing: Waterfest is approaching. To be exact, Waterfest will be held this year on July 21-22 at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ.

Waterfest is the single largest Audi / VW weekend during the summer and brings together over 20,000 enthusiasts to enjoy a number of events, including Show Car, Drag Race (1/4 Mile), Autocross, Sound Off, Tire Burn-out Contest, Autocross School and a huge exhibition area to display cars that are not being judged.

We’ve been covering Waterfest since early in the decade and the reality is that it just keeps growing year after year. Whereas Waterfest 13 will be nothing short of a mainstream, well organized and busy weekend, it is a far cry from the events ten years ago which were a whole lot more VW than Audi and had the air of a regional get-together.

There are a couple of real must-do highlights for attendees. The first is to figure out how to be part of a cruise with other owners to the event. Cruises are organized from north, east, south and west and even from Canada. There is something special about parading down the highway with a multitude of “friends” proudly displaying love for these German brands.

Second, the nightlife in and around the hotels and other gathering spots is worth seeking out. It is true that local law enforcement has cracked down on what used to be raging outdoor parties – and hotels ask for damage waivers upon check in – but that doesn’t mean that all the fun has stopped. Talk to other owners and find out where the hot spots will be.

Third, it isn’t often – if ever – that you can find such a large gathering of other Audis. It is refreshing to walk around both the show and the exhibition areas and take in all the creative and unique upgrades.

Fourth, all the major tuners and vendors are on hand. You may have dealt with a particular company over the phone or been wanting to talk face-to-face with a tuner. Waterfest is a chance to make the rounds, meet people and get a lot of questions answered all in one spot.

Of course this is all made possible by the folks that put on Waterfest and give all of us the excuse to descend upon Englishtown, NJ each July. We encourage all Audi owners to make their presence felt! The goal, of course, is that one of these years the Audis actually outnumber the vee dubs.


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