What is Audi Connect?

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March 22, 2011

Source: Audi of America

Audi Connect provides the occupants of the vehicle with services that give motorists and passengers the ability to access the most current information and enhance their enjoyment of their Audi vehicle. At this time the following services are available:

Voice-activated Google Earth™ (first-to-market)

The MMI® Navigation Plus can now be used with Google Earth™. With the 3D terrain and topology of Google Earth™ combined with Sirius Traffic™ data on Audi’s navigational map information, a true aerial view of your route becomes your guide. You can also view 3D models of buildings on Audi’s in-vehicle map data for a dynamic driving experience where you navigate streets like never before. Real-time traffic is displayed on maps whenever using the Navigation features to help you avoid delays and choose an alternate route.

Google™ Local search

With Google™ Local Search you can retrieve detailed information about travel destinations, such as restaurant or hotel hours, pricing and customer reviews based on data at Google. On the map display, your current location appears along with icons indicating nearby attractions (i.e., a knife and fork indicate a restaurant), and you can obtain more information by clicking the icon.

Sirius Traffic™ overlaid onto Google Earth

Real-time traffic information from Sirius is combined with Google Earth™ imagery for a clear, color-coded overview of local congestion to warn you of traffic situations and help plan your route.

Real-time Information

Audi Connect enhances the current capabilities of the MMI unit with several features new to the Audi brand including, Real-time localized Travel and Weather information, Real-time News feeds from varied News sources, and Real-time localized fuel updates that detail local gas station brands, pricing, and proximity to vehicle. The driver can set preferences for current location, destination location, or any other location desired.

myAudi Destinations

The myAudi Destination feature allows registered users to log on to Google Maps™ from any location and download destinations to the vehicle. Up to 50 destinations can be cached in the customer’s myAudi account, and can be used at any time in the MMI® navigation plus system.

Rolling Wi-Fi® Hotspot (first-to-market as Factory-installed option with integrated mobile broadband connectivity)
Audi Connect is also able to turn the vehicle into a secure Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing vehicle passengers to retrieve information on the internet conveniently and securely. Up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled devices can simultaneously use the wireless connectivity.

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