Wolfsgart 2012

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Wolfsgart is an interesting concept. Apparently intended to be a VW/Porsche aircooled show, all German cars are allowed, and in fact, it seems that ALL cars are allowed if they are cool enough to get in the gate.

We love the vibe at Wolfsgart. It is a very low pressure, high fun typically Vermont kind of show. Held ad the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds in Essex VT, Wolfsgart manages to be simultaneously well organized, and fun and interesting enough to draw people to make the beautiful drive through the Green Mountains. For us, we’re totally psyched to be able to attend a show as great as this, without needing to book a hotel. Being able to hold a show at the fairgrounds is great too, as they can take advantage of the infrastructure at the show, further solidifying the show as a genuine professionally run event.

The timing of the event was curious, falling on the weekend following Waterfest. On one hand we feel like its good timing since realistically if people are going to have their show cars ready in time for Waterfest, they’ll be good to go for Wolfsgart as well. On the other hand, we wonder if some people might be maxed out after Waterfest, and would skip Wolfsgart.

One thing is for sure, we saw a lot of very nicely turned out cars at Wolfsgart, some of which we remember seeing the previous weekend in New Jersey. The airbag low rider scene is in full force at this show, and as the style spreads, we’re seeing more and more diversity in application. From VW Golfs and Jettas, to Audi A4s and VW CCs, there were many cars parked on their frames.

This year at Wolfsgart they had 2 different dynos, one a 2 wheel drive roller dyno, and a 4 wheel drive capable set of dynopack dynos. We saw a long line of cars waiting their turn on the dyno, and the show’s MC was encouraging owners to bring their interesting cars to see what they put down for numbers. We saw some interesting cars run on the dyno. Our favorite was a VR6 powered 67 VW Van.. Even though the motor was stock, it had a far sight more power than the original engine the van was born with, and it sounded great.

Wolfsgart also has a judged show, which offers categories for many VW and Audi classes, as well as BMW and Mercedes Benz cars. From what we saw, the judging was fair and accurate, and the winning cars certainly appeared to be deserving of the title.

As this show gains popularity, we believe that people will start coming from farther away, and the show will continue to grow larger every year. As long as the organizers don’t tinker with the formula they have built and screw up the feel of the show, we think this is the making of the next big VW/Audi show on the east coast.

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