Project Audi allroad Introduction

Project Audi allroad was delivered from Barrier Motors in Bellevue, Washington in November 2000. An Atlas Grey Metallic specimen with the Platinum/Sabre interior, it is well optioned with Tiptronic, Convenience, Premium, Guidance, rear side airbags, split spoke 17" wheels, Bose, and sunroof. MSRP for this vehicle nudged in at just slightly under $50,000.

The owner had previously driven a 2.7T A6 sedan and subsequently chose the allroad as the only A6-sized wagon with the 2.7T biturbo engine. An avid snowboarder, the owner felt very strongly about having a four wheel drive vehicle for safety in the snow and required the added storage capacity of a wagon. Reasoning that it would be nearly impossible to go back to a normally aspirated engine having already tasted the power of the Audi biturbo, the allroad was the only appropriate choice. Fitted with heated mirrors, doorlocks, washer system, steering wheel and four seats, the allroad is perfect for transporting a group to the slopes.

No time was wasted in modifying the allroad; with less than 20 miles on the odometer it made a visit to StonGard for a full treatment. Stongard's Transparent Bra is made of clear urethane film and works well to prevent chips and scratches in the paint from debis kicked up off the road.

The next minor modification was removal of the airbag stickers from the top and bottom of the visors. This move was purely cosmetic.

On the more practical side, a 6-Disc CD Player from Clair Parts Express was installed in the rear of the allroad.

Using quality parts from the Audi accessories catalog and other third party tuners, stay tuned to watch as the allroad is eventually outfitted for every season.

We expect the Project allroad series to progress in numerous installments, including, but not limited to:

  • Wheels and tires
  • Chip tuning
  • Rack Systems
  • Towing
  • Interior & exterior upgrades

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