Grand Touring allroad Style

The AudiWorld project allroad finds a new home this winter. Now safely away from the Pacific Northwest winters and into north central Florida, the requirement for cold weather performance is long gone. The only appropriate course of action would be a wheel and tire upgrade.

Through the TireRack Upgrade Garage, the 18x8 ET 25 Moda R6 wheels fitted with 245/45-18 Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position tires were selected out for the job. After running 17,000 all-weather miles on the factory wheels and tires (twin-spoke allroad wheels 17x7.5 ET25 with 225/55-17 Goodyear Wrangler F1 allroad tires), an alignment was also most certainly in order.

Handling has truly been transformed, while steering feedback has also been greatly improved as a result of the larger contact patch. The steering is more precise with fewer corrections needed when cornering and there is a noticeably faster turn-in.

The upgraded shoes are heavier than stock footing, but the 60 lbs. per corner is really not a huge acceleration-diminishing factor. With 6/10th of an inch less sidewall height the ride is definitely firmer, but not harsh. Thanks to the innovative allroad suspension, ride quality is excellent over either smooth or rough road conditions.

Fitment is remarkably close. The stock setup provided a full two fingers worth of clearance between the front upright and the tire. This formerly accomodating clearance is reduced to less the one finger width with the new wheels and tires. Despite the reduced clearance, we can safely vouch that there is no rubbing even under heavy cornering loads or full lock maneuvers in any suspension setting.

allroad Tire Size Comparison
Specification  Sidewall  Radius  Diameter  Circumference  Revs/Mile   Diff
205/65-16         5.2in  13.2in    26.5in         83.2in        761  -0.9%
225/60-16         5.3in  13.3in    26.6in         83.7in        757  -0.4%
225/55-17  Stock  4.9in  13.4in    26.7in         84.0in        754   0.0%
235/50-17         4.6in  13.1in    26.3in         82.5in        768  -1.8%
245/50-17         4.8in  13.3in    26.6in         83.7in        757  -0.4%
245/45-18 Upgrade 4.3in  13.3in    26.7in         83.8in        756  -0.2%
265/40-18         4.2in  13.2in    26.3in         82.8in        765  -1.5%
275/40-18         4.3in  13.3in    26.7in         83.8in        756  -0.3%
245/40-19         3.9in  13.4in    26.7in         83.9in        755  -0.1%
245/40-19         3.9in  13.4in    26.7in         83.9in        755  -0.1%
265/35-19         3.7in  13.2in    26.3in         82.6in        767  -1.6%
275/35-19         3.8in  13.3in    26.6in         83.5in        759  -0.6%
255/35-20  Bling  3.5in  13.5in    27.0in         84.9in        746   1.1%
275/30-20  Bling  3.2in  13.2in    26.5in         83.2in        761  -0.9%

Using quality parts from the Audi accessories catalog and other third party tuners, stay tuned to watch as the allroad is eventually outfitted for every season.

The Project allroad series will progress in numerous installments, including, but not limited to:

  • Chip tuning
  • Rack Systems
  • Towing
  • Interior & exterior upgrades