The First Mod - Paint & Carpet Protection

Purchase a new vehicle and the first thing you start worrying about is how to keep it looking brand new further down the road. To help keep this car looking its best I sought out paint and carpet protection almost immediately.

For the exterior I enlisted the assistance of a local expert in the field of paint protection - Simon Yiu of Clear Armor Inc. in San Carlos, CA. Simon has co-owned and operated Clear Armor Inc. for several years now helping many local Audi owners keep various components of their car free from rock chips and other miscellaneous damage.

Clear Armor has specifically designed custom molds to fit many Audis. Their paint protection solution uses a special 3M film acquired specifically for their use. Unique to Clear Armor is its 100% coverage of the high wear surfaces of a vehicle. Clear Armor applications include: hood, front bumper, front fender end caps, rocker panels, side mirrors, door cups and edges, door and trunk handles, wheel wells, pick-up bed rails, and other areas susceptible to stone chipping and road abrasions while driving. Headlights are protected against chips and other road hazards under Clear Armor's headlight shields by applying a non-glare, non-reflective, ultra-durable, clear urethane film.

Clear Armor offers several packages to meet individual owners' needs and budgets, including a standard, premium, or light kit. Owners can also customize protection to suit specific requirements. Kits range in pricing from $300 - $1000, depending on the package.

I actually chose the most invisible package (just the bumper and lower front valence) based on personal preference. I did not want my hood to be partially done because in my case that spot where the protection ends always catches my eye. Application on the hood can also make polishing and waxing more difficult.

The install was painless, with Simon doing much of the work himself. Hundreds of installations have made him very precise with an exact-o-knife. Total install time for my kit was just about 1:15, but obviously premium kits would take more time to install.

It goes without saying that installation of a paint protection product optimally needs to be done before the car gets any heavy usage, better to apply to virgin paint if possible. With so many paint protection options out there this is one mod that should be simple to arrange around the purchase of a new automobile, and one that should last throughout the entire ownership.

Carpet Protection

Since we were protecting the outside of the car from the elements, we decided that the inside needed some tender loving care as well. To that end we contacted Ernst Gosch at Diablo Audi for a set of nice Audisport winter mats. These are the heavy duty versions of WeatherTech mats, but also include the red Audisport logo. What better mat to include in our project vehicle?

Stay tuned as Project B6 A4 starts to receive more serious performance upgrades.

b6a4002.jpg b6a4003.jpg b6a4004.jpg b6a4005.jpg
b6a4006.jpg b6a4007.jpg b6a4009.jpg b6a4011.jpg
b6a4012.jpg b6a4013.jpg b6a4014.jpg

Parts Installed:
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Front Bumper/Valence Protection Kit (from Clear Armor Inc)
Audisport Winter Floor Mats (from Diablo Audi)




Clear Armor Protection Inc.
975 Industrial Road Suite E
San Carlos, California 94070

Diablo Audi
2345 Broadway
Concord, CA 94612

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