HyperFlow Induction

The HyperFlow upgrade is similar to the exhaust upgrades in that it all comes down to air. In the case of the exhaust we wanted to be less restrictive in getting the exhaust gases out and of course in the case of the intake we want to provide more (and cooler) airflow into the engine.

The HyperFlow product is bolt-on and designed to maintain a stealthy appearance under the hood. After removing the stock airbox a heat-shielding bulkhead is installed to help separate the cone-type filter from the engine block. The entire upgrade takes less than an hour to complete.

Together with the O.CT ECU upgrade and the full exhaust system the HyperFlow induction completes this phase of performance tuning.



The intent of these performance upgrades to our Project B6 S4 was to break us out of the stock car doldrums, and we're happy to report complete satisfaction with the setup. Again we'll acknowledge that tuning the V8 S4 is a much different exercise than tuning the previous generation, but nonetheless we are feeling like the upgrades made sense.

The vehicle as tuned now gives us tighter throttle control, while power seems to come on more firmly at around 3,500 rpm's and then again at around 4,600 rpm's. Without a doubt the crown jewel of this triad of upgrades is the full exhaust. We'll go out on a limb and say that the chip and induction are helping the whole setup sound even better, but are also willing to say that the exhaust on its own is providing not only slightly more power but a tremendously improved auditory experience.

Our S4 now sounds like a high performance vehicle, a bit of a punch that the S4 truly lacks in its stock setup. In fact that has been probably our biggest complaint about the as-is B6 S4. While the performance and luxury is there, we find the overall package to be lacking some of the in-your-face attitude that is required to match similar competitive offerings. The body styling is not distinctive enough relative to the run-of-the-mill A4 and the stock sound of the car is weak. An exhaust upgrade is a perfect remedy.

A big thanks to the folks at CDI in Victor, NY (very near Stratmosphere) for spending a day working on Project B6 S4. Their shop was first class and all of the staff there are big time fans of tuning and project cars, a reassuring fact whenever somebody is doing major work on one of our automobiles. For those readers in upstate NY or even southern Ontario CDI is definitely an independent shop worth checking out.

Waterfest 11

East coasters and other enthusiasts will have a chance to see Project B6 S4 on July 16th and 17th at Waterfest 11. AudiWorld's annual presence at the granddaddy of all US Audi / VW enthusiast events will once again include a large booth where attendees will find some surprise Audi rides. We will also be selling AudiWorld logo gear and holding a raffle, so be sure to come and see us together with the hundreds of other vendors and enthusiasts who will be in attendance.

Parts Installed:
Prices reflect retail pricing at time of publication and are subject to change.

Qty. 1 O.CT ECU Upgrade


Qty. 1 Milltek S4 Hiflow Cats and Downpipes for 6-Speed


Qty. 1 Milltek Audi S4 Sedan Dual Stainless Steel Cat-back Exhaust (RESONATED, has center mufflers)


Qty. 1 HyperFlow Induction System


  (All pricing in US Dollars before taxes)


28 Boulder Creek Drive
Rush, NY 14543
866-533-1777 toll free

O.CT Tuning
Oberscheider KFZ-Werkstätte GmbH
A-6890 Lustenau, Reichsstraße 16 a
+43 (0)5577 86253

CDI, Inc.
7494 Victor Mendon Road
Victor, NY 14564

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