ProjekTT Roadster

Project Installments:

1. Introduction
The TT Roadster is not a car for everyone. Besides being limited to two seats, critics claim it is more about great design than great performance. Others consider the car to be a rolling work of automotive art.Full Story...

2. Forge Intercooler Upgrade
With the addition of a larger intercooler we not only get a great cosmetic addition, but begin to get the car setup to become a much more capable performer.Full Story...

3. Winter Snow Tire Fitment
With the onset of winter we jump ahead in the ProjekTT series to cover a recent wheel and tire upgrade, as well as discussing winter wheel/tire options in general.Full Story...

4. Projektzwo Body Kit Install
Adding wings and spoilers to a car that some feel is the perfect Bauhaus design could be bordering on blasphemy. This installment covers a Projektzwo body kit install in an attempt to give the car a distinctive yet consistent look. Full Story...

5. Transmission Upgrades
The vehicle would be getting an APR Stage 3 kit, but first would need a practical way to get all that power to the ground. A new clutch, pressure plate, lightweight flywheel and differential would do the trick. Full Story...


ProjekTT Roadster Stats

Base Car: 2001 Audi TT Roadster
Engine: 1.8-Liter Turbocharged DOHC 180hp 4-Cylinder
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Color: Lake Silver Metallic


Engine: Forge 225-hp intercooler core with custom installation
Transmission: Clutchnet aftermarket clutch, VR6 pressure plate, Autotech lightened flywheel, Quaife ATB differential
Exhaust: Stock
Wheels: 16-inch New Beetle Steel Wheel (winter)
Tires: Dunlop SP® Winter Sport M2 tires in 205/55-16 (winter)
Suspension: Stock
Brakes: Stock
Exterior: Projektzwo Body Kit
Lighting: Stock
Interior: Stock
Stereo: Stock
Contact: Sean Conner

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