December 2, 2005

Project Audi S4 (UrS4): Introduction
Text & Photos by: lskolnick

The C4 bodied Audi S4 (AKA UrS4) is one of the best value to dollar project cars available on the used car market. With 227hp, 258 lb. ft. of torque and a 0-60 time of 6.2, the UrS4 is no slouch in stock form. With a few inexpensive mods the power output can be increased significantly.

Additional features of the S4 are quite extensive. These cars were, quite simply, loaded for their day. Some highlights are ABS, automatic climate control, dual power mirrors with memory, defog, tilt reverse, 8-way power heated front seats with manual lumbar adjustment and memory functions and a Bose Stereo with optional 10 disc CD changer. Full specs can be found in the Model Guide. The best news is that pristine examples can be had for $9,000 and fixer-uppers for as little as $4,000.

Project UrS4 was a bit of a fixer-upper and was completely stock. Formerly an Audi Canada show car, Project UrS4 had an interesting history. Some people may think that having a show car is cool, but smarter people will know that every Canadian automotive journalist had a good time beating the snot out it.

Project UrS4's previous owner was a reputed Bulgarian mobster who had just gotten out of jail and needed some cash. His face said run, but the price-tag said buy the car and then run. Finding another Cyclamen Pearl Effect S4 would be next to impossible so the trigger was pulled.


Starting a project with repairs is no fun, but as with any used car it is pretty much inevitable. The S4 needed a complete rear brake job. Most any repair can be an opportunity to mod and thus Project UrS4's first repair was also its first mod. Pagid pads were installed along with new brake discs, Girling calipers, and e-brake cables. The brake calipers were painted black with high temp caliper enamel.

Wheels and Tires:

The clearcoat on the stock 16x8 forged wheels has a tendency to peel and crack over time and Project UrS4's wheels were no exception. Something a bit easier on the eyes needed to be found. A set of 17x7.5 B5 S4 wheels with a good set of Pirelli P6000 225/45/17 tires were located and installed. The stock wheels were at that point relegated to winter wheel status.

The Plan:

Now that the S4 is driveable and presentable, a plan needs to be formulated for Project UrS4. A UrS4 will never make a good track car so Project UrS4 is going to be a balance between performance and comfort. To some of the old school Audi enthusiasts this type of car is known as a q-ship. Over the next few installments you will see how this delicate balance of power and plush is achieved.