Project Cars

AudiWorld's Project Car section traces the tuning / upgrade / modification history of various Audi models. Project updates are typically published every few months. In some cases projects never really "finish" - aren't they always a work in progress?

If you have a project car idea please contact Kris Hansen.

Project Audi 90 quattro

Started: 12.12.07
Updated: 12.12.07

An old-school 1988 Audi 90 quattro enters the project garage.
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Project Audi A3 3.2 S-line

Started: 12.02.07
Updated: 12.02.07

A Misano Red A3 comes into the project fleet for performance, as well as interior and exterior upgrades.
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Project B7 A4

Started: 02.12.06
Updated: 02.03.09

This project series will examine upgrade and tuning options for the 2.0-liter FSI turbocharged powerplant and B7 body style A4.
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Project Audi UrS4

Started: 12.02.05
Updated: 08.13.06

Before today's crop of S4's there was a very potent, powerful, luxurious - and expensive - S4 sometimes referred to as an UrS4.
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Project Audi A3

Started: 09.21.05

Audi's hottest new car to hit the US is none other than the A3, necessitating one in our Project Car garage.
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Project Audi B6 A4

Started: 04.17.05

With the ubiquity of the A4 model we have added a 2005 A4 1.8T to our project car lineup.
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Project B6 S4

Started: 12.12.04
Updated: 10.04.05

A new S4 joins the AudiWorld project stable, this time a 2004 B6.
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Project Audi allroad

Started: 11.11.01
Updated: 05.04.03

Although the allroad is obviously more than an A6 Avant on steroids, we think we can make it better.
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Project B5 S4

Started: 05.01.01
Updated: 10.24.04

AudiWorld takes a unique approach to tuning this silver on silver Audi S4.
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Project Audi TT Roadster

Started: 04.01.01
Updated: 1.20.03

Starting life as a fairly inocuous 180hp TT, there are many upgrade goodies planned for this car.
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