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Interior LED Kit + Exterior LEDs-Error Free-Lifetime Warranty-Free shipping

A4 allroad (B8 Platform) Discussion Discussion forum for the B8 Audi A4 allroad, produced from 2012-present

Interior LED Kit + Exterior LEDs-Error Free-Lifetime Warranty-Free shipping

Old 07-27-2016, 02:39 AM
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Default Interior LED Kit + Exterior LEDs-Error Free-Lifetime Warranty-Free shipping


CLICK HERE for all Updated LEDs for your Audi Car - updated with new LEDs weekly!



**PLEASE NOTE** IF you do not see your model listed, contact us and we will work on SPECIAL PRICING to make you a custom set, if you help us test and review a NEW Audi LED Kit it will be FREE!!
Features of our LEDs:
-The lights will "fade out" when you turn off your car just like your current stock lights
-These will not stay on or “glow” after you shut off your car like other sets
-Crisp White color – No cheap blue or yellow tint
-Works with MFD (car controls)
-No Errors
-Lifetime Warranty
-No footwell spotting like other inferior LED sets

Interior LED Kits:
LEDs for Audi ? deAutoKey

================================================== =========
License Plate LEDs:

Check out our Universal LED bulbs For Audi License Plates:
Universal License Plate LEDs Super Bright / Error Free Fits many VW and Audi Models ? deAutoKey
-Compatible with-
Audi B5 A4
Audi B5 S4
Audi A3 8P
Audi A4 B6 B7

And our Complete LED Housing Audi License Plates:
LED License Plate Housings Crisp White-Error Free-Plug and play Fits: Many Audi Models ? deAutoKey
-Compatible with-
A3/S3 O4-09
A3 Cabriolet 08-09
B6 A4/S4 01-05
B7 A4/S4 05-08
A6/C6 05-09
S6 05-09
D3 A8/S8 03-07
Q7 07-09
RS4 Avant Quattro 06-08
RS4 Carbriolet 06-08
RS6 Avant 08-09

Before & After:
Name:  licensePlateLED_zpsccf08be4.png
Views: 235
Size:  342.4 KB

Same bulbs for sale are being used in cars below:
Name:  2ii7w3r_zps63a73291.jpg
Views: 237
Size:  173.1 KB
Name:  ledplates_zps09911177.png
Views: 239
Size:  156.1 KB

================================================== =========

New & the first!!
Footwell Option for Audi models equipped with OEM LED footwells!
Choose from Crisp White / Red or Blue!!

New LED Footwells for Audi models that are equipped with OEM LED Footwells ? deAutoKey

If you have non-LED Footwells, please follow link below:
2pc 6 LED Wafer Footwell set in Crisp White/Red/Blue fits: VW, Audi, all cars ? deAutoKey

================================================== =========
*NEW*TRUNK LED Strip - Brightest option ever:

Get the brightest LED for your trunk with no hassle at our low introductory price. [THIS FITS ALL CAR MODELS]

To purchase:
Universal 48 LED Flexible Strip for your Trunk [Fits all Car Models] ? deAutoKey

We did the research, and created the best and brightest LED for your trunk, our 48 LED Strip simply lines your trunk, with either 3m tape or velcro which are both included.

This is the best solution for a dark trunk, easily installs and hides:
-Plug & Play
-Error Free
-48 Bright White LEDs (Also comes in red)
-Enough LEDs to light up your entire trunk but short enough to fit any trunk, can install vertically or horizontally.
-Long wire, that is an all stealthy black which allows for an easier clean install, this wire is long enough to place anywhere in your trunk
-Strong 3M tape & Velcro so you can install on any hard surface or trunk lining (please use a blow dryer to heat up glue and cold metal, this will activate the glue)
-Resistor which allows for the light to stay on and not dim if your dome lights shut off while trunk is open. This feature is a must have, it allows for a bright continuous light at all times.
-Trunk LED will not stay dimly lit when your car is off.
-Comes with 3 adapters: Wedge, Adjustable Festoon, and Bayonet, this will fit every trunk adapter on the market.

Actual LED strip measures: 31 inches – this length will fit all trunks, can install vertically or horizontally.
Black Wire measures: 52 inches – please note- excess wire simply tucks into your trunk’s housing/lining so you will not have any leftover in your trunk.

1 LED strip with strong 3M tape attached
3 Adapters (Wedge/festoon/bayonet)
3 Pieces of velcro

================================================== =========
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Old 07-29-2016, 06:54 AM
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LEDs are an investment.
Check out www.deAutoLED.com to see all our LEDs available!

-Are an upgrade to any car
-Creates a more appealing & modern look to your car
-Are safer and creates a more enjoyable riding experience

-Our LEDs come with a Lifetime Warranty!

This is one of the few mods that will normally add to your car’s resale value!

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Old 10-05-2016, 10:29 AM
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Check out license plate LEDs for all Audi models:
Exterior Lighting - License Plate LEDs | deAutoKey

Our LEDs are a clean crisp white - place it next to your current License plate to see the difference!

Originally Posted by bknewtype View Post
Ok u guys impressed me. Initially i wasnt and my ebay lights seemed brighter


Left deauto right ebay

Turns out i had it flipped over.

They r super bright and pure white. Love em. Hope it lasts. Thanks!

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Old 08-14-2017, 12:45 PM
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Old 09-15-2017, 03:25 PM
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See the difference with our LEDs and Customer service! Free shipping and lifetime warranty on all LEDs/HIDs!

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Old 10-21-2017, 11:39 PM
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Insanely bright error free 194/921 Reverse LEDs:
194/921 Error Free Bright Reverse LED Fits:Audi A3/S3/RS3/SQ5/Q5 + Many More deAutoKey

Honest customer review/photos of these in action - they really are this bright in person!!!!

Originally Posted by kgw View Post
New pics:

These LEDs definitely appear bright!

Originally Posted by kgw View Post

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Old 11-06-2017, 02:08 AM
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Safer: quicker light-up time of the LEDs create a faster reaction time for other drivers
Brighter: these will be seen in direct sun light and won't be missed by anyone!
Plug & play / error free / NO Hyper-flashing - you get it all with our LEDs

Buy with confidence

New Amber or White PWY24W Front Turn Siganls Error Free Bright Fits: Most Audi Models deAutoKey

Front Turn Signals H16 PSY24W Error Free fits: Most Audi Models deAutoKey

New Front Turn Signals PHY24W Error Free fits: Most Audi Models deAutoKey

bau15s - choose bau15s amber on drop down:
Universal Front Turn Signal LEDs Fits: All Car Models | deAutoKey

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Old 01-28-2018, 07:43 PM
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All of our LEDs are tested to 100% work in your car to be bright and work without error! See the difference vs random LEDs:
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Old 02-08-2019, 11:48 PM
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White/Yellow/Halogen/Strobe/Flash plug and play fogs:
Dual Color LED Fog [1 bulb 2 colors] Choose between a Clean White & Hyper 3000k Yellow at anytime | deAutoLED

-Plug and play

-Error free in most cars. Some might need extra resistance - we sell a new design that DOES NOT require you to attach it to metal. It is compact and easy to install - simply plug into OEM adapter and our LEDs (100% plug and play NO splicing design)

-Easy to switch between each color – simply turn OEM fog switch off/on - normal cycle: White - yellow - halogen - flash/strobe

-BRIGHT – this is not just a novelty bulb

-COLOR MATCH - these match our LEDs/HIDs in 5500K White mode

-HYPER YELLOW - these are a true hyper yellow mode you normally see with yellow lamin-x covering the lens **this is NOT a cover around a bulb or a cover on your lens - this is brand new LEDs that are a super hyper 3K yellow**

-SAFE – more light on the sides and down the road when dark or in bad weather conditions

-The Hyper Strobe / Flash – this does not simply "flash" but has a strobe/flash pattern like an emergency vehicle - you can choose between 4 different modes - video of mode 1:

3 colors:

-Super Hyper 3000K Yellow that many like for bad weather: Rain, snow, fog

-Clean White 5500k that matches our LED & HID Headlights

-Halogen 4300k that matches OEM

Video cycling quickly through colors AND different strobe/flash features:

-THESE ARE BRIGHT! You might have seen the novelty fog LEDs that can turn yellow/white on amazon and ebay by the thousand that don't provide much useful light, trigger errors, die quickly, or simply don't work correctly. Our new model fixes every issue you might've seen and simply works.

-These produce MORE LUMENS than many standalone single color white fog LEDs on the market

-Not only are these great for safety, daily use on dark roads and bad weather this will amaze at any car show and you will have your friend asking how did you do that and where can I get those anytime you use these fogs!

*Please note these ARE error free but in strobe/flash mode they can trigger an error in some car models – errors WILL clear once you go back to a solid color.


Is there a lifetime warranty?

YES! As always this comes with a True Lifetime Warranty!


Will your fogs keep changing colors if you use them as cornering lights?

The answer is no as this only changes by turning your fog switch on/off. If you are using your fogs as cornering lights it will always be the default color of white.


How does this work with the coming home feature?

This works just like OEM. It will always be the default color of white.


What if I have the yellow feature on and turn off my car; will it then go into the next color when I turn it back on?

The LEDs will always revert back to the default color of white. Then simply turn the fog on/off for your desired color: yellow/halogen or strobe/flash mode.


Can these turn 360 degrees?

Yes, these are a fully adjustable design so you can turn these 360 for the best beam angle.


Are these as bright as your single color de360 fogs?

While not as bright lumen wise it comes very close - many people that have switched to our single color white to our dual color yellow/white LED fog kit have not noticed any difference in visibility. As we said this is NOT a novelty yellow/white you normally see. This is meant to be used to help with your visibility.


Can you bypass the strobe feature?

Yes, this works when you turn the fogs on/off quickly. If your next mode will be strobe simply shut off the fogs for a few seconds and then turn it back on and it will go back to the default white.


Some more fun shots - in the rain:

White / the super hyper yellow - this will be a hyper lamin-x yellow without the cover!

And switch back to clean white:
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