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Headliner removal with pics...warning...very long!!!

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Old 08-12-2016, 11:07 AM
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Headliner removal with pics...warning...very long!!!

Old 01-25-2016, 06:25 AM
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I made it!!!

I used black Jeans cloth bought in a local market for almost nothing. I love the result. Looks great!!!

There were tricky parts though. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

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Old 01-25-2016, 07:25 AM
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A lot of patience and work. Nice job.
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Old 01-25-2016, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by clancy View Post
A lot of patience and work. Nice job.
Indeed! Thanks...
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Old 02-23-2016, 11:38 PM
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Default A8 roof shark fin antenna removal

So how much of that do you think I need to do to get at the GPS antenna?
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Old 02-24-2016, 05:57 AM
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Default Looks good.

Good job! I did this years ago on a Saab 900T so the orange-brown foam liner degradation (the stuff brushed off the saab hard cardboard liner with a steel wire brush) was eerily familiar.
With the amount of labor involved it was well worth using the best material I could find to duplicate if not improve the feel of the OEM Saab headliner.
I probably would have tried to find or import alcantara material rather than black jean material which might run with humidity or moisture. That being said, genuine alcantara is somewhat expensive on the order of $50-60 a yard^2. I've seen seating weight alcantara for $140/yd^2.
Probably one of the reasons S6 are more expensive than A6.

BTW, here is USA distributor for Alcantara:

t. 626 575 5100
[email protected]

Worldwide distributors:

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Old 02-25-2016, 06:39 PM
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Looks good, and certainly less expensive than finding an OEM alcantara set. Are you going to tackle the pillar trim, sunroof shade, and visors? Might look nice to get it all matching. I am glad my old write up is still useful for someone!
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Old 02-25-2016, 11:19 PM
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Thanks guys! In fact I love the way it looks. Two shades. Pictures do not do it justice. The contrast looks awesome. The headliner color even matches the seats color. And you have the pillars, sun visors and interior lights housings in light grey. A perfect combo. From the back seats the view is absolutely breathtaking

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Old 04-20-2018, 10:40 AM
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Reposting with correct formatting for the photos.

Headliner Removal

The swap from the stock headliner to the alcantara headliner was "fun" in many ways, and I love the end result. However, to be honest, this is not an easy chore (this was done with the help of GBW and 4driver4 last year shortly after I bought the 4.2). I do know that there is another AWer out there who has been asking me for a write-up on how to do it for his recently acquired alcantara headliner set, so here it is for reference. This is also handy for those wishing to check for clogged sunroof drains (which are hidden under the headliner) and any other projects that might require access under the headliner.

Tools required

Torx drivers various sizes, but T-25 is the popular one
Philips-head screwdriver
Flat pry tools (plastic putty knife or metal one taped of to avoid damaging anything)
17mm socket and wrench

Just a few preview pictures of how the headliner is actually secured to the roof of the car. I will provide detailed steps on how to get at these anchor points later.

There are several anchor points up front. There are 3 screws hidden above the dome lamps and sunroof control. The visor clips and hinges also lock the headliner into place. The moonroof has a metal frame around the perimeter along the top edge of the opening that locks the headliner into place. Here is a picture of the headliner removed so you can see these anchor points:

Same stuff, different angle:

The sides of the headliner are tucked in under the pillar trim, so obviously the pillar trim will have to come out first. Here is a picture of how the headliner is held under the pillar trim, looking along the side curtain airbag:

The rear of the headliner has an edge that curves up and tucks into a slot along the roof above the rear window. Here is a picture of that curved edge:

So, if I were to do this again (which I hope never to have to do) I would start with the pillar trim, in this order: A - D - C/D - B. Before anything is done, remove everything out of the trunk, since the headliner panel will be removed through the trunk opening

A-pillar removal

This has already been well documented (see link below at the end of the A-pillar section), but here it is again. First thing to do is to remove the sun visor. Remove a small plastic cap to get at this Philips-head screw.

Pull the visor out of the headliner by turning the leading edge down and back because the plastic wire guide is J-shaped. Once the visor is loose, disconnect the wires for the visor mirror lights and the Homelink (if so equipped).

Next, remove the grab handle, which is held in by two torx bolts hidden under the hinges of the grab handle pictured below. The caps pivot near the top edge, but you can snap them out by using a thin flat screwdriver along the side of the cap.

Remove the "AIRBAG" plastic tag above the B-pillar to get at this torx bolt hidden under the tag.

Now, in the leading hole for the grab handles, look for a brass oval washer. Grab that with some big pliers and pull back towards the rear of the car until it snaps loose, probably only travels about an inch or so. You'll see why later.

Now all that is holding the A-pillar to the car frame are a few clips along the side of the windshield. Gently start pulling from the top near the corner where the visor was secured and work your way down. You'll know when the clips release.

The A-pillar should now be free to remove. Don't forget to remove this clip, which is stuck in the A-pillar slot. This clip is the one attached to the other end of the wire cable that you pulled a couple of steps above. You must reattach the cable to the clip and the clip to the pillar before reinstalling.

More information (and better pics) of the A-pillar removal and the cable clip reassembly are found https://forums.audiworld.com/a6/msgs/168740.phtml

D-pillar removal

The D-pillar (which is the long sloping trim that runs along the rear window) is attached the same way as the A-pillar, so again, remove the grab handle to get at the oval washer and cable.

Once the cable is released, you must also get at a torx bolt hidden beneath the coat hook. Flip down the coat hook and remove this screw:

Then remove the torx bolt:

Here is that locking clip that has to be removed and replaced on the trim prior to installation.

C/D-pillar removal

Now you can remove the C/D-pillar trim (the trim around the triangular window). This is held in with a few torx bolts and clips. To get at the torx bolts for the trim, you need to remove one torx bolt for the side curtain airbag circled in the top of the picture below.

Once the bolts are out, just pull the trim away from the metal frame to release the clips.

B-pillar Removal

The B-pillar trim is held in with two torx bolts, but full removal from the car requires you to remove the seatbelt, which passes through the trim panel. It is secured by an anchor bolt, which is hidden under the plastic trim along the floor at the base of the lower B-pillar. To remove the trim, you first need to loosen the lower A-pillar trim first (two Philips-head screws). One is hidden under a plastic cap here:

Once loose, you can now flip up the trim to expose the leading edge of the trim that runs along the door threshold:

Then remove the threshold trim:

Here is the 17mm bolt that needs to be removed:

Luckily, the same size as a lug bolt, so I used my handy lug wrench for more leverage, easiest to get at with the front seat moved forward a bit:

Once the bolt is loose, I was able to use a shorter socket wrench and remove the bolt. Now remove the torx bolts along the upper edge of the B-pillar trim, which are hidden under the side curtain airbag:

Then remove the sensors for the interior motion alarm:

The B-pillar is also held in by small white tabs, hard to see in this picture, but you can see the tabs on the right side of the alcantara B-pillar on the right side of this pic:

Once removed, you can now thread the seatbelt through the slot and remove the B-pillar trim from the car.

Moonroof shade removal

As previously mentioned, a metal frame that goes around the top edge of the moonroof's opening secures the headliner, so that must be removed. This is easiest done from the top, so it is best to remove the glass moonroof panel and the sunshade at the same time.

First, tilt the moonroof up, and look for these plastic rail caps (just above the greasy track):

Once the rail caps are off, remove the three torx bolts that were hidden on each side. With the bolts removed, simply lift out the glass panel (carefully) and set aside.

Now from the top, look for the two Philips head screws on each side that secure the shade to the rail tabs. Remove these screws (2 per side). With the screws removed, simply lift out the shade panel:

Now you have easy access to remove the metal frame that secures the headliner around the moonroof opening. I found a plastic putty knife worked well here:

Headliner removal

Time to get at the parts that secure the front of the headliner near the sunroof controls, etc. First remove the sun visor clips. I used a pry tool between the base of the clip and the headliner...and it was a PITA to remove!

I also took this opportunity to remove the rearview mirror. This is the only picture I had, of the wiring harness hidden under the trim. Disconnect this wire:

Then remove the mirror by grabbing the neck with a padded set of pliers (or using hands) and rotating the neck 90 degrees counterclockwise to remove from the windshield peg. Should then simply come off.

Then, remove the overhead done light and sunroof control panel to get at these screws. Sorry no pics of this, but the dome light comes out easily with a plastic pry tool at the center of the rearward edge where there is a slight indentation in the plastic surround trim. Also, remove the rear dome light over the rear seat. Remove these screws from up front:

The headliner is now free, except for the rear edge that curves up into the metal frame of the roof. First, fold down the rear seats so that the panel can slide into the trunk area for removal from the car. Also, recline the front seats all the way back. Now, slide the headliner back " to release from the rear edge and voila...the headliner is now loose and it should just drop down. Careful, there are a few wire harnesses that run along the side that must be removed:

There is also a black loop that holds up the rear of the headliner, seen here dangling down, but comes out of the 3 black wire guides just forward of the rear dome light opening:

With the headliner resting on the seats, I took a few pics of the wires to make sure I knew how to re-route the wires in the new headliner:

Now, just slide the headliner panel out of the trunk, and you are DONE!

Installation is reverse of the removal process. Slide in the new panel through the trunk, have a friend ready to help you hold and secure the headliner after you finish replacing the wire harnesses etc. Helps to have extra hands here. Just work backwards from the removal instructions, and voila!

The end result of all that hard work...(sorry for the rainy pics, and the flash makes it looks lighter than it really is):

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Old 05-04-2018, 09:50 AM
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Great write up!

A couple of points:
  • Reinstallation is not necessarily the reverse of removal. If you're installing an S6 headliner, some of the brackets will be different. You need to get all of the hardware that mounted the S6 headliner and the pillar covers.
  • At some point you will be tempted to quit and leave the job unfinished. That point will be at approximately 180 minutes into reinstalling the three trim pieces that touch the B pillar. Don't give up now. It will take you another two hours to get that side finished, and with that experience, the other side will only take you three hours. Four, if you wait until morning to restart the job.
  • It will occur to you at some point that a sawzall will help with this job. Report back and let us know how that went.
  • Do the optional jobs while the headliner is down.
    • Replace the sunroof plastic drain connectors. The plastic is yellow and brittle and will break a week after you put everything back together.
    • Replace the factory roof insulation. Yea, I'm talking about that piece of cardboard. Stick some Dynamax on the roof.
    • Replace your parktronic horn in the left rear cargo area. it will fail a week after you put everything back together.
Enjoy the upgrade...it totally changed the character of my '04 allroad!

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