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Bad C6 day.

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Default Bad C6 day.

Bad C6 day. Snowing, turn the rear wiper on and it dies half way (it has been really slow for a couple of weeks now, but got better as it was used more). Of course, I tried to nudge the arm a bit and snap. So motor and arm will be on order if I can get the bloody trim off (just did it on the C5 and it was a pain).

I was also going to order a turn signal switch to see if that resolved my lack of being able to flash high beams. On GAP, there are two - one w lane change assist and the other w/o. Lane change assist on my wife's 05 B6 is you can momentarily press and release the turn signal lever either way and signal lights will blink a couple of times so you don't have to hold the lever in position.

So, when I look at the reviews, it talks about cameras and lane centering on the 2007+ years as lane change assist. I don't think I have that but who knows. This car has all the packages, but is missing some options I would have expected. I know I have park assist because when I back up the bloody thing beeps very nicely. So, was this something that the 2006 model year had as well for lane change (i.e. beeping)? Never heard it if it did. Any way to tell? Want to order the correct part. Not quite sure what 2006 had.

Ran out of windshield washer fluid and bought a gallon. About 2/3's empty, I hear running water under the car as I fill the reservoir. Yup, a good flow of orange washer fluid draining out. Lost about a quarter gallon. For some reason, I'm recalling reading about a TSB on an O-ring that seals an upper and lower tank. Of course, given the car was from Wisconsin, maybe it just cracked due to low temps. But after reading the Bentley and seeing what a pain it is to remove or even see, thought I'd poke the group.

Anyone have a complete belly pan for sale?

TIA in advance.
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Wouldn't that be called Lane Keep Assist? Where it's supposed to help keep/yell at you when you start drifting across lanes.
Also, I've always wondered why You can turn on the high beams by pushing the stalk back and then you pull the stalk back to normal position and the highbeams still stay on until you pull stalk towards you as if you're flashing the high beams. Any reason to that?

Good luck with everything you need to replace though!
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I am pretty sure that 2006 cars did not have option for lane change assist.

Lane change assist has orange indicator on outside mirrors visible to the driver that light up when another car is in the blind spot.

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To clarify the Audi terminology:

"Side Assist" - visible orange warning lights located on the side mirror housings when a car is in either blind spot and will also flash if turn signal is activated. Will only react to moving vehicles in adjacent lanes (not stationary objects).
Introduced in 2009 for A6 C6 (U.S.)

"Active Lane Assist" - car attempts to stay in lane and will vibrate steering wheel if it drifts outside of lane markers. Not ideal if lane markers are not bright and clearly defined.
Introduced in 2012 for A6 C7 (U.S.)

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