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DYI sunroof clip repair

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Default DYI sunroof clip repair

Had those pesky little clips in the sunshade break (lots of posts on here about that, but no real clear instructions). Did the repair and here's the DYI. Make sure you view the PDf files attached for the pictures which are in sequence of instruction. Hope it helps everybody. 06' A6 4.2

DYI Replace the OE plastic spring clips from sun shade on 2005-06 Audi A6.
Tools -
1. Torx #25 and #15 wrench
2. Awl or nail punch
3. Needle nose pliers
4. Flashlight
5. Stiff wire (only for retrieving springs if they are still in the sun roof cavity)
Parts –
1. 4 ea Replacement spring clips
2. 4 ea Long Springs ( you can use the old ones if you have all four)
3. You can get a “kit” from Audi Dealer #(4F0 898 255) which has both new clips and Springs
NOTE: I made my own aluminum clips since I didn’t want to spend the $40.00 at the Audi Dealer and the two hours of driving to get there/back. Plus I had all 4 of the OE springs too.

Remove Glass panel process-
1. Put sunroof in “tilt open” Position
2. Slide the sunshade as far back (open) as it will go
3. Sitting inside the car, remove the two plastic “accordion” style trim shields from both sides. Takes a little patience. Grab at Rear and bottom of shield with fingers, slowly pull “up and in” while wiggling. The shield will come loose and then work if off the bottom. The shield will be “hanging “ in place and then pull it straight down and the clips will release. Do both sides and retain shields for re-install
4. With the shields off, the #25 Torx screws are exposed on the tilt arm – 3ea per side. You made have to elevate the seat to the high position so you can see the rear most bolt as is tucked behind the sunshade. Don’t worry, you have room to get your torx wrench up there.
5. Before you loosen the #25 Torx bolts – do this simple trick. See the pictures. It will save you tons of time during the re-install. Take an Awl tool (or nail punch) and “dimple mark” the small metal flanges where they meet the small U shaped grooves in the tilt arms. Mark all three flanges on each side. Again, do this before you loosen the Torx screws. These dimple marks are your reference point for achieving a proper alignment of the glass during re-install.
6. Ok now to loosen the 3ea #25 Torx screws, remove them completely. Do both sides and then the glass panel will easily lift out of the tilt arms from the top of the car.
7. Set the glass panel on the car roof – lay down towels to prevent scratching.

Remove broken clips/springs –
1. Slide the sunshade to the closed position.
2. Then working from the outside, remove any remaining springs and plastic clips using a #15 Torx wrench. Retain the #15 screws (they are tiny) and the springs (unless you are getting new ones).
3. Take your flashlight now and look into the sun roof cavity – you are looking for any missing springs that often dislodge when the plastic clips break. If you see them in there, take you rigid length of wire, bent a small hook on the end, and then “fish” out the springs from the sun roof cavity.

Install new clips/springs:
1. If you have already obtained new clips from the Audi dealer, you can install the new clips using the #15 Torx screws in four clip areas.
2. Then re-attach the springs. Best to use needle nose pliers grabbing the hook end of the spring and stretching it over the hook end of the new clip. (two per side).
3. Test the sun shade for ease if sliding a couple times. The sun shade should operate smoothly and evenly with all four springs in place. It’s normal. (By the way for the rear section of the sunshade to ‘fold up” when in the close position due to the glass being out of the car).
4. NOTE: I decided to save the $40 and travel time and made my own clips from aluminum. You can look at the pictures on this if you have the resources and desire to make some. Otherwise, go to next step.

Re-install the glass panel.
1. Slide the sunshade all the way to the rear (open) position.
2. The tilt arms need to be in the “up” position (in case you lowered them for any reason).
3. From the outside of the car, have a buddy help you lower the glass panel back into the sunroof opening, making sure the small metal flanges on the underside of the glass are sliding into the tilt arms.
4. From the inside of the car - Start on one side (doesn’t matter which one) line up and start each #25 Torx screws into the holes in the tilt arm. You can lift and maneuver the glass panel easily while you sit in one of the seats to get the bolts to “chase” the holes and find the threads.
5. Start all three screws before you final tighten any. Again, semi-tighten all three torx screws.
6. Then start looking for the dimple marks you made earlier. ( I had to hold a small LED Flashlight in my mouth as I was maneuvering the panel). I started at the front flange, found the dimple marks, aligned them back to meet the “U” groove in the tilt arm, then tighten that Torx screw.
7. I worked to the middle flange/bolt looking for the dimple marks again, and then to the rear flange/bolt. Once all three were aligned back to where I could see the dimple marks, I final tightened the Torx screws. Repeat same process for other side.
8. Lower the sunroof back into its “closed” position. It should be very, very close to the OE alignment if you used the “dimple mark” trick.
9. The optimal position for the glass in the closed position is for the leading edge (front) to be about 1mm below the roof frame and flush or slightly higher (1mm) at the rear edge.

Re-attach the “accordion” shields:
1. Once you have the glass panel installed and aligned, put sunroof in “tilt open” position.
2. Go on inside of the car and re-attach the accordion shields.
3. This time start at the Rear, Top of the shield and press the clips in place.
4. Then grab the rear lower edge of the shield with your fingers and wiggle it back in place. It slides onto a small groove or slot and it takes a little patience getting it started, but does clip back on if you start at the rear and work it forward as you go.

You should be done!
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so awesome
very much appreciated
i will try do this mon-tues weather permitting
when i do ill try to take some pics
thanks again
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You know what I really want to install that for me has been impossible to install is the black plastic accordion left and right, it felt off one day and its impossible to install, does somebody know how install it
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Old 07-23-2013, 06:24 AM
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My useless IWS Warranty (do not buy) would not cover the clips or the repair. Also, Atlantic Auto Group (Atlantic Audi) attempted to rip me off claiming the frame was cracked, and charged me $115 diagnosis fee when I already knew what was wrong. The price, $1600. Yea right. So now I must find a new shop for all my repairs as they seem to be leaning towards the non-honest side.

I managed to get one clip out as a test without removing the glass. I have a small, thin rachet with the torx attached. Currently I am working on getting these parts machined. This thread is so helpful on the repair and I am thankful for the time and effort put in here. The new clips with springs are $38 from Jim Ellis online.
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You, sir, are a life saver!
I was so pissed off when the spring kept on rolling inside although it finally stopped one day and I haven't thought much about it since I don't really open the sunroof anyway.
I'm gonna have to give this a shot soon to get this solved once and for all!
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Originally Posted by R3Wood View Post
.... Atlantic Auto Group (Atlantic Audi) attempted to rip me off claiming the frame was cracked, and charged me $115 diagnosis fee when I already knew what was wrong. The price, $1600. Yea right.
that does not suprise me one bit.. they r awful.. the worst

Originally Posted by R3Wood View Post
The new clips with springs are $38 from Jim Ellis online.
i am betting audi changed up the composition of the plastic.. slightly more rubbery compound ... i dont hear about this issue on 2007+ cars ..but alot on 2005 2006 cars
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Glad I found this post!! I heard the rumbling of my springs rolling around one morning and had no idea what the heck it was.

I was able to get 2 of the springs and the broken clip out by pushing the sun screen back and sliding it closed really quickly and the loose parts came up to the front.

Took it to the dealer in Tucson, AZ and was told it would be a $700 job. Needless to say, this will be my upcoming project with self-made clip included!! Thanks for the post and instructions.
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AWESOME!! Sorry to bring up an old thread, but this is exactly what happened to me this weekend and now, I have the fix.

I have never been to the Audi dealer and will never go. Thanks guys
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sweet thanks good info
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I replaced the springs this past weekend. However, after installing the glass panel back, the sunshade appears to be jammed (it moves - but only after applying a lot of force). So the plan is to take the glass off again, but I thought it would be a good idea to check with this group on instructions for installing/aligning the manual sunshade in the car. Is there something that has to be aligned on this?!
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