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Help...2016 A7 or 2016 S6?

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Default Help...2016 A7 or 2016 S6?

Help me decide which car to get!!

Audi A7 TDI Looks ranked a 10 to meÖsuper sexy and you donít see one every day. Very flexible design/highly practical. Drives at about a 8 of 10 compared to the S6. TDI is very quick (can be tuned), great MPG. Perfect marriage of motor to the ZF 8 Speed transmission. I would get this in Glacier White Metallic. Amazing car.

How I would build it.

Prestige package $74,525
Drivers assist 2,450
19í sport package 1,000
Night vision 2,500
B and O stereo 4,900
soft close doors 500

Total $85,875

Audi S6 Looks ranked at about a 7. The car blends in. Which is also good. Really nice looking but it is conservative. Drives like a 10. 0-60 in less than 4 seconds (itís a rocket). Same engine as what is in a Bentley. Can be easily tuned for more. I love DSG transmissions and this one has it. Sports car brakes. Able to get carbon fiber interior. Diamond stitched seats (like in a Ferrari).

My choices for my build.

Prestige package $76,775
Drivers assist 2,250
Sport package 3,500 (basically an aftermarket exhaust, torque vectoring differential, Audi dynamic steering)
Carbon fiber 500
This one has a 14 speaker bose stereo with 600 watts

If you add the B and O stereo $87,925 (high end of my price range)

Remove sport pack/keep B and O $84,425

Remove B & O /add night vision $85,525

So this is my problem. I need to be close to $85,000.

First..which car do I go with? I can get all the options I would want on the A7 TDI including crazy expensive stereo. Have a car that I really enjoy driving and love love love the way it looks. I cannot get it in a red or blue that I like so the next best choice is Glacier white.

Or do I go with the S6. I would have to give up on an option or twoÖbut which ones are must haves and what should I drop? But Iím sure it drives much better, stops better, 0-60 is blistering. I can get it in the color I loveÖSepang blue. Itís more of a sleeperÖkinda like my current car.

Options I'm considering.

Iím thinking of maybe not getting the night vision. Although itís a interesting technology I have never hit a deer or a person in my life and those are the 2 items this feature tries to warn you of. But itís really cool stuff and would probably have fun with it.

I feel I would need to have the sport packageÖIím sure the exhaust would be amazing and at the same time the sport differential is a must haveÖI have it in my S4 and it really helps around the corners.

The B and O is crazy expensive. I have heard some people donít like the Bose but I think most of the complainers want huge bass (like for hip hop music). I have not heard it yet. Maybe I will think itís OK. It was the high end stereo before they decided to offer a $5,900 stereo with the B and O. For 2016 they are dropping the price of the B and O by $1,000 to $4,900. Itís supposed to be an audiophiles dream. I love music. So maybe itís worth it. Although Iím sure you will never get itís cost back at trade in.

FYIÖ2 options I donít have listed for the S6 areÖCold weather. The reason why this one is not on my list is because (I believe) when you add the heated wheel you loose the flat bottom wheel and get a round one. I love a flat bottom wheel. I don't have heated wheel in my S4 so I would not miss it.

I also do not have the contour seats built. These are arguably the most comfortable seats in the car business. 22 way adjustment, cooling, massage, etc. I have sat in them and they truly are something special. But since I have never owned them you cannot miss something you have never had. Plus the diamond stitched seats are already pretty amazing even though they donít offer as many adjustments or cooling (which is really just a fan blowing air).

I'm 50/ 50 on each car. I know I would be extremely happy with either one.

I drive about 30,000 miles a year. I do enjoy a great on/off ramp and the ability to blow by almost any other car on the road. But I will never track the car. I do love the balance of a 5.5 second car that gets almost 40 MPG on the highway. And the beauty of the A7, to me, is amazing.

SoÖwhat do you guys think??????

Thank you for the perspective.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. (sorry for the long post).
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Old 02-15-2015, 04:47 PM
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[QUOTE=redrocker55;24656372]Help me decide which car to get!!

If it were me, I'd get the 2016 A7 3.0T with added power to 333hp. If you enjoy the on ramp pick up and go, you won't go wrong with this Supercharged powerplant with it's instantaneous no-lag punch and go! Even the S6's twin turbo suffers from a little lag.

S6 is too much of a sleeper - as for A7/S7 once you have it you won't want anything else in the boring Audi line-up. I kid you not, but I'm bias as I've been enjoying accolades and compliments from strangers, friends, neighbors and relatives since I got my A7.

You might also want to look around in case there is any new MY2014/2015 S7 left over in any Audi dealers' showroom that they may be looking to unload with huge discounts and incentives.

Just my 2cents worth. But either way, you've got yourself a winner! Damn, 1st world 'problem' eh.....

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Originally Posted by ben_aip View Post
S6 is too much of a sleeper
Not when you get it in bright red with the sport exhaust.
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BTW...no-brainer decision any A7 will do. This is my 2nd A7
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A few things to consider,

The A7 TDI will get better gas mileage than the S7 obviously. The B&O system is 6k that you could keep in your pocket. Unless you are cruising to classical all day long then you won't need that system. The night vision IMO is not great. It pops up into the instrument cluster and I think taking your eyes off the road at night to see what's going on in the cluster isn't the best idea.The easy close doors are a great thing to show your friends but eventually you'll probably be closing your doors like the rest of us.

Just some stuff, hope it helps
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I thought through the A7 S6 decision as well. In my case the A7 was quite a bit cheaper. But believe it or not,the DSG was a negative. I drive in a lot of stop and go driving and it's just not as smooth as a torque converter transmission.

I agree with the post that said get the new 333 3.0. The car in sport mode is extremely responsive in normal driving and I have the 310 hp version (but torque is the same on the 2015 as the 2016).
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Hi Guys,

Thank you for the feedback. Many great suggestions and things to consider here.

I do think the A7 TDI serves my mission better...90% highway driving.

This is a car where I bring customers in it all the time (lunch, dinner, etc). My only concern is with the sexiness of the A7 body...I hope it's not to flashy.

But I think if I get it in white it won't be as flashy as a red one (or my favorite color on the planet, Sepang Blue...thankfully that is not offered). The TDI suggests a level of environmental responsiveness. So that plays well with clients. I don't really car for wood interiors...maybe I can get Carbon via ECS tuning or the parts department.

If I went the S6 route I would have a hard time not ordering Sepang Blue and I probably would not be as happy with it if I didn't get the sport package (exhaust, sport diff, etc) so that car would stand out for sure.

I hope they have a C7 (either A6 or A7) with a sport package so I can test how that suspension feels compared with the standard suspension I test drove a few days ago.

I'm headed to the dealership this coming week, to hopefully, put in an order.

Thank you all!!!
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Easy decision, order the A7, drop the night vision and soft close doors and order it in Sepang Blue or Misano Red as an Audi exclusive color.
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Originally Posted by Hodog16 View Post
Easy decision, order the A7, drop the night vision and soft close doors and order it in Sepang Blue or Misano Red as an Audi exclusive color.
I fully agree on dropping the night vision, total waste of money.

I would have loved to have the soft close doors on mine (not an available option in Canada) to stop the grandchildren playing Superman slamming the doors shut.

Color is a very individual, subjective matter. Also, amazingly the color makes a huge difference at trade-in time. I had a hard time selling my 2012 Savannah Beige A7 because of the color and got a considerably lower price due to it.
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