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Oxnardo Ring 10-10-2018 06:38 PM

Blank Cluster Immobilizer Failure... Again
OK, I posted about this once before... and thought I had it resolved with the "correct, coded key" running through a LOCK-UNLOCK-LOCK-UNLOCK sequence following a battery disconnect and reconnect.

However, after getting it going again I pulled the battery cable since it was going to be stored for a month.
Came back to it over the weekend (it's in Minnesota), re-connected battery. Insert key, turn to ON. "Dammn. No cluster, no Immobilizer icon, no starteee".
So it failed again with only a single disconnect of the battery cable and a re-connect.

Had the hex Allen driver (3.5mm?), pulled the caps, removed the screws and man-handled the cluster out. You have to cut the Zip ties, but eventually you can wiggle out the
three pin-header connectors, re-seated them-- hard, then pushed cluster back into the hole. Insert key, turn.... pure joy. Works again.

But, this is a very annoying failure mode. Really annoying. If yours has ever done this to you, I'd definitely keep a 3.5mm hex driver handy. And, watch that battery power. Every time it's done this, it's been due to pulling the cables for a battery charge or swap.

Paul W's method on Audipages works. And, he was absolutely right. But this is a sucky failure mode in an old car in little risk of getting Gone'd In 60 Seconds car theft style, so I wish the Immobilizer had a statute of limitations.

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