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This is going to hurt. Six speed manual.

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This is going to hurt. Six speed manual.

Old 02-22-2014, 07:51 PM
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You've got two well proven options:

1) contact Tozo (aka Gabor) for a better than new rebuild. He's researched the **** out of this transmission and can set your automatic up better than new. Ask for references. He's got many happy customers on these boards. If you wanted to swap in any other automatic box, you would also have to do a ton of wiring, change the TCU (transmission control unit) and possess a balckbelt in computer programming. Not really a practical or painle$$ option

2) convert to an 01E quattro box. Forget what that guy said a few posts back about rear wheel drive only. That makes less than no sense. This is as close to a bolt in conversion as you wlll find, but it still requires some fabrication and parts scrounging. 01Es came in A4, S4, RS4, A6, S6, RS6 etc... You will still need to do a little bit of fabrication, modify your pedal box to accommodate a clutch pedal and narrower brake pedal, lengthen your drive shaft, and do some Audi family parts bin diving to get the right length halfshafts.

I recently saw these guys http://audis4parts.com/ selling all the parts you would need to do a conversion on e-bay for $2300 + $250 for shipping. Here is a link to the old listing: http://tinyurl.com/lc367j8 Scroll down to see what it includes. Converting 4's or 6's or Allroads can be a straight bolt-up, but you will need to do some fabricating for the A8.

Having an S8 also saves you another step. The A8's rear differential ratio is 3.7. Most of the manual 01E boxes have 4.11 front diffs. So, you would also need to swap in an S8 rear differential which also has a 4.11 ratio. Simple , cheap, bolts right up. In a perfect world, you would also want a 6 speed box(rather than a 5) and you'd want to swap in the much lower 6th gear from a European TDI box (2.5 diesel I think) to give you low revs while cruising at 80 on the highway. Rebuild it while you are in there.

If your engine is a 32 valve (pre-facelift), then you also need to do some machining work to fit a 8 bolt flywheel. Another pita, but doable. 40 valve engines like yours bolt right up to most of the available 8 bolt flywheels.

Here is a photo diary with brief notes of a recent swap by an active poster on the Quattroworld side:


All the bits, labor and fabrication starts to add up, so option #1(rebuild from Tozo) is likely the BEST and most cost-effective option if you want to keep it.

Here is a spreadsheet I threw together a while back which gives you a table of speed (mph) in any gear at a given RPM. You can alter wheel & tire size (it computes the rolling radius), as well as gear and dif ratios.
LMK if you have any trouble downloading and I'll email it to you ;


Good luck

Brian C.

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Old 02-25-2014, 11:26 AM
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Wow! Thank you so much Brian, this is so helpful. I have decided to do the 6 speed conversion, will share info as the projects matures.
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Old 03-10-2014, 03:05 PM
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I'm doing mine as well this Spring. Picked up a bunch of parts from a B5 S4 last month for $1500.
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Old 03-11-2014, 01:18 PM
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Default All parts are available from Germany

For a LHD car, the conversion can be done with all factory parts.
You may need to order many parts directly from Germany, some people said US Audi dealers wont order from Germany.

The good news is, the Pedal box casting is the same between Auto and Manual, all the brackets for clutch pedal are already there, you only need clutch pedal, master cylinder, over centre spring.

For the gearbox you can buy original gearbox mounts for S8 subframe, fairly cheap should be less than $100, no fabrication required.

If it is a facelift S8 its ECU may already carry the Manual coding. My UK S8 2001 model (auto) could be switched to manual coding simply using VAG Com, no login required. If it doesn't accept the manual code then the coding isnt on the chip. A good coder should be able to flash your chip to ignore the TCU.
You also need to recode ABS module to manual, should have code built in.

Keep scanning German ebay for PF or FL Manual S8's being parted out to save on the big cost items - propshaft (longer for manual), front driveshafts (longer for manual). All the smaller parts you can get new, pedal, piping, etc.
Also check Audi Traditions shop, although they charge high prices.
Check out UK ebay for Audi A6 TDI boxes, they should be direct bolt on to 40V engine and are the box you want, with a 0.56 6th already built in. Some have a 4.111 final drive too. I got a used 01E from a 2001 A6 2.5 TDI for only £200 and it had already been refurbed.

The A6 TDI gearbox codes you want to look for are DQT and FTF with 4.111 output ratio and 0.56 6th gear. On these boxes 1st and 2nd are same as on S8 manual with DGV and FRN boxes from factory.
If you dont mind about 6th ratio so much but want to avoid messing around with final drive, also look for these A6 TDI boxes:
DSY, EDU, FTG, (0.684 6th), FRP (0.73 6th)

I got these from ElsaWin, there may be more useful boxes, if you want to research all options plus have the exact Audi repair procedures for everything get yourself a cracked ElsaWin off ebay.

Attached S8 ECU coding from ElsaWin
Attached Images  

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