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D4 insurance


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Default D4 insurance

I guess I hadn't ever really thought too much about the quality of insurance I carry, but reading the thread about the t-boned and totaled / not totaled A8 over the last couple of days has made me revisit that a little.

Thankfully I've never been in anything more than a minor bump (3-4k of fender damage), so haven't had to really use the insurance system.

Never really occurred to me that there'd be such a huge difference in coverage between 'cut priced' and 'better' companies for an expensive vehicle for example. I suspect I naively assumed that once they agree to cover the car then it was covered.... Well caveat emptor!

Wonder if those on here who've ever gone through a significant claim event with insurance companies (is 'significant' <$15K?), could share the benefit of their experiences with various companies, and maybe give some recommendations for insurance companies (or agents) to use or avoid, and what options to make certain we select on the policies?

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Default My rambling thoughts

Trust me, this has been a game changer for me too.

Have heard that those who will cut you a check on the spot also cancel you on the spot...
Not sure we ever heard back from the fellow who had a milkshake assault his D4's interior.

Next year will be my 30th year with Allstate and they've been phenomenal.
That said, I haven't been in Adam's situation with this level of vehicle but have with two Fords.

To me the single most important part of being insured is having an agent I trust and can sit down with.
I've had just 3 agents all that time, the current one for the last 17 years straight.
Mike, his office manager, partner agents, and the whole office know me - that's valuable.
I will be visiting them next week to review this exact scenario.

My D4 was financed through AFS, and you can be damn sure I went for the 'gap insurance' as well.
Normally I'd pay in full or a very substantial down but the rate was so low it made no sense to part with the cash at the time.
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Default Agreed on the agent point; rental coverage and umbrellas

Agreed on the agent point. The good agent helps you with the insurance red tape, can help advocate at times, may know higher ups in the ins. company claims or underwriter area, etc. By contrast, the 1-800 cheap-call-center and www. supposedlowcostoptions predictably offer none of this expediting and intervention help.

As came up on the sorry tale already, years ago I took the rental car coverage. I used to decline it to save a few bucks and figured I could always scare up a borrowed clunker or get by. But then I had one repair stretch a really long time and had to get a rental. I also came to realize the rental car coverage--which costs a minor amount on my policy--helps align interests some w/ the insurance co. And I've used it a few times in that fashion--"guys, honestly the longer you roll the claims process delays, the longer you just keep writing a check to Enterprise." Seems to get their attention. It's a cheap car invariably, but at least it's reliable wheels for the repair. Similarly another time after a lengthy repair they called about the rental and did I still have it; some kind of periodic reauthorization. I said yep, and explained the delays. Sure enough, things got moving between the adjuster and the repair shop again.

On the shoe on other foot BTW, like other expensive rides the car maybe is a bit of a "target" for folks seeing $$ signs if you or a family member may be at fault in some accident or calamity. Part of my calculus to get and maintain a larger umbrella liability policy over the years.

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