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Stormtaster 01-08-2019 01:15 AM

New A1 2019 Any thoughts
Not sure I would rush out of the old A1 into a new one would you?

Stormtaster 04-02-2019 04:51 AM

I ended up doing a review on it in the end, my first post was to garner some intel from the real people who know Audis.

It is good yeh, not sure its AS good as the last one tho.

morrisminiminor 04-13-2019 10:51 AM

Well I've just bought a 30TFSI last month and after driving if for just under 600 miles, I'm quite pleased with it.
One of the A1's competitors is the MINI brand.
I've had the Mk1/II & III MINIs and mostly BL Minis prior to that all my driving life.
New A1 is much smoother to drive than the current MINI. Infotainment system is streets ahead.
The Countryman is just plain ugly while the A1 looks really good.
I can buy a spare wheel & tyre which is no longer available for the MINI - use runflats yuk!
Electric folding mirrors now cost 1600 on the MINI. Admittedly this forms part of a pack, automatic parking being available. My argument is if you cannot park a MINI then you shouldn't be driving.
Two grey colours plus a silver/grey available for MINI. Are they trying to court the deceased? Where are the exciting colours?
OK MINI is much quicker than my Audi but the fuel consumption is not as good.
Handling may not be the go-cart of the MINI but the ride isn't as firm on the A1. 17" rims on the MINI may look good but the ride suffers.
The A1 is slightly bigger than the Cooper and can accommodate two adults and a child in the rear.
The MINI bonnet is supported by struts while the A1 bonnet has to be lifted and pinned in place.
The tilting passenger mirror can be adjusted to suit the individual driver. The MINI has a poor default position.
The MINI does not have an oil dipstick so you cannot check the oil unless the engine has been warmed up.
Hard plastics on the A1 have been criticised but are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.
The lane departure warning is not up to the job on minor roads so I keep it switched off.
The dipping rear view mirror on the Cooper is a lousy design and difficult to operate. The A1 by comparison is so easy to use.
The Cruise Control is easier to operate on the MINI but I'm getting used to the A1 now.
The speedometer and gear change digital information on the A1 are just so easy to read.
Things look good for now. We'll see how the car performs over the next few months.

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