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How is your A5/S5/RS5 Holding Up?

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2019 S5 SB here too. A full month today.

If I have to mention a gripe, it is about the creaks and rattles in cold weather. Never heard that... in my Acura (was like a tank)

For the rest - *all want*.
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May '18
18,000 mil
After I got that rattle fixed, it's been flawless. I even drove Portland to Pittsburgh in a 45 hour marathon. Love the seats.
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Originally Posted by Nikon1 View Post
2018 S5 Coupe, Delivered early June, 2018, 3,400 miles

(1) issue with driverís side seat belt presenter that stopped presenting. Quick trip to dealer / FW update and have never seen the problem again.
Same here. I first noticed the problem with my sb presenter right after I had the top down camera fix applied. It did not bother me enough for another trip to the dealer. So,on my next scheduled maintenance trip I will have it checked out. Aside from that, the car has been flawless, no issues. I am extremely happy with my S5.
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Picked my coupe up in April of 2017 and have about 17500 miles. There has been a very minor fixes needed like a few sensors needing to be replaced. But two major issues for me is there are a ton of rattles the dealer can't fix such as the sunroof and along the passenger side. Also, the virtual cockpit will not pull up music information from car play and sometimes if the parking sensors come on, I can't bring up car play without unplugging my phone. Also had to get a voltage meter once I got the iPhone XS since it would randomly disconnect.

Otherwise, I do not recommend going with the AWE track exhaust (too loud and causes vibrations) and I do recommend getting a rear sway bar and a piggeyback tune like DTUK/DTE.
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2018 S5 Cabriolet
Purchased Dec 2017
11,425 miles

So far....these are all "newish" issues....
  • Drivers window doesn't want to lower/raise consistently to snug-up into the convertible top when operating the door handle. I've tried to retrain it many times. One trip to the dealer so far yielded no relief. No big deal....just a pain.
  • When operating convertible top, passenger window gets flaky and will lower halfway when the other windows completely close. This is a huge concern if I happen to not catch it one day.
  • Getting strange hiccups from the engine/tranny when briskly accelerating. At first I thought the trans was doubleshifting, but now I'm leaning towards misfires/stutters. Its a pretty significant "bang"/stutter. Took it to dealer, they didnt find anything. Recommended I run high end gas through, but I use Exxon 93 almost exclusively. This has been happening through several tanks of gas, and appears to be worsening. There's another trip to the dealer in my near future.
Side thought: I'm not really using much of the advanced tech in the car...lane change assist is always turned off now, because it would get flaky/want to veer the car sideways. Adaptive cruise works great overall, but I can't stand how traffic sign recognition will dramatically slow the car when entering a slower speed limit zone.

When I bought this car, I was cross-shopping this S5 and a Boxster S. Because I don't really use all the tech, lately I've really been considering that I made the wrong decision. Don't misunderstand...I still love the car, but there's been enough little things going on to make me wonder what that P-car would have been like.
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Originally Posted by emacS5 View Post
Adaptive cruise works great overall, but I can't stand how traffic sign recognition will dramatically slow the car when entering a slower speed limit zone.
You can turn off the sign based speed adjustment.
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Had mine three weeks, maybe 700 miles or so on it? No complaints, really, other than I think when I swap the tires in April I'll have them look at the steering wheel, which seems to be in need of adjustment; if I keep the flat bottom of the wheel parallel with the ground, wheel pointed straight ahead, the car goes a bit to the right. I have to cant the wheel a tad to the left in low speed normal driving to keep the car pointed straight. Annoying, if somewhat minor.

Other than that, despite many days of sub-zero (F) degree weather, much snow and ice, and really bad roads, no rattles or creaks, etc. The fancy Google maps don't initialize, usually, because our cell coverage sucks, and I still have no idea of pre-sense really does anything. It seems totally random, and I've never had it apply the brakes in any circumstance.
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Almost 10K miles. Main thing -- Can't get from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds.

No other major issues, just small things:
  • Rattling due to the passenger side seat belt buckle receiver (fixed by dealer)
  • Top-view camera not sticking (fixed by dealer)
  • Cameras all blacked out once for whatever reason
  • Tailgate close/lock button doesn't work consistently
  • Center entertainment screen froze on me once
  • Rear cross-traffic avoidance system randomly stops the car while going in reverse
  • Pre Sense front false warnings (fixed by turning off pre-warning)
  • Front Turn Assist stops car randomly while you make a left turn (fixed by not using left turn signal and/or make turn while going greater than 9 mph)

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Originally Posted by bluaudi View Post
'18A5 Sportback - purchased end of July '17 and just went over 19k on it.
Have a few hick-ups with the Audi pre-sense sensors going off a few times.
I did have a 'freak' alert last night driving home.... all of a sudden a Red Triangle with the ! symbol in the middle came up big on the center screen (Virtual cockpit) and the car and about a second later the brakes suddenly applied /locked and then released - i was doing around 75mph on the highway. Lucky no one was on my tail but it did freak me out a bit because there was nothing on the highway in front of me or around me to 'trigger' the system.
Turn off the Pre Sense pre-warning. Pre Sense still works but you won't get those annoying pre-warnings (chirping your tires is actually a warning).
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Originally Posted by MH62 View Post
You can turn off the sign based speed adjustment.
Yep, but I would rather that it just be more gradual. I like the idea of it automatically adjusting...just not so abruptly.
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