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Lucas_Gchips 11-12-2004 12:10 PM

Well I have been Banned from OzAudi.
I have been given no explanation.

Probably because i dont fall into line of the products they promote.

Good luck to them and their closed house.

Quattro4lifeAus 11-12-2004 03:18 PM

What did you post to be removed?
Or where you removed because of all the posts below between you and Chux?

Black A4TQ 11-12-2004 11:52 PM

I wouldn't worry...
They are a bunch of tossers led by king tosser chux

Don't waste your time on them

STASIK_A4 11-13-2004 12:19 AM

I 2nd that!!!!!
Chux is the bigest wanker of them all...

Chux0r 11-13-2004 03:25 AM

Re: "They are a bunch of tossers led by king tosser chux"
i wonder how long it will be until someone asks a mod to delete this thread.

Seriously guys, grow up ... you're better than this.

As a side note, get your facts straight before you start pointing the finger, I didn't ban Lucas, and i've also checked and it's not his username that is banned. His IP has been banned as a result of josh posting rubbish under one of his many alias's from lucas's house. Lucas, you can still log in to your account from a different IP if you choose to.

EDIT - ok it's not his home IP that's banned, it's his work IP, either way .... worx posted from lucas' pc and therefore the IP has been banned.

You are the one to blame for this worx, you created at least 4 different accounts from different IP's using different email addresses, there's 3 ways to ban - username, email address, IP

since you went to the trouble of evading the first 2 methods we had to resort to banning the IP.

I hope this explains it. Lucas if you wish to have your work IP removed then email me and i will take it off the list, however if josh posts from there again it will be added to the banlist again. And FYI i checked the ip and there were only 2 people that had posted from there, you and josh ... so the blanket ban thing does not apply in this case.

and no .. i didn't even add the ban in the first place, yet i seem to be getting the blame for it.

Black A4TQ 11-13-2004 12:03 PM

"i wonder how long it will be until someone asks a mod to delete this thread"
Oh please!

This is not an Audi forum where admins make up for their inadequacies by deleting posts.

Stick to your own turf tosser.

Lucas_Gchips 11-13-2004 07:26 PM

Re: What did you post to be removed?
I got no idea, i have not been notified of why my IP was banned, not even a email stating any reason.

Lucas_Gchips 11-13-2004 07:31 PM

I cant log in.
The IP is banned from my workplace.
My workplace has a fixed IP and it also feeds a number of other businesses through our WAN

So basically you blanket banned a number of people without any valid reason.

If people posted on something like the kiosk type Internet access public points, would you also ban any of them?

What's the problem here Chux, as long as people are posting as themselves and individuals, I can see which computer in the work they use.

Also how about showing some professional courtesy Chux.
I gave it to Guy and Steven Hooks when they visited Melbourne, and also when I was in Sydney on Dyno Day that VW Racing organized.
But who turned up dressed in a Cl... Outfit holding magazines containing paid adverts?

The Forum was originally set-up to for the benefit of Audi Owners and was promoted by such to the original Club Audi Australia, but alas it seems to have turned into a marking arm of a vendor and any one that does not fit seems to get kicked.

Chux0r 11-13-2004 08:11 PM

Re: I cant log in.

i was waiting for you to say something about the dyno day.

for starters, tell the whole story not just the bits that suit you.

Make sure you state that you are in no way affiliated with Euroclass or GIAC, yet you turn up at a dyno day and start selling GIAC chips .. lol .. that's just funny. Not only that but when i turned up you were inside talking **** about APR as per usual ... something you are now well and truly infamous for.

Secondly .. i'm sure if i didn't introduce myself i doubt you would have even said hello.

Yep, i was wearing my so called 'Clown Outfit' for those of you that don't know what lucas is on about .. i was wearing an APR Australia t-shirt which Guy gives to his customers.

I'm very satisfied with the chip in my car, hence why i wear the shirt, if i wasn't happy with it ... then i wouldn't be wearing the shirt.

Two funny things from the day... seeing lucas talking Milka into changing chips .. in the bathroom .. haha

and the second thing .. watching my car make more power than all the giac golfs, even the k04 one, which incidently the owner asked me beforehand if i'd had any trouble with mine pinging as his was...

anyway .. make all the excuses you want, talk all the **** you want, life goes on and it doesn't bother me what a bunch of brainwashed puppets from melbourne think anyway ... still waiting for josh to run that low 14 on his k03 too ... once that's done then maybe you will earn a little respect .. doubt it though.

Puppets, please reply now :-)

Lucas_Gchips 11-13-2004 08:27 PM

Re: I cant log in.
Why dont you post your dyno chart then and lets look at how lean you k-04 runs?
The Giac golf is not completed, it was just startup up the day before dyno day, but even in its non complete for with totally stock exhaust produced more torque than your finnished car chux.
Lets see when it has K-04 tuned chip in it and compare it to your own.
And wow must be a acheivemnt that you get more power from a K-04 car than other stock turbo cars, well done chux.

Also I have never met you, and i dont know you, there are many people people there i did not know
i didn't go running around trying suck up to anyone like some people.
The Day was organized by Sebastian from VW Racing, it was his day, any one he introduced me to, i spoke to.

And yet why dont you tell what happened with Milka's car then... He tried a back to back run with giac chip and his original compeditors chip, and the results were chalk and cheese?
over 21KW at wheels difference.

Talk ****, hey, only facts.
I dont make outrageous claims like 375KW at rear wheels on a quattro..
But i am informed very well about the products you push and advertise.
There will soon be some very nice news chux, and i will like to see you come up with excuses when the annoucement is made..

Have a Nice week..

Keep throwing the stones, you may have some boulders come back.

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