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Today 09:15 AM

To enable this, you need that little plastic thing that comes with the car when it is delivered. You need to scratch off a code and then input it into the MMI after you've signed up with your dealer....
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Today 09:13 AM

Sto-n-Sho has nice solutions. I have one installed and use it when I feel like a front plate is needed. Requires 2 screws in the bottom of the bumper.
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Today 09:13 AM

could you share the 2020 order guide? curious to take a look :p
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Today 09:13 AM

trying to fid some exhaust options and haven't seen much on YouTube. any suggestions on some names please
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By: JT4
Today 09:11 AM

I may be picking up a SB with the Cavos and 255/35/19 summer tires.. So I wanted to get opinions in regards to if anyone feels there may be an issues when I purchase all-season tires after the...
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By: Nebuul
Today 09:08 AM

That's why the baby jeebus invented ceramic brakes!
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By: nikv
Today 09:06 AM

Were you able to test it on icy slopes? The OEM contis did not seem good enough for me in seattle snow last winter. Anyways, I was trying to use this feature last week going down on a hill but it...
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Today 09:00 AM

Your tire tread depth and alignment all change over time, while getting new tires is likely to be a bigger change it should be closer to the original calibration the day after new tires than it was...
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By: HP18
Today 08:57 AM

I've had Eibach on another car and wasn't happy with the ride quality. H&R I've had on several cars now and have been happy overall! Exhaust is Milltek Race
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By: Yang L
Today 08:53 AM

I can confirm this, there are two of them, driver side and passenger side, mine was damaged by a rock so I had the passenger side replaced, $200. Called undercover or something.
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Today 08:52 AM

Looks great! Love the wheels.
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By: flg
Today 08:49 AM

Try to place the phone in the tray with the plug to the front of the car, there is an indentation there that may work for you.
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Today 08:47 AM

Cool, pun intended I guess. Wondering if the VIN lookup is accurate. I know I donít have rear fog lights (there is no button to activate them) and donít believe there is any overhead storage in...
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Today 08:43 AM

I cannot enable Auto unlock and lock upon approaching and leaving the car despite multiple attempts with OBDEleven. Anyone experiences similar difficulty?
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Today 08:36 AM

In my previous car (Mazda 3) the manual explicitly called out the X pattern for rotation, with the back tires having to be crossed to the front. With this, I just take the manual to heart and go...
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Today 08:33 AM

No problems with the JuiceBox 40 on a 50A circuit here. I had a little trouble at first with getting the connector to "click" properly as well, however now that I am used to how it works - no...
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By: amiram
Today 08:26 AM

https://cimg8.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.audiworld.com-vbulletin/1520x1403/functional_diagram_1 65b36a0ffef605a71545 f27892287d700af5747. jpg...
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Today 08:25 AM

Thank you, I think I am going to try that so I don't burn out another pump. I am thinking since it keeps throwing a cel light code for incorrect air flow I should probably change the combi valve on...
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Today 08:24 AM

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Today 08:16 AM

My guess is Audi will, without comment or fanfare, fix the lag issue on the next Refresh or the next new model. They may have the fix now but prefer to wait to implement it until a customer/s pushes...
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