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Dalancroft 01-23-2014 02:42 PM

FREE DIPSTICK! For 3.0T and 3.2L engines
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OK, so I'm a dipstick. Really, the word is "dipsh ... " well, you know. So given my mistrust of electromechanical parts -- for example, I'm still getting used to a switch rather than a lever or pedal for my e-brake after more than two months of ownership -- I bought a "real" dipstick to keep a closer eye on oil levels. Particularly given the 2.0T's reputation for burning the stuff. Only problem is, I ordered the wrong one! It's for the 3.0T/3.2L engine. D'oh! I re-ordered the correct one but can't be bothered to return the old one; just not worth my time or shipping $. So if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like my wrong one, just PM me and I will leave it on my front porch for you. I'm in the San Mateo Highlands, just off 280, Bunker Hill Drive exit. Cheers.

Product Info:
Mfg Part#06E115611H
ECS Part# ES#2070647

P.S. No I will NOT ship so please don't even ask. If I were going to do that I'd send it back to ECS Tuning for a refund.

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