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Trip to JHM - LW Flywheel/clutch/piggys/tune/4-1/Awesome! (xpost)


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Default Trip to JHM - LW Flywheel/clutch/piggys/tune/4-1/Awesome! (xpost)

Around 55k my clutch started feeling softer than normal and would bog down more than it used to. I made a crazy trip [drive] to JHM and got the single mass lightweight flywheel and stage 3 clutch installed. Since the tranny was going to be dropped it was a no brainer to have JHM work some magic and save some money on installs down the road. Since it was all done at the same time it’s a little harder to break it all down and review each part but I’ll do my best.

4-1 Center diff – From the first corner you power out of its painfully obvious this is how the s4 should of come stock! My girlfriend couldn’t stop laughing at the [] on my face. It really transforms the power distribution in a corner and makes the car feel much more aggressive. On corners where previously the front wheels would be screaming for traction as you plowed the wrong direction they are now free to steer and the rear really pushes you out. It’s much more fun and confident feeling compared to stock this really should be up there on your future mod list, especially if you drive aggressive at all. [up]

JHM Tune/Piggy Downpipes – A flash wasn’t high up on my list because of the minimal gain to be had on stock downpipes. Ive heard the improved throttle response was nice but 500$ nice? [:|] Since they were going to be off anyway of course the downpipes had to be pigged.[] The first thing I noticed was improved throttle response and how much better the car seems to breath. It feels like you blew its nose [>_<] and now it can get the air out faster. The car is so much more aggressive up high in the rpm range now it definitely pulls much harder than stock. It was hard to keep it legal on the 10 hour trip home but hypothetically the pull from 70-120 makes a tear come to my eye… or would… if that happened. [evilsmile]

JHM (Or Vast?)lightweight single mass flywheel/stage 3 clutch – Motor revs much faster and feels freed up, I imagine the piggy’s help here also. Revs do drop faster between gears but if you are used to tapping your gas pedal between shifts to keep everything smooth the improved throttle response and faster rev’s combined with better clutch pedal feel actually makes the car easier to drive smooth over stock! My girlfriend can back me up here haha. There is a slight tick at idle until you depress the clutch pedal but you have to be almost under the car to hear it. I was expecting much worse based on other single mass flywheels I have heard on smaller motors. You really have to have the windows down AC/fans off and be parked in a garage to hear it. If anyone rides bikes think Ducati with open cover but not near as loud. Now that I’ve got around 500 city miles on the car I’m starting to get more aggressive with the clutch. It hooks ups nice and doesn’t bog down between shifts. Ill update once I really get into it and get some good runs.

Like I said it’s really hard to break each upgrade down since everything was all done the same day but if you’re going to replace the clutch/flywheel anyway it makes so much sense to save time and money on labor and do these installs now. The stock drive train is a little soft especially the clutch feel and these mods really wake the car up and remind you that’s a 4.2l high compression krout v8 with a 7400rpm (thanks jay!) redline under the hood! There is no loss in driveability in fact I honestly think its a better smoother experience now, anyone in the area pm me and come check it out. I would love to set something up with a stock s4 in the area I cant believe how much faster my car feels now and I want to compare [drive]

Everyone around here should know by now how great the guys at JHM are and how dedicated they are to improving our cars one part at a time. They have a proven history with the b5 crowd and are working hard to make things better for us v8 s4 guys. I got my hands on the prototype nitrous plate and that thing is a work of art! Thats going to be a no brainer for me when i sell enough crack to buy more mods [up] The entire experience went smooth, in fact I called Jason the day before I left on a 10 hour drive to be down there for just 1 day. He had the car from 9am and stayed till 9pm to finish. Thanks again guys for the hard work I could not be happier! O and you should work out a deal with that u-haul place for loaner cars! haha

I know some of you are getting close to replacing the clutch so I’ll do my best to answer any questions you have on drivability and I’m sure Jay can chime on the technical stuff.
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I want to do the piggies too.
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