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Dilemma...6MT leasees

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Default Dilemma...6MT leasees

So my lease is up in feb and I'm not sure what to do, part of me wants to buyout the car (mind you I have 15k miles on it) and bc it's fully equipped they way I wanted it. On the other hand I was looking into the S3, but I'm being told Audi is doing away with the 6sp manuals and the B9 S4 is prob slated for 2015 fall who knows. Anyone in the same boat as me? What are you guys planning to do?
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Work a deal with mxo to sell your car for less than he'd pay a dealer / more than you'd get in trade-in and get a new MY15 S4. He can buy a Fidelity warranty instead of CPO:

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I'd buy your car. I'm not sure what the details are on your lease but I doubt you could find a lower mileage car for your buyout. Even if you decide to get something else you will probably turn a profit selling the vehicle privately if it only has 15k miles.

I'm not sure what the appeal of the S3 is over the S4? It has a less sophisticated AWD system, a much less attractive exterior, some turbo lag (from what I've read), and a rather plain interior. The only pros I see would be gas mileage and easier parking.

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IF you have equity in your lease, and you probably do, you would be foolish to just let the lease run out and give it back to Audi, If a MT is important, then you really have 3 options: 1) Buy your car at lease end. 2) Trade it in before lease end on a 2015 S4 with 6MT.3) Trade it in on a BMW with MT. Don't hold your breath for any future Audis with Mts. Already no MBs.
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Thanks for the input, yea I'm def in equity and thinking about the buyout, I would be a fool not to. IF a 2016 S4 is gonna be available in 6MT, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it but hold on to mine in the meantime. As far as my lease I'm paying $659/mo for premium plus fully loaded and residual is gonna be $32k and change, car is def worth about $40k now

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For 32K buyout you need to buy it if it only has 15000 miles. Its worth close to $40000. If there's a car you really want more than your S4, then trade it or sell it to a dealer like Carmax.
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I had some similar thoughts, so just bought my 2011 S4 off 42 month lease. Have 40K on the clock. CPO'd, new set of summer shoes (still have tread on my winter tires for another season or two). Thought hard about a S3, but just too VWish vs. Audi. The MT was important to me. If the '16 S4 has a MT, i'm all over it. Otherwise, my run of 5 straight Audi's is in jeopardy (but a torquey electric may catch my eye if in a Audi package).

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