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Mileage check thread: How's your S4 holding up?

S4 (B9 Platform) Discussion Discussion forum for the B9 Audi S4 produced from 2016-present
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Mileage check thread: How's your S4 holding up?


Old 02-15-2018, 07:37 AM
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Default Mileage check thread: How's your S4 holding up?

Odometer reading: ~13,000 miles
Vehicle delivery date: May 31, 2017
Driving profile: 50/50 city/highway

Issues to date (edited 3/22/2018):
1. The LED light line above the driver's door inside handle was leaking stray light through a trim piece where it shouldn't. Dealer replaced trim piece under warranty.
2. Rattle in driver's door. Had this looked at during trim replacement above, but required two visits to the dealer to fix. I'm told some wires in the door were rattling and they wrapped them in foam tape. 4000+ miles since the fix and it is indeed solved. (This car's interior is so quiet that you can hear every single rattle--so during the first visit they also proactively applied a TSB fix relating to a known rear shelf / speaker rattle issue on the B9 A4 chassis even though that issue hadn't affected me yet.)
3. I had the radiator fan limp mode issue. Fan replaced under warranty, issue has not occurred since. Also 4000+ miles ago.
4. Whenever I have a thermos in the cup holder, the cup holder springs squeak when going over bumps or rough roads. Haven't talked to the dealer about this as it isn't worth a special trip or even a phone call, but intend to mention it at my next service visit to see if this is common and has a known fix. (Worst case, I'm sure some light duty odor-free lubricant shot carefully into the holder springs will do the trick).
5. I bent two 19" wheels on the same side dumping into a monstrous chasm of a pothole at 60mph. This was just before I swapped my 18" winter wheels on, so I carried both 19" wheels in (tires on and in tote bags) and paid an independent wheel repair shop $190 to have both dismounted, fixed, remounted, and balanced.
6. CarPlay works like garbage, absolutely riddled with bugs. Requires several unplug/replug attempts to get music apps like Pandora or Spotify to actually play music when first starting the car. Sometimes you also have to force quit the app. If the parking sensors or cameras activate, you can't get back into the CarPlay menu afterward.
7. When I pop the sunroof, I hear lots of wind/air noise coming in through the drivers door at highway speeds. I suspect a bad or out of place driver door seal, need to look closer / speak with the dealer. The car seals up nicely if all windows are closed, but if you pop one (not on the driver's door) it creates enough pressure differential to suck in air through the drivers door. Very loud in a car that is otherwise this quiet, especially when it's right on your left ear.

Issues 1-4 have been fixed free of charge under warranty.

All in all this has been a fun and extremely reliable, high initial quality car.

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Old 02-15-2018, 07:50 AM
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Mileage 10,100+ (80% highway 20% "residential")
Have had an oil change at 5K and 10K

- at first oil change @ 5,000 miles, wrong oil used, car not driven, oil sucked out and replaced with proper "B-cycle" oil+fresh filter (FOC, of course.)

Have replaced the windshield wiper blades (FOC)
Have replaced the tires (at about 8,500+ miles)
Have had the "radiator fan" communications module poop out (about a 2-week issue; was loaned a new A8L for the duration)
Have had ONE recall (the front speaker -- woofer -- trim "blades" had to be replaced since they are sharper than any knife used by surgeons, apparently)

Car has never left me stranded.
All of the "wear items" show 100% "as new" -- checklist provided at oil change intervals

Valve stem caps replaced under warranty as they were "metal" and could cause corrosion -- got dandy new plastic caps.

Car got a new engine (figuratively speaking at about 5,000 and 9,000 miles -- increase in power and gas mileage noted.)

98% always used top-tier gas: BP, Costco, or Shell exclusively

Car got quieter twice: once after 1,000+ (exhaust drone/roar quieted down; and when replacing OEM tires with new Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+'s)

Had the windows tinted -- 60% light PASSAGE -- NOT blockage.

Have, thanks to folks here, inflated fronts to 37 and rears to 35.

Always, always, always run in "S" mode -- not "D" -- transforms the car.

Had DAP / ACC distance setting updated to default to "1".

Best of the 33 Audis I've had -- including my previous fave a manual transmission 5-cylinder, 20V S6 quattro.

Would get another one in a heartbeat.

Would love to drive an RS5 (SportBack) -- just for kicks and grins.

Did I say, best car (not just the best Audi) I've ever had?

Red Leather
18" w/UHP A/S shoes
Audi Beam Rings

Car was discounted ~6.5% off MSRP. Hers the same, but higher MSRP, of course.

My wife's:

SQ5 Prestige
Matador Red
Rotor Gray
Cold Weather Package
Audi Beam Rings
20% tint, including windshield
20" Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+
16,000+ miles

Great dealership (The Audi Connection) -- great people, great service, great service advisor, great service manager and great sales rep. Ordered as I wanted it, picked up the end of May 2017 Hers ordered; picked up about 75 days later.

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Old 02-15-2018, 07:52 AM
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Odometer reading: 2800 mi
Vehicle delivery date: December 15, 2017 (2 month old)
Driving profile: 50/50 city/highway

Issues to date:
1. Rattle/buzz in driver's door but only when speaking on phone - voice frequency. Too minor to discuss with dealer at this time, but will be noted during 10K visit.
2. 19" pothole tire bubble - fixed by dealer for free as part of Tire/Rim insurance plan I purchased during delivery.
(As was noted numerous times by many - 19" wheels in the northern states with lots of potholes equals money down the drain or buy insurance.)

Very happy with initial quality!
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Old 02-15-2018, 08:04 AM
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2500 miles since 9/9 last year. Yes I know, it's a high mileage car

It rattles everywhere and the surround camera keeps turning itself off all the time to the point of making it worthless, but other than that, meets expectations.
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Old 02-15-2018, 08:15 AM
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Took delivery Oct 10, 2017
2.9K miles on it right now
80/20 City/Highway miles

Outside of a nail in a tire during the first month, so far so good.
Only real gripes I have are the same ones most of us have - the "D" mode is just not right for this car. Can the "D" mode be disabled with the one of those VAG configuration tools? AND the damn top view mode defaulting to Graphic every day
My favorite Audi to date until I saw an B9 RS5 in the flesh.
Looking forward to (someday) an APR tune, but considering one of the TEV approved add-on boxes.

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Old 02-15-2018, 09:30 AM
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Purchased back in May 2017
Just short of 13K miles currently

Got a nail in my OEM Continentals, with 5/32 left on tread. Kept one and stored as full size replacement. Went with Michelin Pilot Sport 4Ss (very sticky, very silent tire)
So far so good, no real problems with the car. I'm finding the change in tires have made the S4 feel more like a speed skater - gliding around with little resistance.

I do have a crack in the wheel well trim on the passenger side. No big deal, as it seems to hold itself together. I'll need to bond it soon, since it doesn't look like I'm missing any pieces.
All in all, I love it! I need to stop driving it around though ... gotta keep those miles down. These tires need to last!!! lol
2018 S4 Premium Plus
2011 Subaru Outback 3.6R
2006 Mazdaspeed 6
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Old 02-15-2018, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by alex6speed View Post
Went with Michelin Pilot Sport 4Ss (very sticky, very silent tire)
Those will be my next set of tires. Glad they seem to meet expectations.
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Old 02-15-2018, 03:38 PM
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Ordered April 2017
Delivery early August 2017
Odometer Miles, 6500 (70% highway / 30% country road)

Good performance for a non-RS model.
Great winter traction (currently using PA4s).
Love the design of the interior especially with Magma Red.
Heated seats and steering wheel, work very well and help me get pass the cold winter days.

Problem areas:
Rattles in the rear deck area, front passenger seat and headliner (around the sunroof).
Pre-sense failure (displayed on VC). Per dealer, error reported from rear camera. Software updated 3 weeks ago. TBD if fixed.
While standing outside and with key in my pocket, at times, the car will lock on it's own. While in the car, twice, the car locked itself. Opening the door set off the alarm. Weird.
New issue from today. All cameras not showing image. Black background but gridlines are there.
MMI still has an issue with reading music from my iPhone connected via the USB port. I cannot select playlist, artist or album.

Exterior styling. The good, under the radar. Bad, it's very vanilla.
Massage seats. In my opinion, gimmick.

Good car but I'm considering an upgrade to something with a bit more performance. Perhaps a C63S or M3 (as I still need a 4-door vehicle). I'm not sold on the look of Audi's SB. Perhaps the upcoming RS treatment will change my mind.
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Old 02-15-2018, 05:38 PM
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Odometer reading: 4,100 mi
Vehicle delivery date: October, 2017 (4 months)
Driving profile: 60/40 hwy/city

Issues to date:
1. radio always forgets presets unless I last used bluetooth, very weird and a bit annoying
2. center dash speaker rattles at certain voice frequencies

I came from a B7 S4, so the driving dynamics are very different coming from the high revving V8. I miss the V8's immediate power delivery and linear output, but even being tuned it was slower than the B9 S4. My old car was also a manual transmission, so I miss that too, but not during the commutes. I dislike the kick-down function, I sometimes accidentally hit it trying to pass and feel like a fool when it fumbles to a lower gear and takes forever to accelerate. I'm also not entirely sure how to use it when launching from a stop (push past it or not? I don't know). It's impossible for me to not sit on the bolster when I get in or out, had the same problem in my b7, but it's worse in this car and it already looks more worn then I would like, and I'm an average size person. I don't like the artificial engine noise, but when I pulled the circuit it's way too quiet now and I don't like that either.

Overall, I really enjoy driving it, I love the downshifts, I love the total power and ability to get off the line, I appreciate the much improved handling and sport diff capabilites, I appreciate the technology (hated not having bluetooth in the B7), it's a much much better car and I plan on keeping it for quite a while. Really hoping for a tune to get it into the mid 400's hp, that would be perfect (RS4 sedan would be better, but will clearly never happen, for whatever reason).
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Old 02-17-2018, 07:54 AM
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@NHman: there's a TSB for the rear deck rattle, check with your dealer.
@nicotino15: believe I've heard the center dash speaker issue you're talking about. Only has happened very occasionally on podcasts/news radio. I mostly (90%) listen to music though and no issues there. I also have the same bolster wear, I am 5'11 / 185lbs with a very athletic build and agree entry/exit w/o sitting on the seat bolster is impossible even with the side bolsters fully deflated (via the easy entry/exit feature in MMI).
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