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Delaware RS4 04-24-2013 08:52 AM

I would start out by saying . . . . I have owned a number of Audi cars S4, RS4, S5 and lately the RS5, S7 and S6. I have a car problem like many today and like some I do not stay in a car long. It got so bad I got a Dealerís License. I have loved Audi products for years and also have had a number of other brands and love them all for different reasons. In the last few years I have had a number of AMGs, Ms and GM products. I am done with major mods and now have fun with minor mods and bolt-ons.

I had the RS5 a few months . . . I liked it but sold for another car. A short time after that Tommy from Nemesis Autosport in Wilmington, Delaware called me on a S7. I scored it and sent AWE Tuning an e-mail to see if they wanted the car for exhaust development. I was contacted by Todd, the owner of the company, and a plan for an exhaust system was put in motion. I was excited as I have had AWE Tuning products before and found them to be of good quality.

When I picked the S7 up from AWE Tuning with the completed system on it, I was amazed at the refinement of the exhaust. It suits the car well. . . . there is zero drone . . . I read somewhere that the stock exhaust could not be heard in the cabin. . .I could clearly hear the AWE exhaust in the driverís seat, even with windows up. I drive with all settings in Dynamic all the time and the down shifts sound like one of my manual cars. I would say that for guys that are looking for loud this is not it. I would say that they have named this product appropriately as a ďTouringĒ system, though when you get on it . . . . it jumps up a level or two and lets you in on the game thatís afoot. Too many fast lux cruisers isolate you from the speed and road feel and the AWE Exhaust does a lot to add to the special feel of the S6. The AWE Tuning system is very refined (you can pull out of your neighborhood at 5:00 am for a workout without people putting you on their hate list) though closer to sport when you are at WOT. The refinement fits the carís character.

In my opinion this system is perfectly suited for this car.

I currently have an E93 M3 with an AA exhaust and cutouts and it has some drone and rasp . . . as well as a Camaro SS Vert that has American Racing headers and catback . . . . this makes me really appreciate the time and effort AWE put in to this system. It is head and shoulders above stock set up.

The S6
Several months later, I had a shot at an S6. I sold the S7 and took my AWE Tuning Exhaust and put it on the new S6. Why would someone sell the S7 for the S6? The S6 felt slightly quicker to me and a little more tossible. It was real to me . . . . . so that was enough. The exhaust fit perfectly and sounds too close to the S7 for me to discern a difference. I love the sleeper aspect of the S6 and the AWE set up plays well into that sleeper mode till you get on it. The stock exhaust is way too quiet for me.

In Summary
The AWE Tuning Exhaust should be the first mod for both the S6 and S7. It suits both cars well and upon start up you know you have something special. The tone is smooth and the right note. It does get louder when you hammer the car. I told AWE Tuning I would be first in line for something louder when they have it - but now I am not so sure.

Sometime times Mods can be hard on the head so it makes a difference on the products and shops you use to install them. I was impressed with the tour I got of the AWE shop. A lot of research goes in to every single product. The sound canceling technology research is worth the time and money getting it perfected. I have bought their products in the past and will do so in the future. I find them to be very reputable and easy to deal with. Communication was excellent. Best of all I love the products.

I am now putting the system on another S6 and will pick it up shortly . . . .yeah I sold my Glacier White and will now be sporting a Estoril Blue one . . . but that is another story.

I logged about 1,400 on the S7 and about 500 on the S6. It does raise the question of noise level after break-in at about 5,000 miles or so. It may not vary much but I cannot say. Below is my take of +/- of the exhaust.

Plus Notes
Car at idles sound excellent
Exhaust tone is spot on (Touring Exhaust)
Exhaust sounds good on the downshifts
At tip in and WOT it is awesome (Closer to Sport)
No Drone!!!
Looks perfect and sits well (I have the black tips)
Quality work and construction
Reputable Company

Minus Notes
Could be louder (but I would reserve this comment after a longer period with the system)

The AWE Tuning Exhaust is worth the money in my opinion. I cannot compare it to other systems as it is the only one I have heard. It has a nice rumble that is noticed but would not raise an eyebrow until you open it up. It has a nice rich sound. My next step will be a tune and I am sure that will be a lot of fun. Anyone who is reading this made a choice on the S7/S6 and had several options available as far as new . . . . . . or a step up on a low mile used car. If you do not tune your car (I feel it is begging for it) you should definitely put an exhaust system on it. It is worth it. (down shifts!!!)

Thanks again Todd for the opportunity to do this with your Company. You clearly put a lot of time and effort into your products. I was a fan before and I am even more so now.

A lot of people do not go the extra distance needed and it is evident by your success that AWE Tuning does.

Hit Tommy Mihok up at Nemesis Autosport for more pics of the AWE Tuning Exhaust or to place an order. Tommy has been helping me mod my cars for years and loves what he does. Great Guy and a owns a hot S5 . . . .it is ever evolving and costs me money every time I see it . . . .Tommy put me in touch with AWE Tuning and I am glad he did.
[email protected]

Anyone that wants a sound clip or a ride hit me up. I am right off I-95 in Delaware.
[email protected]

Questions are also welcomed . . . .sorry for the long ramble.


JerryS4 04-25-2013 04:43 AM

Thanks for the review.

I am intrigued about why you got the dealer license and how you change cars as often as some change pants.

Are you in the car biz or something related?

Delaware RS4 04-25-2013 05:15 AM

Hey J

I guess some guys spend jake on stuff like golf or hunting . . . cars are an escape and a passion. I was changing cars so much I got the license to avoid the tax and tag fees . . .got velcro on my dealer tag and just pull it and slap it on.

I am in the Real Estate Development business and also use the license for our fleet vehicle as we do construction and management of our own stuff. I would make a bad dealer as it is an art to be very successful. I know how much pipe I take that's about it.

You have regular depreciation and then I have an acceptable (to me) number I am willing to put out each year for trades.

Love the way your A7 is set up must be fun to drive.


jhebert 04-25-2013 06:11 AM

Hey RS4, the way I look at it you only have a few at one time. Look at Jay Leno he has a garage full and still cannt drive them all. I'm like you my car is my relaxation and toy. Plus cheaper than changing wifes. Waiting for a 2014 s7 delivering end of sept. Drive a 2011 mb e 550 convertible. will miss the wind, already did motorcycles so now it back to cars.

Delaware RS4 04-25-2013 06:23 AM


You are spot on . . . .soooo much cheaper than chasing skirt! Enjoy the summer in the vert. You will love the S7. Refined with plenty of speed on tap and options for more.


JerryS4 04-25-2013 06:24 AM

I agree. I tell anyone that will listen, including my wife, that there are two kinds of mid life crises.

The kind where you spend your money on cars, boats or some other hobby or interest that you could not afford when younger.

The other is where you get a young wife and get divorced.

Most women think the former is way healthier and more admirable than the latter.....

jhebert 04-25-2013 11:28 AM

rs4, The only mistake I made was being talk out of the shiraz red paint because they said 6-7 months for delivery

feralc 04-28-2013 10:28 AM

I love the sound of my awe, in the A7 the sound is different than in the S7, I am not exaggerating but similar to a Ferrari 360 when you step on the throttle, I have heard the videos of the S versions of the exhaust and it sounds more deep, similar to my old SL55, the A7 makes a higher note.

jhebert 04-30-2013 04:51 AM

Is there anyone else that makes exhaust for s7? Plus when you look at the cost of awe exhaust at 2700 for MAX 27 hp that over 100 a horsepower. Would AWE void any warrantees? They say a computor chip would void your AofA warrantee. I love the sound of the AWE on the s7 but still kinda pricey!

grogs4dogs 04-30-2013 12:14 PM

Milltek Sport Performance Exhaust has two for the S7...loud and extra loud. I checked through my dealer....$2,700 for the system and $600 for the install. Ouch.

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