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  1. When I am in Ingolstadt in a few weeks, should I go to Nurnberg even if I have no car?
  2. Anyone in Stockholm?
  3. Nederlanders aanwezig hier
  4. OK it's off to Frankfurt for the IAA tomorrow!
  5. I was not aware of this - thought some of you might like to know
  6. Got my ticket to UK ( heathrow airport ) for the 21SEP05.
  7. Nurburgring - This weekend?
  8. Anyone living in Germany here? I just found this forum and live near Nuernberg
  9. Nadie escribe en este forum, que es lo que pasa?
  10. Et 1, et 2, et 3....Zero.
  11. See you at the FIA GT in Oschersleben on 26/27/28th. August!
  12. Safe driving in France?
  13. Anyone in Budapest? I'll be there from aug 12th to aug 27th, i might be going through S4 withdrawl..
  15. I'm heading to the Nurburgring on Sept 10th-13th if any one's around?
  16. Any American ex-pats who migrated to the UK around...
  17. any of you european peeps around? I have a favor to ask regaurding an ebay.de auction.
  18. bbb is der ghia inner signatur in deiner garage oder nur ein wunschmobil?
  19. Question for you European drivers from a vacationing American
  20. I got
  21. the first
  22. trifecta!
  23. Here it is the 11th and the last post was the 8th - and half of the posts are by Yanks :)
  24. Forum dedicated to European-made motor oils can use a lil help from guys experienced w/these brands
  25. My sympathy to all Londoners and UK people for the tragedy today,
  26. Question to our Euro brothers....Why is TOT's of Switzerland so antagonistic....
  27. Bongiorno a tutti !!
  28. Allez les Bleus Allez!
  29. wer spricht deutsch?
  30. 2nd.
  31. Amen...
  32. Enjoy it while it lasts...
  33. Seriously, is deodorant a banned substance in France?
  34. j'ai une voiture de sport.
  35. Frequency Festival in Salzburg (Austria)? Anyone?
  36. woot, 1st page, 2nd post
  37. Welcome to the European Forum. Design the forum header graphic and win AW swag.