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  1. went to the cub's game for my birthday. got a little stranded after missing the last train
  2. Thoughts?
  3. Should I print this picture to hang on my wall>>?
  4. Pictures from Germany Classic Days Schloss Dyck
  5. The photography workshop I wanted to attend was cancelled...any other suggestions?
  6. 8/28/07 Lunar Eclipse (bww larger better faster (notrly) version)
  7. 40D body only is going to be $1299. 40D with 28-135 IS lens is going to be $1499.
  8. 1D wouldn't write to the CF card when using MLU...what am I doing wrong??
  9. Got a dust issue on a 400D I just got today, but it's not sensor dust, it's mirror dust
  10. I want to take a picture of the eclipse tonight, advice for novice please.
  11. Some more dragons
  12. test... can you see these pics?
  13. very cool photo project
  14. ALMS @ Mosport
  15. i noticed a hotpixel in two of my images...
  16. Sigma 30 f1.4 shots. talk about a great lens!
  17. Are thier places I can send my camera besides the Nikon service center, for things like mapping out
  18. Sheep
  19. hummm
  20. Mosport
  21. Need help with a shoot please!
  22. "upgrading" my p&s equipment
  23. my sigma 30 f1.4 just got delivered from sigma4less.
  24. PS help, how can you leave an object in a picture in color and make the rest into B&W?
  25. 2 minutes without supervision :)
  26. Sensor Dirty??
  27. Nikon releases D3 12.1 MP 23.9 x 36mm full frame sensor DSLR, as well as the D300, and 5 new lenses
  28. lighting assignment... head wood
  29. Hands on Video of the 40D
  30. Sony releases 12.47MP DX CMOS sensor
  31. pano and hdr from edinburgh, scotland
  32. Word of warning about Sterlingtek batteries...
  33. Back from Oz...pics to come as soon as USAir finds my bags!
  34. What's the zoom range on the stock Rebel XTi lense?
  35. Moose.. Did I ever post this?? Saw this guy in northern NH this summer...
  36. Lightroom - Videocard requirements
  37. Anyone been to the Visions of Paradise workshop in Hawaii?
  38. Some LAX Sunset Shots...
  39. Sunrise from Donner Summit
  40. Hummingbirds from tonight
  41. been wanting sigma's 30 f1.4 for quite some time. thinking about renting it next week...
  42. Night picture of the Baltimore Inner Harbor....
  43. So in the event that Nikon releases a full frame sensor DSLR to compete with Canon, won't that
  44. Girl vs. Boys
  45. Balloon and silo
  46. Fun in the sun
  47. Lets hope for some good shots!
  48. Holy crap.....
  49. Tripod BT: I'm thinking of the Manfrotto 190XProB w/ 804RC2 head. Anything else I should be looking.
  50. went out for the first time in weeks and took pictures last night...
  51. Canon 30D Focus Problem... Any help much appreciated
  52. Is Panasonic Lumix a good point and shoot camera?
  53. Anyone feel like doing some quick Pshop work for me?
  54. Going on camping trip in Maine, suggestions in terms of my SLR?
  55. "Why I Hate HDR: Photo Technology Porn"
  56. Here's what 39MP gets you
  57. Pulled the trigger on a Sony Alpha a100... It'll be here Friday.
  58. big boy
  59. I can see the potential of this being a major tool in the photographers workflow
  60. looking though some old pics and I found this one
  61. If you had a book to recommend of composition, what would it be ?
  62. MichaelTM, Nic G. and other Hudson Valley folks...
  63. Some random shots from the last couple weeks.
  64. shot of my s2k, total slr noob
  65. Sunset from Torrance Barrens
  66. recomendations on versatile digi. camera for under $700 that I can get a waterproof case for.
  67. Hey all..good to see some other photo bugs out there.
  68. Hasselblad
  69. World traveler - it's not HOW you get there :)
  70. Optical Zoom and EF Lenses
  71. suggestions for ND grad filter?
  72. onexpsure.net rejected this shot on grounds of poor composition, and said a crop could fix it
  73. I am thinking of buying a Digital SLR and I am looking for opinions on what to buy and where to
  74. Ok, so i upgraded from an S3 to S5, but damn... the lens cap on this thing is worse than the S3
  75. Anyone have a Canon DSLR for sale?
  76. Request: Tips/Tricks for sunset pictures using Canon DSLR, 20D
  77. out in the sticks
  78. Second attempt at panorama...
  79. PSA: Canon EOS 1D & 1DS owners...MS has a patch for you
  80. first attempt at pano
  81. A couple of shots from yesterday...
  82. Jones soda.
  83. I need help with a new digicam suggestion... Am I ready for a dSLR?
  84. Can anyone help me with a picture I have taken?
  85. A write up of the "Photowalk" I helped lead...
  86. Panorama from atop Killington VT.. Shot handheld, 'stitched' by hand...
  87. I'll try anything once...
  88. Bala Falls/Torrance Barrens
  89. How often and to what extent should one use the unsharp mask ?
  90. took this without much thought a few weeks back
  91. Keep the canon S3 or sell it for ~275 and spend an extra 130 for the S5?
  92. One shot from this evening...
  93. first pics of 40D?
  94. Like Sands through the hourglass.....
  95. First time doing rolling shots....mmm I want one of these.
  96. Best large lens non SLR digicam currently? My A95 is showing signs of wear...
  97. Old photo from a few years ago
  98. Two new shots.
  99. I bought a Nikon D40 in anticipation of a trip to South America. What is a good way to practice up?
  100. More random photos...
  101. Any recent rumors on the successor to the Canon 30D?
  102. "Reader Question: What lens do you use for your Landscape photographs?"
  103. More ballooning photos....
  104. Could use a little help
  105. Sun
  106. SLR Body Purchase Advice.
  107. Two things: How do I retouch all my shots for these spots, that I posted about earlier, and second a
  108. WOW. Canon ipf5000 for $899!
  109. So we were looking at some shots from the GFs P&S from the other day and most of the pictures
  110. Few shots from vacation (Topsail Island, NC)
  111. The one that got away from the field
  112. Alittle late but heres a couple more waterfest pics...
  113. X post: Our WF13 gallery is up and running:
  114. anyone have experience w/ the Kata Torso Pack?
  115. My highlights from my trip - FIXED
  116. Dust Aid sensor cleaning review (M-BWW (2) 2912x4368 images enclosed))
  117. How to squish two ants at once
  118. 2007 Pulitzer Prize
  119. Shot of a friends daugther...
  120. Benefits of having an xti over a full frame...
  121. So I cleaned my image sensor in preperation for this comming week in Seattle
  122. been busy with work and finals, so messed around with my nifty 50 and reverse ring..
  123. a few more WaterFest 13 photos.
  124. Local wild hawk
  125. WF pics w/o chicks ;)
  126. First Lightroom trial.
  127. Couple questions about lens sharpness
  128. Waterfest models... The Unitronic girls were lots of fun.. I spent some time talking with them..
  129. from yesterday
  130. Vintage KIC at Road America...(Once again 56k have fun)
  131. Crappy day for a friend of mine shooting the Tour de France. Photographer Thierry Roge....
  132. A walk downtown
  133. New NFL vest rule
  134. 'Lil help here please. Nikon Coolpix 880.
  135. lightning shot
  136. Anyone have their own host/domain?
  137. Karting
  138. I got my first unsolicited photo gig yesterday...
  139. Few shots from a gloomy afternoon in Denver...
  140. So lets see, who knows much about the Sigma's?
  141. Odd camera behavior BT: My Rebel XT seems to be metering 1-2 stops low
  142. moments before downpour
  143. anyone want to convince me out of buying Sigma's 30 f1.4?
  144. Nice silhouette...
  145. P&S pics, impressed myself with quality
  146. just picked up a pentax k100d, any lens recos?
  147. monster tajima-san
  148. Just picked up this guy
  149. Little cross post from a couple nights ago when i was bored...I need some fresh ideas.
  150. Can I get some comments on some portraits I did for friends?
  151. It's time for
  152. Finally have some time off.......some AMA pics
  153. Would you guys call this image sharp?
  154. Question: Tips on getting good car shots for a newb....................
  155. Parts Canada Superbike Championship
  156. Can any of you photo buffs give some feedback on my glacier pics in the thread below?
  157. Etiquette BT: My wife and I shot engagement portraits for some friends yesterday
  158. The photographer and the ferris wheel
  159. A day at the beach...
  160. Looking for a digital P&S for the gf less than $300. Are Panasonics good?
  161. STFA is crap - what's a good digicam for family+track use?
  162. Glacier National Park trip pics
  163. A shot of Snata Monica Pier from last evening...
  164. Pros/Cons of various bouncers/diffusers...Stofen vs Gary Fong vs Lumiquest vs bounce card
  165. anyone have the LucisArt PS filter I could try out?
  166. Santa left a 5D on my doorstep last night. More to come...
  167. old Canon 1D CCD - am I alone in this?
  168. Glacier National Park..photo editing question
  169. Last fireworks shots, these from tonight:
  170. has anyone used noise ninja over neat image? i'm trying to decide which to buy.
  171. Multnomah Falls
  172. Those of you that uses canon DSLRs... is there any way to
  173. Turns out you can do mods to Arca-Swiss system :)
  174. Mike S...
  175. Looking for a lens - thoughts/comments please
  176. How can I fix this in camera ? i,e adjust the settings so that the contrast is higher?
  177. Bag fetish you say?
  178. What a coincidence!!!
  179. Anyone try this Leica C-Lux 2?
  180. I love the MrkIIN
  181. New Camera advice...
  182. New toy: Epson P3000
  183. Sunday at the Toronto Grand Prix
  184. PSA: I am officially over shooting digital...
  185. One more, but this was actually taken on July 4th:
  186. An day on the water...
  187. Trip to Ogunquit Maine
  188. My new camera
  189. This seems like a really good deal?
  190. Hi. I'm new. I bought a Nikon D40. Seems to be about the best deal in town for a n00b.
  191. Where do you buy your cameras and camera gear?
  192. Casco Bay Maine.
  193. holiday pictures...
  194. Rollin pic!
  195. MrkII/MrkIIN users?
  196. So it looks like I'm becoming a bag collector (among other things)...
  197. Pics from last year's Austria trip (mostly Avant content, long)
  198. where else would this 'hair' be?
  199. Hi guys, I need a bit of advice, I want to get a new digital camera...
  200. Happy 4th everyone!
  201. Algonquin Park
  202. Summer hike with my stepdaughter. :)
  203. Comments/Suggestions for a noob
  204. Need help!
  205. New pics of my bike!
  206. I think I want to get into amature photography,,,
  207. any idea how i would go about automating the shutter for a span of ~8 hours?
  208. MT Mountain Frog 6600 ft above sea level lake. (Rat Lake)
  209. fun on the tire swing...
  210. A website worth visiting
  211. So my 18-200mm VR will now be visiting the Nikon Service Center.. I just seem to have had bad luck
  212. More money than sense?
  213. Sleeping on the stairs.
  214. Get screwed?
  215. what size memory cards do you shoot with on a regular basis? how many do you have?
  216. So far, loving the new lens...
  217. Nice wallpaper
  218. dirt cheap kingston memory cards
  219. Interesting phenomenon.. I ordered a lens from Adorama, because B&H was out of it..
  220. Sold my first big print
  221. so my D80 gets back from the Nikon service center for hot pixels, and I turn up the ISO and snap
  222. A few from game 5 of the Stanley Cup
  223. June Sprints (56k brauchen nicht zu schauen!!)
  224. Podcast Update: Dan Heller Interview on the Business of Photography
  225. I posted these in OT yesterday...Here are a few shots of my dragonfly friend :D (bww)
  226. any idea what it takes to get photographer credentials to a NASA launch?
  227. Stock Audi TT - Hawks Nest NY
  228. Where can I find LARGE picture files of a E46 M3 CSL ?
  229. LucisArt effects filter samples (warning, large post)
  230. B&H photo discount codes.
  231. Nikon BT - Is the 18-200 VR lens still in short supply?
  232. A few shots from the track today...
  233. Vintage Racing Festival @ Mosport
  234. went for a little drive last sunday evening after father's day stuff to take pics of cicadas...
  235. Some pics from visit with friends at their winery - Input welcome
  236. 85L question - mark1 or mark2.
  237. A quick shot of a car that I will be shooting for the owner.
  238. is your camera insured under your home owners policy or a seperate policy?
  239. Sandisk 2GB ultra II 2.0gb CF at staples for $25
  240. I need a better low light camera...any suggestions under $1,000?
  241. On a Nikon D80, how do I add a time/ date stamp to each picture? Thanks! I now RTFM...
  242. A few of my pics to share from the F1 weekend..
  243. Calm after the storm
  244. One more from Summit (ok, two)
  245. i wish i got the car a little crisper, what do you think?
  246. my kids at the local zoo
  247. dloftis --> uncle dloftis as of 15:13 (central) today!
  248. My Coupe!
  249. An image from the first session with my new toy...
  250. So I got my service estimate from Nikon, they put it under a category B2 repair