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  1. Does anyone have any personal experience with Sigma for less?
  2. Semi-recent picture of my daughter I like
  3. B5 S4 Roadtrip Pictures -- xpost from PNW forum
  4. Looking for some critique...
  5. Capture NX users: It looks like NX is not rendering part of an image?
  6. baby steps to M8 :)
  7. Concours d'Elegance (=old automobiles...)
  8. A few of my Le Mans pictures
  9. Sometimes it not what you know its who you know
  10. Trucks jumping on stuff.....
  11. Shots from my latest hike.
  12. so my new toy arrived today...
  13. Think this is just hype or has kodak just made up for previous mistakes?
  14. The great outdoors
  15. Canon P&S makes for a great video camera
  16. Kid in a wheel..
  17. What is your primary filter you use on your majority used lens and who makes it?
  18. What do you think?
  19. Anyone use Crumpler bags?
  20. Unique shot.
  21. A few shots from the GP of Canada
  22. Oops
  23. Moon shot.
  24. my 6yr old son, sunset, fill flash- Nikon D40+ stock lens
  25. Apple has just released Safari browser beta for Windows XP
  26. my wife snapped a shot of our 2-year-old with her cheap-ass cell phone over the weekend...
  27. These turned out nicely, right?
  28. First pics with my Sigma 70-300mm APO DG!
  29. Oh how I love Best Buy loopholes
  30. Best setup for $1k?
  31. i'm surprised at the cost a lot of used Rebel XT's are going for. think a good condition 30D could
  32. Some recent car shots:
  34. One more of Luminato's lights...
  35. Why I recommend using some sort of filter
  36. Inspired to post these because of Kris. NY Chicks!
  37. cross-post: domke camera bag
  38. Upcoming Australia trip has me torn (bring photo gear or travel light?)...
  39. So I've just recently started shooting RAW. Yeah, I know, hello and welcome to x years ago...
  40. $3 million home photoshoot!
  41. Pic with pshop help..
  42. Anyone gotten this from strobist.com?
  43. My computer motherboard is dead! :(
  44. Follow up to my hot pixel situation: So I shot multiple picutes at high ISO and I have about 20~30
  45. went over the border into wisconsin over the weekend....
  46. Has anyone used one of these table top studios?
  47. Greenwich CT Concour D'Elegance
  48. Random impulse purchase of the day...
  49. What does a dead or hot pixel look like ?
  50. Cute Canadian Chicks!!!!
  51. Luminato
  52. Anyone know anything about the Sigma EF500 DG Super flash unit?
  53. I want this table!
  54. A few things those on the forum should be aware of...
  55. A little Denver skyline action
  56. This was my first "Real Camera" Shooting slides and B&W>
  57. pretty neat idea
  58. quick! help! fast useful tips? *flash*
  59. hola!
  60. Up at Road America shooting AMA(pics)
  61. My turn at some C&C w/ macro shots..
  62. i know i've asked this before, but went on adobe's website to purchase CS2 and can't find it?
  63. Better subject this time .. with new lens
  64. A couple macro shots from today's outing
  65. Semi "hack" for A610, A620, A630, A640, A710 IS, S2 IS, S3 IS
  66. I need a lightmeter.....
  67. Memorial day Stars and Stripes from the inside
  68. Poll. Which is more useful: large aperture, or, image stabilization...
  69. Color management BT <groan> --- help me out here
  70. opinions on this picture
  71. Karting
  72. hey! i need a suggestion for a flash for my G7
  73. Camera Armor? Anyone heard of this and/or using it?
  74. A sampling of Miller ALMS- IMSA Lites- SW Challenge Images from last weekend. R10, RS Spyder,
  75. The best of my shots from my trip to Rome and Venice.
  76. Canon & Tamron Rebates!
  77. I would love some feedback on my website, if anyone has the time...THANKS!
  78. photog joke
  79. i'll follow the trend and post my photos :)
  80. 1D MrkIII
  81. some of my photography
  82. Got my Sigma 70-300mm APO DG today!!!
  83. My nephew born yesterday night
  84. Canon 50 1.8 vs. 24-105 4L questions
  85. some HDR with my new lenses
  86. I can't wait to be the one taking the photos of
  87. While playing with my camera last night I figured out how to do the light streak thing
  88. 15 Free tickets to an Art Wolfe photo presentation here in San Francisco (5/25)
  89. PSA: the nifty fifty is not drop proof. ouch.
  90. Pics from my Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX
  91. I bought the Sigma 70-300mm!
  92. having a discussion with someone who thinks the Canon 30D's 8MP is marginal for magazine work.
  93. Suggestions for appropriate equipment to bring to an F1 race...
  94. Photos from recent shoot with girls and cars =X
  95. so I have one picture that I am going to blow up from my trip to Rome, the other, well I am still
  96. Sigma 70-300 APO DG, hit or skip?
  97. Canon people, what do you use for a macro lens?
  98. got out yesterday evening and tested out my sigma 70-200 f2.8
  99. Check out my photos that just got published on this website.
  100. Photos of Mauritius
  101. Any opinions on this camera
  102. best practices for cropping?
  103. Pelican cases
  104. new sigma 70-200 f2.8
  105. So my wife just got me a Sony Alpha A100 today for my b-day
  106. Bugger...FM now charges $24/yr to post stuff on their Buy & Sell forum. :-(
  107. Jumped off the Nikon ship...
  108. Some motorcycle pics with 400mm f/2.8.....
  109. Can you help me pick a lens?
  110. flickr or should I say Yahoo, and censorship
  111. I need a web viewer...
  112. Thoughts on JVC's Everio GZ-HD7
  113. Gaffers tape... same as hockey tape?
  114. anyone know of a detailed tutorial on how to shoot star trails with digital rebel xt?
  115. Any of you PBT know anything about video? I need some advice.....
  116. An invitation to my fellow photo nuts...
  117. Action! Excitement!
  118. DPReview acquired by Amazon.com
  119. Lilac sniffing trip
  120. Photo folks using Flickr you might find this amusing
  121. What filters are essential for a photographer to have???
  122. Few brids of prey
  123. Tulip Festival here in Dutch country, Albany NY
  124. are these still called dandelions or do they have another name when they're like this?
  125. ouch! (destoyed 1D MkII)
  126. Beau
  127. This Monopod worth it for $95?
  128. roughly 50 years ago, this photo was taken of my mother, who was then about 15 years old...
  129. Argh...
  130. A4 + long exposure
  131. canon 430ex + nikon sb-25 + ebay wireless triggers = me playing around last night...
  132. lens recommendations for a concert?
  133. C&C please, on this image....
  134. Calling canon pro/amatures... Which lens would you go for?
  135. JDM.
  136. novice
  137. anyone a member over at digital photography school forums?
  138. Some pics of Leila!
  139. I had a bit of trouble with light at PRIMER.. When it was overcast, it was fine-ish...
  140. friends wanted me to take family pictures for a mother's day/first b-day gift...
  141. nice! new powershot upgrade. S5 IS
  142. some car only shots from today
  143. Couple shots from yesterday...
  144. Alright kids...I need some proof reading help for the "Services" & "About" pages.
  145. Some lighting experiments
  146. caught this while the dog was sleeping.
  147. Cell phone pics !!!
  148. 7.5 hours of detailing
  149. Where to get Digital Rebel XT or XTi for good price with extended warranty?
  150. 16-35 f2.8 mkII on the way!
  151. so hmmm.... how could i go about getting a press pass for this!?
  152. hey truth, do you have any pics handy of your bag?
  153. I love the Gadget Infinity V2...they work flawlessly with my 580EX
  154. *BWW* Rivers of Chocolate event I volunteered at... took some pics after my shift ver. n00b
  155. Stickypod
  156. If I run my 77 cir polarizing filter on my 72mm lens with the 72-77 step up, am I going to loose any
  157. Few shots from VIR400
  158. First attempt at RAW images
  159. On the topic of snapshot vs. artistic (I'll refrain from using the term 'photograph', since they....
  160. Well I ordered a new bag.
  161. Why is this camera $27,000?!?!
  162. Aquage
  163. Apple Store
  164. f/1.2 dof
  165. A Digg style photo site... a good source of articles. Worthy of checking out
  166. Photograph versus Snapshot
  167. Nikon D80
  168. Immigration march 5/1/07 Chicago, IL (first post using my new image galleries...testing 123?)
  169. ummm... hrrmm... so i was browsing around the web and came across a magazine's site...
  170. i'm sure this has been asked before, but i can't seem to find the answer...
  171. a few shots from the glen yesterday:
  172. Oh dear....just fondled an 85 f/1.2 L
  173. Hey all. Quick Photoshop "framing" question...
  174. Thinking of selling my almost new D50 with Nikkor 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6G AF Zoom Lens any takers?
  175. Yet another round of 'first try at panning' pictures (mBWW)
  176. how often do you use a lens hood?
  177. Circular Polarizer Rocks
  178. Playing around with B&W
  179. Alright Photog forum...C&C me, play rough cause i want to get some good F1 images.
  180. sweet home....
  181. Gadget Infinity version 2 wireless trigger and reciever = HIT!!!
  182. does my D50 Nikon have this button that my friends Canon Digital Rebel XT has?
  183. Tripod
  184. Got $50 gift certificate to photo store. What to buy???
  185. Combined lens photos
  186. Canon XTi with kit lens @ Dell for $674 with coupon code
  187. thought i'd share...
  188. why can't more of Canon's line be waterproof?
  189. Same view, two different lenses
  190. busted out the 50 1.8 for some shots
  191. Canon PowerShot line. (a550 vs. a460)
  192. anyone ordered from these sites before? Seems rather cheap for a D40x
  193. Canon 1DMrkIII review by Rob Galbraith
  194. Panasonic DMC - LX2 Hit/skip?
  195. anyone ever checked out this site before?
  196. what's the difference between the macro and non macro versions of this lens?
  197. I want a little point and click kind of digital camera.. nothing fancy but small and durable
  198. I seem to be having problems in low light with autofocus, regardless of the lens I'm using, and I'm
  199. contemplating pulling the trigger on a DSLR, but not 100% sure which way I want to go
  200. Raptors
  201. i 'lost' my tripod.... suggestions for a good/reasonably priced replacement?
  202. In honor of Blue Angel #6... Lt. Cmdr. Kevin J. Davis RIP
  203. Between the XTi and the D80
  204. 4 images from Grand Prix of Houston...
  205. My form of procrastination... writing "The 5 Biggest Pitfalls of Digital Photography"
  206. looking for a new "thin" Camera. what should i get?
  207. Capture NX is not opening my NEF files...
  208. Eastern State Penitentiary...
  209. what's new folks????
  210. merging two photos to make one?
  211. anyone that's ordered from Mpix... have you ever had a problem with your crops?
  212. Wow, didn't know this forum existed, big ups and repost of my Germany holiday!
  213. testing 1...2...3...
  214. Spent monday night without power.. Luckily I had candles, a lantern, and my thrifty fifty...
  215. Anyone else think this is too good to be true??
  216. just a couple of shots from the NYIAS.
  217. Where is a good place to get HUGE poster-sized prints?
  218. any Chicagoans or other midwesterners plan on going to this?
  219. Tossed out of smugmug and moving to photoshelter.com = new URL
  220. Played with my buddy's D70 last week.
  221. Ethics of Photography: Career Suicide by Photoshop
  222. Well, life sucks just now
  223. Passing a freebie along
  224. Need some advice on HD camcorders, thinking of making a documentary.
  225. Can you all help a complete noob??? (and yes I did a search)
  226. MrkIII pricing....
  227. "Rory's First Kiss"
  228. "Coming to Grips"
  229. Body language
  230. anyone thought of or has actually ordered a custom book?
  231. 2 from today ~ "the dude" and "the bus stop"
  232. Pic from R8 training (D40 w/ stock lens, cropped a bit)
  233. cheapest place to find a Sigma 70-200 f2.8?
  234. X Post: Rec'd a very sad call this weekend...
  235. Long Beach GP Pictures
  236. Shot a few pictures of my father playing in a quartet here in the condo clubhouse.
  237. pictures from my first 'paying' gig last weekend...
  238. Like, sorta like, hate, and why?
  239. Anyone want to talk me out of the 30D? I have not found anything around that price that feels that
  240. Some random Saturday shots....
  241. A couple of B&Ws from my morning walk
  242. washed & waxed
  243. new Canon 400mm f/2.8 + new Audi ='s Good week!
  244. Spring Time....
  245. Fro
  246. 1 from today...
  247. el oh el oh hell
  248. interesting test between Cell phone Nokia N95 5MP and Canon Power shot S2 IS 5MP
  249. Gotta love spring!
  250. Random pic from tonight's little meet