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  1. Hey TristanP...your domain email addy is teh FUBAR...
  2. A few random photos:
  3. Oh no, more
  4. More Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 shots.
  5. 1 from today
  6. I wish to see more shots using the Sigma 24-70 f2.8 EX ASP, please.
  7. couple random ones....
  8. looks like maybe i can't win with the ebay wireless remote triggers for my flash...
  9. Which is which, dang it?
  10. so really, what did happen to that photo contest? Was it ever held? Who won?
  11. heh
  12. Question
  13. Ahhh....good to be back on the streets.
  14. Random shots with the Nikon D50
  15. Can the Creative Zen view RAW files?
  16. Have you guys seen the eye fi?....Pretty sweet.
  17. High ISO
  18. What shutter speed should i use to take pics of moving car...
  19. Pics from Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX
  20. I've sadly resulted to fleabay to sell my 18-135mm DX lens, along with the circular polarizing
  21. Bring Your Own Big Wheel 2007 (gotta love SF)
  22. Pittsburgh at night
  23. comments on this pic....
  24. C&C this pic of mine...
  25. This AM wake up call. GF back from the gym looking out, grab camera 4 quick snap
  26. Cool little tool to help teach new photographers about exposure and camera settings...
  27. Canon 200mm f/1.8
  28. slush pounding!
  29. why don't canon flashes have a secondary light on the front?
  30. is there something easy like this to make a photography website?
  31. Thoughts on EF-S 10-22 vs EF 17-40 L?
  32. Best place to sell used lenses? And how to determine value?
  33. underwater sun
  34. I just got a D200. Wooo hoo!
  35. Railroad bridge over the White River.
  36. Junior photographer...
  37. Freedom Day
  38. Go Metz! (and thanks for the tip MichaelTM)
  39. Rented a 10-22 for the weekend, heading down to DC with the family
  40. Just got Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG!!!
  41. The Rocks, Sydney
  42. Makes me hungry!
  43. 4GB Sandisk Ultra II's for $43 shipped...get 'em while they last...
  44. I think I made up my mind on the Canon EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 IS to replace my kit lens.
  45. 28-135 vs 24-105 L - can you tell which images were shot with which lens?
  46. Opinions: Better in color or black and white?
  47. Light stands and a cube tent
  48. Can I use a 4 gb card in a canon S3?
  49. why have Lowepro bags jumped up in price lately?
  50. $76 good price for a barely used Nikon SB-25 flash?
  51. Update on what happened with Canon repair (30D, 70-200 F4L and 50mm 1.4 focusing issues)
  52. Look out Ethan, here comes the SRT-8!!!!
  53. might be a stupid question, but can i get my 430ex to stay on?
  54. I was kind of impressed this came out considering it was through glass.
  55. Anyone know of a good solar charger that cold charge camera batteries?
  56. With all of today's technology, it's still so gratifying to see a nicely matted and framed print
  57. Viewers Choice voting closes tonight for an "Outdoor Photographer" magazine contest (votes needed)
  58. So, I put a 4GB CF card in my Canon 10D this weekend and it registers as 999 pics remaining.
  59. Olympus SP-550UZ zoom pictures (BWW)
  60. hey Doomed, what happened to that post with the link of that exhibit going on?
  61. walking through Target over the weekend & bought a Camcorder b/c it seemed like a great deal
  62. Had another photo shoot with the recording studio!
  63. downtown Denver from the pepsi center bridge.
  64. Yosemite Valley Snow
  65. My New Website Released!
  66. The 1D Mark III is absolutely awesome
  67. who was looking for a ballhead?
  68. please help, I have a decent camera but I don't think I know how to use it very well....
  69. Camera mount on the car question...
  70. Few pics from High Park in Toronto
  71. Discuss: Nikon 60 mm f2.8 vs Tokina 100mm f2.8 for Nikon D80
  72. Looking for a low mileage 20d or 30d...does anyone have one on the block or a lead to one?
  73. If you get a chance, I'd appreciate some feedback on my website
  74. Wow I just love the canon 10-22mm lens. Been shooting with it all day and it is great.
  75. Has anyone here tried the new Tamron 18-250 yet?
  76. The last of the pics from my shoot..... finally!
  77. suggestion for inexpensive (maybe $200?) P&S with some manual controls...
  78. I never realized what I was missing.. VR is AMAZING!
  79. Just bought some film and cleaned off my K1000 and it's lenses. Time to get busy with some film!
  80. I just pwnt our wedding photog...
  81. Where do you guys sell your slightly used camera equipment? Craigslist ?
  82. Waiting for spring, er, meant summer
  83. First Motorsports job...Rolex VIR400
  84. What does this look like?
  85. "broken men"
  86. Work off-site at a local winery (my first week of using an SLR at that!)
  87. I took some 8GB pics in The Big Island, Hawaii including plants, mountains, and stars
  88. Some pics from a recent trip to VA.
  89. cutlery
  90. A shot from the Wild Animal Park
  91. Decided to go shoot some urban decay today...
  92. New shiny....
  93. New Gear!
  94. Damn, I absolutely love how my 135mm never lets me down. Canon's best lens?
  95. Uncle sam was generous with the tax returns and I just placed an order for the 18-200mm VR
  96. A few of my photos featured in the SF Chronicle & SFGate.com
  97. cool. buddy who's wedding i was in the other day said he liked my pictures more than
  98. Sigma 10-20mm users, can you give me your opinion about it. TIA!
  99. And yet more photos from my shoot!
  100. got this hot model dude to pose for me and help me test out my wireless flash trigger
  101. Father and Son portraits.
  102. quickie poll: what shooting mode do you use most often? P, Av, Tv, M, or other?
  103. went to the zoo yesterday and got quite a few soft images. Some I expected to be soft, others not so
  104. Recover images from formatted CF cards...free demo
  105. Thinking of picking up the Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC Opinions?
  106. Need some help/advice...
  107. Can I get a moment of silence please...
  108. Couple more juvi Bald Eagle shots
  109. More photos from my photo shoot!
  110. Red-tailed(?) hawk
  111. Damn, Truth, why don't you tell Dgrin how you REALLY feel :-)
  112. A recent shot at the beach
  113. Shots from my trip back to Colorado
  114. Anybody else experiencing issues uploading to smugmug?
  115. looking for a little advice,
  116. Shots from my first paid photo shoot!!!!!
  117. any tips for getting a good driver's license photo taken?
  118. If you were to pick 1 prime lens (on a 1.6x body) to carry with you, which would it be?
  119. How do you guys feel about renting lenses as a noob?
  120. 'best' place to get photoshop for a mac?
  121. Wish me luck .. 30D is off to Canon with a pair of lenses for calibration
  122. Been a while since I posted pics. Here are a few from yesterday.
  123. Casio Exilim S600, or Z75?
  124. Some pictures of Autzen Stadium at night
  125. any hi res photos of the audi logo?... stfa
  126. Why does the AW Photo contest keep failing?
  127. Sunset of last evening.. I was particularily interested by the highlights on the trees...
  128. My first shoot with the recording studio is tonight!!!!!
  129. suggestions for 2nd/3rd external flash units...
  130. Apparently I struck a nerve....
  131. guess the city panoramic (bww)
  132. Best ultra-compact around $200???
  133. caught a pretty decent sunset the other night
  134. Anyone here shooting medium format at all?
  135. recommendations on a good ball head?
  136. VIR galleries are (mostly) done
  137. any suggestions for novice re: a photo/movie camera?
  138. Happy feet...
  139. a curiosity, ....
  140. Italy BT: So I'm going to Rome/Venice in May, and I'm debating what if anything I should buy for
  141. Comments and suggestions... (web site deisgn)
  142. Paging :Taner (re resizing program)
  143. Anyone using a Metz Mecablitz 54-MZ3 with the Canon 30D?
  144. My boys (not quite 4: the tower. not quite 6: the towee), snapshots on the driveway.
  145. Just another sunset
  146. come ON already, UPS...got this little fella arriving today to become the home of my new S3 IS...
  147. Congrats to Noeltykay and wifey on their new baby boy
  148. city, lake, kid
  149. photos from last weekend's wedding....
  150. Spring is here!
  151. Looking for an easy way to embed a slideshow on my website
  152. A Collection of some top-notch HDR shots
  153. Nick here are the pics you wanted to see...
  154. I need your votes, comments, suggestions, etc...
  155. Gallery of favorites
  156. Couple shots I took today...
  157. Microsoft HD Photo launched today
  158. Interesting concept...
  159. Ultimate Cleaning Kit?
  160. My photoshop action to create borders
  161. New camera: Olympus SP-550UZ
  162. tiffen 2x telephoto 37mm conversion lens at circuitcity.com, regularly $42, now $1.99...
  163. Questions about watermarks on my photos
  164. Its that time again... podcast update...
  165. Supermoto shots / Malibu canyons / 3/11
  166. Watched pots do boil...
  167. Few from today
  168. Playing around with my Nikon 18-200 VR lens on my D50 + AdobeLightRoom.
  169. Pricing for engagement photos.
  170. Good photo storage website to store photos & share?
  171. A recent favorite
  172. Preview from VIR
  173. Few from Toronto
  174. *tumbleweed*
  175. Oui Oui
  176. are canon 350d's known for underexposing images?
  177. OMG! 200-500 f/2.8 zoom by Sigma
  178. 1st crack at "fashion" imagery...
  179. my 'state of 5 years ago' canon G2 is getting haggard...best point-and-shoot digicam <$350 msrp?
  180. What should I do?
  181. Every young woman wants to be a photographer.
  182. Need a fast (f/2.8) zoom for weddings and such.
  183. after reading the Strobist forums, i decided on a wireless set up for my flash
  184. Went north to shoot tonight. It was between -11 and -19, NOT windchill. I am home and beat.
  185. Anybody have a direct line for Canon's rebate program? Not only did they misspell my last name
  186. Computrekker AW arrived today
  187. Let's try this again.
  188. dgrin.com "Last Photographer Standing" contest...$25,000 in prizes!
  189. parallel universe
  190. Canon 70-200L F2.8 IS
  191. TRUTH: Thanks for the Smug Mug referal code. Hooked you and I up.
  192. Thanks for all your advice everyone!
  193. Ice racing shots
  194. My lame attempts at HDR
  195. newbie here, looking for a fish eye lens for a sony dsc-f717. Where should I look?
  196. Oregon Coast.
  197. Perfect Snow
  198. Kinda wierd..
  199. The easier way down...
  200. An interesting composition that just happened.....
  201. Where in the world is Kris Hansen?
  202. Cold windy morning
  203. My son is a goofball
  204. pics from the other day...
  205. All this Smug Mug made me decide to try out an account. Here is a recent job...
  206. So I lost the Eyecup ( i think thats right) the rubber thing around the viewfnder
  207. So I'm starting to set up a Smugmug site to sell my photos, but am a little confused...
  208. Paging "NogaroHiro" - I have a question for you re: GT3 seats in a B5 S4 - if you see this and...
  209. Out with the photography group
  210. Headshots/Portraits - what would you recommend?
  211. Smugmug users: happy with the site? decent place to start selling photos for an amateur?
  212. Best point and shoot for under $300?
  213. pretty funny
  214. hey truth, picture number 10 is perfect for what you were doing
  215. We're all weaklings compared to this guy
  216. Got my first laptop - now I need a bag for camera gear AND the PC
  217. Anyone using the "screen protectors" - self sticking vinyl for your DSLR display - Thoughts?
  218. Nikon DSLR help, looking at either the D70s or the D80
  219. Waterproof Camera
  220. A picture from this weekend and two photos that I entered into a photography show.
  221. A little bit tired.
  222. How Canon makes the 500/4 IS
  223. The Canon 17-55 2.8 is an amazing Lens...
  224. D80 worth the upgrade from a D50?
  225. can I get, or do I even want to get my sunpack 522 to sync up with my XTi
  226. Action shot from yesterday
  227. a few nice pics from the snow this weekend
  228. How cool is this?
  229. How far in advance of launch does Canon typically announce it's next line of Cameras?
  230. anyone looking for more memory cards?
  231. Anyone looking for a Canon 50/1.0?
  232. A Cardinal and his babe
  233. A day spent with American Bald Eagles
  234. Snowbasin, UT 2/24/07
  235. so Lightroom is actually pretty good
  236. Abstract iceberg photos
  237. whatever happened with the photo contest?
  238. All of you hardcore (air) travelling photogs. What regulations are there for bringing gear on board?
  239. Anyone of you motorsports guys shoot at VIR before?
  240. what are you using for off camera flash accessories?
  241. Wooden face
  242. Some band shots
  243. just ordered the Eye One Display 2....come on UPS!
  244. My new nephew...
  245. Motorsports Photography
  246. Whatever happened to the photo contest? Were the results ever posted?
  247. picture number one is pretty sweet
  248. what a joke. my lightroom beta expires in 5 days, but I can't get through to buy version 1.
  249. I'm so proud :)
  250. So since I missed out on photography class in high school and I can't go back, what are my options