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  1. X post from offtopic, what kind of camera is this and why does it not look like the huge contraption
  2. has nothing to do with digital, but does anyone have a Holga camera?
  3. Snapfish is offering a free 11x14 poster print
  4. Nikon Glass BT question on the 18-200 VR lens.
  5. Charlie Rose's interview with Henri Cartier-Bresson
  6. Wow... 1D-MrkIII
  7. where's a good quality, but relatively inexpensive place for canvas prints?
  8. follow up on mpix: while the ordering process sucks, the prints are excellent
  9. Aside from this one. Which Photography forum you guys are part of or just lurcking?
  10. This is why you need protective filters on your lenses
  11. http://jpgmag.com/
  12. Is this too good to be true???
  13. I need a good info source for my D50 and SLR shooting in general.
  14. Happy Birthday to
  15. Canon EOS 350D vs. Pentax K100D
  16. Any guide to shooting sunrises/sunsets?
  17. A few random images...
  18. Went out to the city park today and snapped some pics of the geese and seagulls there. First time
  19. Anyone know the NEW bhphoto discount codes? None of the ps*** codes work anymore. TIA
  20. so Lightroom is officially on sale now... what's the diff between this and photoshop?
  21. A bunch of stuff
  22. hopefully the last bit of snow...
  23. More fun in the snow
  24. Fun in the snow....
  25. More Indoor Sports C&C
  26. have a 24-105 L, looking for a wide angle with similar image quality, ideas? (not too $)
  27. how often do you reformat your memory cards?
  28. I got my Canon 28-135 IS saturday
  29. Just bought a 24-120mm VR Nikon... any of ya'll use this lens?
  30. Audi Photo Contest on Painkillerz.ca
  31. Toronto autoshow
  32. Some digital camera opinions.
  33. Shots from the Chicago Auto Show
  34. My best falls pic yet!
  35. Poll: What would be your dream destination for photography vacation?
  36. Shot for dgrin.com challenge #84
  37. This image is amazing...
  38. Jerry Garns & the H3D ~ an early version of the "door" photo.
  39. fun with long exposures and a spotlight
  40. Ordered some prints from MPix to try 'em out
  41. f3d, I forgot to list out the specs on the pics I sent in for the contest, if you need them I will
  42. Manual Focus EE Screen and Gary Fongs lightsphere
  43. driving, snow, and the auto show...
  44. I need some PHOTOSHOP help guys...
  45. I re-worked some pictures I took this summer in Photoshop
  46. How much should I charge???
  47. uughh, why is the Canon 10-22mm so @#$%#! expensive? I'm planning to upgrade
  48. My latest contract. Dorval Int Airport of Montreal
  49. ok I think I have decided on this lens for my/wifes everyday use....comments please
  50. Good every day use lens?
  51. Does anyone know of anywhere that I could find some hi-res pictures of Lake Tahoe?
  52. so i think i got my first official gig. shooting a local band
  53. hello all, I think this is my first post on the photo forum,
  54. Monopod suggestions anyone? Looking for a sturdy one that also compacts to a reasonable length
  55. Any of you play with video as well? picked up a Sony hd camcorder and
  56. Yaaayyy! I have this - Canon EF 28-300/3.5-5.6L - to play with for the next 3 weeks or so
  57. my camera doesn't seem to 'read' my external flash?
  58. Blast from the past...
  59. NiMH batteries question. my camera uses 1.2V 1600mAh batteries, but can I use 2000mAh ones?
  60. everyone's always on 50mm lens' jock, what about a 28 or 35mm prime?
  61. Which would you expect to be sharper between 200mm and 300mm:
  62. sure this has been asked before, but does anyone have experience w/ stickypod?
  63. My first time with some studio lights
  64. Camera lens to take to london?
  65. Looking to buy a new lens. The lens I could use everyday.
  66. best place to find vintage cameras?
  67. Making me dizzy
  68. how much would you look to charge for pictures on a website?
  69. Some of you guys should try to start marketing yourself (well, if you want to sell your work)...
  70. Took some photos of my dad's new ride last night.
  71. Been lurking here for quite some time. Would like some comments on these pics I took.
  72. Finally sold my first photo
  73. when you see someone taking pictures, do you ever offer constructive critisism?
  74. New model under wraps
  75. Not from a light box.
  76. PSA. It's 5 outside, windy and snowing. I think I am going to make a light box.
  77. been in the negative numbers lately, so not much action...
  78. how's this for a noob? what can i do better
  79. Ice racing
  80. Poll: Canon 17-40, 24-70, 24-105 IS?
  81. WW! any of you know what type of CS treatment/filter is used
  82. <edit> Replaced image with this final version...
  83. Kitonb Extreme Theatre Company and Mobile
  84. Nike id Free 7.0
  85. tips for shooting underwater?
  86. This may be common knowledge/unremarkable but:
  87. Playing with light
  88. Time Lapse photography.
  89. Post your Gear...
  90. b a n a n a s
  91. cheapest place to pick up a sigma 70-200 f2.8
  92. febreze...more fun with the Alien Bees
  93. Watching a master work: Jerry Garns and the Hasselblad H3D-39
  94. educate me about sony's dslr offerings.
  95. some pics...can't tell you what settings, just messing around...
  96. Photoshop Junkies: Challenge for you
  97. Post your Pet Shot??
  98. That's hot!!!!
  99. on filters and image quality
  100. Alien Bees arrived...if my model wasn't such a dummy I'd have had some cool pics!
  101. finally took a few shots with the remote
  102. My newest moon shot
  103. Took the D80 to a car show...
  104. View from Beacon Rock!
  105. Got the canon 50mm F1.8 today.
  106. Fun at the zoo w/ Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS
  107. Did the old lightbox shoot.....
  108. looking to take a self portrait of myself... I'm wondering how much equipment I need to rent
  109. Calumet photo customer service = teh good
  110. reccomendations for (free) monitor calibration utilities?
  111. Shooting your own passport photo
  112. Anybody know anything about Cambridge photo? Supposedly in Manhattan
  113. Noob here: can someone simply explain to me how lens rating (ex. 18-55mm) relate to zoom?
  114. Anyone looking for a new body?
  115. My first moon picture
  116. Got the first Entry into this months photo contest...:)
  117. Boost
  118. "Universal Product"
  119. Anyone have any experience with Buydig.com? They have a good price on the Canon XTI
  120. got a nikon D40 for my birthday, great camera out of the box...now i need to learn
  121. Quick Intro
  122. A little light reading, and blowing bubbles....
  123. picked up a few new books to check out...
  124. Montana sunrise from moving car... noobtographer (pic in sig)
  125. 2 more HDR experiments...
  126. Episode 4 of the podcast is out.... Part II with Art Wolfe
  127. adobe photoshop lightroom announce details
  128. P&S BT: I need a camera recommendation... here is what I am looking for:
  129. Couple of shots I took today...slight bww
  130. Holy crap!
  131. Heres my attempt at HDR with my old PAS camera in the day....
  132. Running out of photo ideas? (found this gem at dgrin)
  133. Nikon D40 vs. Older D50...which should i get for a starter camera?
  134. Chicago Theater District 1/27/07
  135. who made the photography forum banner?
  136. Second attempt at HDR, same subject, new images...
  137. Night shots in da club!
  138. first time taking my camera out and taking pictures in a few weeks. C&C?
  139. Ordered new PC parts last night
  140. got my reverse ring in the other day...
  141. Going to the DC Auto Show: Which Lens (lenses)?
  142. First outdoors (cloudy) pics with the new D50..
  143. Lighting BT: putting a 3 head kit together ~ Alien Bees vs Travel Lights
  144. Olympus SP-550 UZ Preview
  145. Ok, my first attempt at HDR imaging....
  146. So I literally found this lens lying around my parents' house...
  147. My first try at the lightbox thing. Came out great I think
  148. Restaurant shots
  149. I have 2 eFilm Batteries for the 20D/30D and would like Battery/Batteries for my XTi...
  150. Palawan, Philippines
  151. Location, location, location
  152. First shot at an HDR image
  153. An orginization tool for the medium/larger studios
  154. anyone ever used/has the Samsung P&S?
  155. New free Microsoft Photo Info tool
  156. Went hiking down in the Columbia Gorge.
  157. A couple pics of my daughter.
  158. Update on HDR Technique
  159. Monitor Calibration
  160. Pretty barn on a winter morning
  161. Old car, in an old barn... Part deaux....
  162. Cross post I ain't nothing to do right now. Photography related of course
  163. Seeing you guys with the 17-40mm f/4L lens, is it worth the ~1k over the kit lens?
  164. decided to put up some pictures of my DIY flash diffuser....
  165. Panasonic FZ30 w/ bad power supply and mode dial, says the camera shop. Is it worth fixing?
  166. update on new camera purchase....thanks to everyone
  167. Took a little detour into DC...
  168. Does anyone use the cheapo ebay radio flash slave triggers?
  169. 405 and Sunset
  170. Falls at night
  171. Experimenting with multiple exposures
  172. Nitpick please
  173. Got the XTi tonight. did some practicing .
  174. Smugmug CEO interview...
  175. tried a couple more light box pics. thoughts?
  176. Wide angle adapter.....
  177. Post your best action shot from last year
  178. Should I pull the trigger? Canon XTi
  179. Heres my contribution for the day...
  180. Is this image interesting at all?
  181. Indoor Sports Shooting Help
  182. Need telephoto lens advice- comparing two low end models.
  183. First serious attempt at long exposure... noob needs some tips
  184. Latest episode of EXIF and Beyond is out... Interview with Art Wolfe (Part I of II)
  185. debatting btw a 24-70mm f/2.8 or a 24-105 f/4 IS... thoughts...
  186. Marbles in a Clam shell...
  187. *** January Photo Contest Thread *** (long-ish but pls read)
  188. anyone interested in getting a monthly-ish photo contest going?
  189. Whats the verdict on these mini SD cards that slide into the regular size container so that they can
  190. we have any AW photo contests going on?
  191. Experimenting with Impressionism...
  192. Should I leave my Rebel XTi on AUTO for the Detroit Autoshow?
  193. Amazing shipping time for my tripod.
  194. 77MM Protective Filter
  195. ordered a color swatch to use as flash gels about a month ago. they came in yesterday
  196. my old baby...served me very well...
  197. Any of you Nikon users using Nikon Capture NX ? Testing it for 30 days >
  198. Damnit! New computer just took a dump! Need some help from any AMD fans...
  199. LAX at Sunset...
  200. This DSLR for a newbie? thinking of buying it....
  201. Well I decided and it arrived.
  202. lamemyer, the first one's for you. and a couple more looking for comments regarding exposure
  203. So being colorblind and the recent thread made me do a quick search
  204. I just made my next photography related purchase. A new tripod and head.
  205. Some middle-of-night long expsoure wide angle experimenting
  206. forum bt....looking for point and shoot pocket-sized camera....suggestions?
  207. Albany NY in the evening.
  208. if taking a panoramic picture like this how many images do you think this is? how long
  209. my new flash finally came in today (430ex). what are some things i should play around with first?
  210. Leica D-Lux 3?
  211. Some pics - any suggestions for a newb photographer?
  212. Podcast update and a favorite photo of mine....
  213. had the new d80 for one week. bye bye, d80,....
  214. I am color blind. Did I fix this picture? Or at least improve it?
  215. Wow, I guess I've moved my forum focus over here
  216. I have an old Honeywell Pentax ES II that I used to use in HS photo class along with 2 lenses a
  217. Digging through my closet, looking for somethign, I found on of my favorite early shots..
  218. All lined up, but no snow to go....
  219. Stupid question here, can you frame a picture with the lcd on an xti or
  220. trying to decide between the canon 28 1.8 and the sigma 30 1.4? experiences, thoughts?
  221. How is the Nikon D40 as a beginner DSLR? Is it limited in function vs a D50 or D70?
  222. Sandisk Ultra II 4gb CF card from B&H $68 shipped
  223. Inherited interest :)
  224. Somewhat related to photography but nevertheless...
  225. Countdown begins, the rebate ends soon. I have to find the best deal on a 30D and 70-200 IS.
  226. Poll: Who here has ever used a darkroom to develop film and photographs?
  227. New magazine, Darkroom
  228. Old car, in an old barn...
  229. Helping with the laundry is fun!!!!
  230. Ok. I have no talent for pics..
  231. Has anyone recieved their Canon Rebate yet?
  232. I just got a canon rebel xt...do i have to disconnect it after uploading pictures?
  233. The Berghoff
  234. Photos from the last couple weeks from all over the place... C&C welcome <bww>
  235. you guys are going to love this one.... B&H (ha!)
  236. has anyone heard of mounting lenses backwards?
  237. Swan (latest version)
  238. Photography n00b question re: depth of field
  239. What's the term for when a print includes the frame number, film type, and feed holes?
  240. Speaking of wide angle lenses... 8mm content
  241. Has anyone shot the 17-40L and the 10-22?
  242. teh new hotness!
  243. Questions regarding developing old film.
  244. Last shoot of 2006
  245. tree branches
  246. i won a book from another photography forum. any recomendations out of these choices:
  247. Freezing rain suxors.
  248. The moon
  249. Photos from today's morning walk
  250. Fireworks