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  1. This woke me yesterday...
  2. just stepped up, in digital, with a D80,....
  3. Any DSLR owners still using handheld incident light meters?
  4. Those with Rebel XTi's, I have a question?
  5. Has anyone use this tool to measure Hot and Dead Pixel ?
  6. A belated Merry X-mas from the SF Maritime National Historic Park
  7. Eye-One Display 2 - any tips on calibrating with it?
  8. Which lens to get...Nikon 24-120 or Tamron 24-135?
  9. Cube & Puzzle
  10. Scored a new D70S ...couldn't be happier + a beautiful NE afternoon =
  11. Why is there so much noise? (huge picture warning)
  12. Canon people...any of you use the Remote Switch "RS-60E3"?
  13. Snapshot vs. artistic shots: based on the post further down the page, how frequently do you take
  14. Poll: How many of you use the neck strap with your dSLR?
  15. Just got a D50..now looking for a website to load pics..What do you guys use
  16. Processing- what is typically done? Extreme noob questions inside:
  17. Color Calibration
  18. i thought this one came out ok, just forget what i did
  19. Whats the online merchant review place everyone keeps referencing?
  20. C&C Puhlease CANCUN (12 pics)
  21. How come cameras with pop up flashes don't articulate far enough to bounce the flash?
  22. Christmas eve pics
  23. more and more friends are asking me to take pictures of them and them w/ their SO
  24. Me = happier than a tornado in a trailer park. My 30D arrived today.
  25. since everyone is posting high ISO shots.....
  26. Photoshop BT: When you guys batch process, how do you skip the JPEG Options Window?
  27. More high ISO fun.
  28. any reason not to pull the trigger on the d80 w/18-135 nikkor?
  29. High ISO brithday action!
  30. nice shot of the United Center & the church where the Bulls have to pray tonight
  31. SI's photos of 2006
  32. When they spec "angle of view" for a lens, is that a diagonal measurement?
  33. Caught this as I was boarding the plane this morning...
  34. Sweet. Tokina 12-24mm f/4 just arrived. Maybe I will ditch work early and go shoot something.
  35. Lightroom and a 24" widescreen LCD = happiness
  36. Ways to improve a shot like this....
  37. Raphael Matos
  38. Christmas Trees 2006
  39. any suggestions? trying to take a picture of a charcoal drawing the sister inlaw did, for her record
  40. might be a question for you folks. where would you go to get final cut pro to "test" it out? :)
  41. If you guys use fill flash during daylight, do you use a diffuser?
  42. Recommendations for mail order film developing?
  43. For those who care, I was able to find 1 Staples with a left over D50 for this Price
  44. recommendation for ND filter...
  45. what do you think is a fair asking price for a NEW XTi, new Opteka battery grip and
  46. how to make the sky look better on overcast days?
  47. morning rushhour
  48. Experience with Canon's macro lenses?
  49. What is the code for special pricing at BHphoto.com? I tried psmar, but it didn't work.
  50. Pic Request: Your best personally taken photo.
  51. First time night shots with new camera
  52. Couple cable car shots from SF
  53. Quick Holiday Caption
  54. Extremely disappointed that I missed out on this deal...Now I guess I gotta wait
  55. Camera Newbie. Would appreciate your help!
  56. Comments, criticisms and/or suggestions on these photos?
  57. Santa came early...
  58. Canon 50mm lenses: f/1.2 vs f/1.4
  59. i love nighttime photography
  60. Thoughts on Nikon DSLR school ? One day course about $119, coming to the Denver area in the spring
  61. Just got CS2...have a couple questions about installation and activation...
  62. A photographer for a national magazine was assigned to take pictures of a great forest fire...
  63. destruction....
  64. Any suggestions for ring lights or macro flashes?
  65. Happy Xmas everybody...
  66. how do you go about selling pictures to a newspaper?
  67. Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!!!
  68. And one more....
  69. Can you feel the heat?
  70. How many of you use an Expo disc or something similar for white balance?
  71. Zoo Lights!
  72. Anyone have a smugmug discount? Thanks.
  73. Friend needs to do some product shots for a website, on a budget. Recommendations?
  74. Sean Bell shooting protest -
  75. what would you guys do... I'm still waiting on the replacement, brand new, XTi from Dell...
  76. Here are some of the pictures from my trip to Europe
  77. can you print right from RAW at the photo machines in walgreens... or do you have to convert them to
  78. what do you think of these dag pictures? new flash in use! (580ex)
  79. Best online community for amateur photographers?
  80. Some recents pictures I took with my Holga
  81. Any recommendations for an online service for High-Res scanning of film?
  82. I've got some pictures I took on my trip to Europe this summer, who would be interested...
  83. Re-bag... what bag are you using, what gear do you have in it?
  84. Has compact flash been pretty much phased out as a storage media for non-SLR cameras
  85. Review: Cheap photo storage in the field...
  86. Opinions/critiques of this shot? Thanks for looking.
  87. Wide angle lens + built-in flash = shadows on photo...
  88. Does this image look soft to you guys? **Edit: Updated picture, now with white balance corrections!!
  89. Shamless plug to Mpix.com...
  90. Chicagoans.... is there anywhere remotely like this around us?
  91. More advice Please: Is there a standard online or other resource for
  92. Got my sensor cleaning kit in the mail today....
  93. SYMLocker Beta
  94. just found this Firefox Exif plugin... pretty handy! probably a repost... but i didn't know about it
  95. anybody have any experience with this camera? or recommend another one for the same price
  96. There shouldn't be any trouble flying carry-on with some camera equipment, right?
  97. Media card problem
  98. Holidays in the City *updated*
  99. X marks the spot
  100. Job [email protected]
  101. Playing with rings...
  102. a couple more from navy pier
  103. how does this edit look?
  104. very cool software
  105. Great stuff
  106. Browsing photos online, thought you might like (not mine)
  107. So one of you lucky bastards almost got a d-e-a-l on a 30D!
  108. Are there any real DSLR books out there? I'm sick of reading novice books about photography
  109. Looking to buy a new cheap digital camera to supplement even replace my Fuji 601...
  110. dag pictures
  111. some random photos and the such: of travels and my sculptures
  112. Mud. Rings.
  113. does anyone have an experience with the Sigma 70-200 f2.8?
  114. xpost: need some input on a retouching portfolio site
  115. Advice requested. I have purchased several cameras this year from B&H,
  116. The CS3 Beta is *out*
  117. Wow...24" of goodness!
  118. 2GB Sandisk Ultra 2 for $42 (free shipping). I think it's a decent deal. What do you think?
  119. Photo question
  120. This is driving me nuts...And yes i did STFA....Why does it seem photoshop warms up my images.
  121. Anyone notice, Nikon D200 pricing is at 1350 now... big price drop recently.
  122. Where do you guys print your pano's?
  123. does anyone have a flash ring?
  124. lovely morning
  125. Todd Trainer
  126. I got the 12-24mm in, and wow is 12mm wide. Amazing, and the quality is top notch
  127. So I had a dead pixel in the RAW images that were taken off my new XTi..so I called Dell and they're
  128. Any recommended sites for hosting?
  129. Adobe is suppose to release CS3 beta on Friday. Most important to Mac Intel people.
  130. Got one of these, can't wait to try it out.
  131. Learning something about buying a PC...
  132. My Florida Huskies! BWW
  133. Anyone else anxiously awaiting the successor to the Canon 30D?
  134. Looking for suggestions on a walkaround zoom w/ 200-300mm reach
  135. Well, so much for my adventures with a compact digicam...
  136. My dag
  137. Is it wise to buy a Used D-SLR?
  138. Eye One Display 2 color calibration...what's the difference between Pantone and GretagMacbeth?
  139. Hi guys, Just wanted to say Hi
  140. Credit might fly out of the wallet over the holidays......Suggestions and views from all appreciated
  141. Mario Dominguez
  142. Dan Clark
  143. Cool site
  144. question about canon rebates...
  145. Does anyone in here make a living from photography? If so, what kind?
  146. Post some Christmas tree shots.
  147. finally got outdoors this past weekend and took some pictures...
  148. Feeler post: would anybody be interested in a Canon 85mm f/1.8?
  149. Just purchased a Canon EOS 400D(Rebel XTi) with the 18-55mm Canon lense kit...
  150. fack. my new XTi has a dead pixel, or whatever they call it... white dot in the same place on all
  151. I am getting a 30D and a lens. Question is what combination.
  152. A quick handheld car interior rolling shot:
  153. At what point do you start insuring your items?
  154. So currently the image sensor on these cameras are fairly small, what is to stopping them from
  155. What's the best bang for the buck in monitor/screen color calibration these days?
  156. Guy at work keeps buying cameras and equipment, think he's addicted!
  157. It's on it's way as we speak
  158. Any Holga fans here?
  159. Happy Holidays
  160. let's play make-believe for a minute.... let' say you live in an apartment filled
  161. okay- finally got a sharp picture. had to use the flash...
  162. What is a decent printer for a Olympus SP310 digital camera..
  163. eyes
  164. D-SLR gurus..I have a couple of questions...
  165. I was a guest at my friend's wedding and I shot a few pictures just on my own...
  166. I got back from my semester abroad BWW
  167. getting better?
  168. wth. i suck at teh camera. my name should be "shakes the clown" or something. new camera, all my
  169. Photography girlfriend is not happy with the quality of her new digital camera
  170. X-Mas Tree....
  171. Some honeymoon photos in Moorea/Bora Bora
  172. problem using your camera in frigid temps?
  173. Happy Holidays
  174. Who here has heard of Century 21 Electronics?
  175. A selection of our better photos of our Weimaraner, Otto.
  176. Why can Canon make a lens that goes down to 6mm so cheaply for the S3 and not so for an SLR lens?
  177. $1.99 11x14 prints @ Adorama
  178. last question for a while- i promise! this one is regarding filters...
  179. poll: Which would U choose&why: Canon 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS OR Canon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6DO IS
  180. Need some holiday card help--- PS skills
  181. Just ordered my first "real" lens (aside from the 50mm)... 24-105mm f/4 L IS
  182. what are the advantages of a 30D over an XTi?
  183. One good thing about the 30D kit lens:
  184. Yep, finally got sick of swapping the lenses around during shoots.
  185. How much could I sell my 30D for?
  186. Canon HV10 vs Sony HDR-SR1?
  187. woot. XTi on its way. nifty fifty is coming too... get ready to help another newb!
  188. Raj, how'd the salon shoot go?
  189. Rolex Explorer II revisited
  190. XPost: Anyone making money selling stock photography? How to get started?
  191. Point and Shoot BT: Thoughts on the Nikon Coolpix P4 as a gift for the GF?
  192. Nikon D1...
  193. How many of you are at the point where you are selling your photographs?
  194. thanks Tristan--got my CF card today. Works great! noticeably faster than my old one.
  195. Selling photos....
  196. Point and shoot BT request
  197. Slip-on polarizing filter availability?
  198. Aside from LightRoom and Aperture, is there really anything similar?
  199. people registered on fred miranda....
  200. Anybody heard any tentative release dates and/or pricing for Lightroom?
  201. Where do you guys get prints made? I've got some people who have suggested printing some of my pics
  202. tried a photostitch from last week's session
  203. PSA - Sandisk Ultra II 2 GB CF card $38, free shipping
  204. Brilliant Red B7 S4... feedback welcome
  205. Shaker Bridge
  206. went out on black wednesday and shot my friend's band...
  207. Rally of the Tall Pines
  208. I went back and reshot Moss Glen Falls in VT with a tripod...
  209. Newbie with Rebel XTi and kit lens
  210. Anyone seen the Nikon 18-200VR in stock at any legit retailer in the USA?
  211. X-post: Simple home-made digital camera mount
  212. Nikon Shooter BT: Who owns "the beast"?
  213. So I'm interested in shooting RAW, but I don't have any way to really edit the pics very well, like
  214. Anybody that dropped the coin on a Leica M8, it looks like there is still hope
  215. This is in my list of personal UE photo assignments:
  216. To 5D or not to 5D, that is the question.
  217. More shots from the old factory:
  218. Anyone have any good shots of fire?
  219. a few snaps from an amazing Baha'i temple
  220. Focus / detail card
  221. I wish I had more time to setup and take a proper shot.
  222. What is causing the stretching occouring at the edges of this pic
  223. a friend of mine wanted me to take pictures of her last night so i had at it...
  224. What happens if you put a EF-S lens on a EF-only body (like a 10D)?
  225. What's a good focal length for a macro lens for a DSLR with 1.6x sized sensor?
  226. Autumn.
  227. The weekend hike
  228. if you know anyone looking for a Canon 350d...
  229. New shots from an old factory:
  230. didn't get out much this weekend...
  231. Urban Wildlife
  232. What do most people do with the sharpness feature on the sensor. I have mine currently set on Auto
  233. The magic of Photoshop...
  234. The Gore Range, over Boulder Lake near Silverthorn, CO.
  235. "INRI"
  236. which digital p&s cameras perform the best in low light sitations and have fast shutters?
  237. maybe I'm way behind here... but a widescreen monitor rotated to portrait orientation
  238. did a search and couldn't find the answer. canon wireless remote options?
  239. do any of you subscribe to a particular photo magazine? or buy one often?
  240. P & S BT: Best P & S <$300.00?
  241. how many of you use an external flash like the 580ex?
  242. anyone have Kodak Digital Gem Airbrush & Professional???
  243. Anybody every try a gorillapod?
  244. Sold my first photo on istockphoto
  245. Just scored a 3' octobox on ebay for $24
  246. Looking to upgrade from a Minolta X-50...
  247. huh. posted, but it's not showing. i must have hit preview by accident. *edit*
  248. Camera BT: has anyone heard of bending a shutter when removing a roll of film?
  249. Dangers of shooting...
  250. GRAEME SPRATLEY and ACTIVE MAGAZINE steal pictures...