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  1. Looking for a point and shoot camera, any suggestions?
  2. Canon EF 50mm f1.2
  3. X-Post: which point and shoot should I get?
  4. 30D question
  5. Need to do a job this weekend (hair salon)...need advice...
  6. A few from little car meet (non-audi)
  7. anyone have any cool examples of looking through another lens?
  8. how can i tell how many accuations are on my canon 350d?
  9. Good Digital SLR for a beginner? Looking for a good digital camera for my sister, for less than 1k.
  10. Nikon gear at Dgrin as well...full kit
  11. Mint Canon 5D for $2100
  12. quick pic from today
  13. Created an enhanced podcast for those that are interested... this one was Icer Air 2006 in SF
  14. picked up a new lens tonight... got a hell of deal, so I had to pick it up
  15. 'Tis the season, and you can almost smell it
  16. Sooo...I had the day off...bday is coming...I've been wanting a P&S....
  17. anyone have any photography of castles? preferable german/eastern european
  18. how to get steadier shots inside my car?
  19. Going to the Swiss Alps soon, lens suggestions? currently: 24-105 F/4L on 30D
  20. couple shots...no proc, straight from my 2.1mp digicam...
  21. Another self portrait ~ "one man, one vote"
  22. my first attempts at light painting...
  23. Going out on a limb here: self-portrait experiment
  24. Couple of pics from San Francisco - RESIZED
  25. $575 shipped for a used 17-40 f4L? less than a year old
  26. Full version of Photoframe 2.5 this mo. with Digital Camera Magazine from UK
  27. Some random snapshots from in and around Boston this weekend (watermark not included)
  28. Resolutions
  29. So I just spent a week in Norway
  30. Canon 20D vs. Rebel Xti? - assuming price is equal
  31. Going to Paris this weekend...any suggestions for shooting the Eiffel Tower at night?
  32. Canon 30D for $1029 (minus available $100 or $200 rebates)
  33. probably a stupid question but what is the actual use of a bulb blower?
  34. I know nothing great, but it went over big with coworkers framed on my desk
  35. I can't say I noticed a whole lot with my new polorizing filter, [EDIT]
  36. Just picked up a SD630, 1GB card and Leather case for my sister
  37. an HDR image of stars and nebulae in the constellation Orion.
  38. Three photos from this week:
  39. Displacement maps in PS...
  40. "The office may be a bit cramped, but the views are fantastic!"
  41. check it out...
  42. Rebel XTi for $579 shipped at B&H Photo today
  43. MotoGP, Anyone?
  44. noob looking for a dslr camera. what should i look for in an all purpose lens?
  45. Canon G7 or Leica d-lux 3?
  46. 30D owners: Canon released new firmware today
  47. I guess I should be flattered
  48. Bridge in the water
  49. Steeple
  50. Used Camera Questions
  51. good deal for sensor cleaning kit?
  52. Rusty pictures
  53. When your little one thinks the candle in yoru Jack O' Lantern is a birthday candle....
  54. 16-35 f2.8 or 17-40 f4?
  55. just a few
  56. Santiago Calatrava's Quadracci Pavilion...
  57. just stepped up to a double rebate whammy. 2.8IS 70-200, 17-40 f4 L. I think I have everything that
  58. Award-winning Halloween costumes
  59. Does anyone know of any good software that acts like picausa but.....
  60. Wanted: SoCal Area Photographer for LA Auto Show
  61. Took the new lens out for a walk...
  62. Fantastic bird in flight photo
  63. I just bought a new lens.
  64. Anyone here an active member of photo.net?
  65. X-Post >>> Nikon PSA: D80s at Costco...
  66. looks like Rob O (ex-S4 Madwagn)just won one of the weekly FM photo contests
  67. should i upgrade my body?
  68. Next Photo Contest: suggestion...
  69. Someone with Photoshop skills willing to do me a favor?
  70. Sweet... L Glass
  71. A few recent shots...
  72. Can't say that I am pleased with my snow pics.. it's either overexpose and loose the sky, or under
  73. a few pictures tonight - automotive warning
  74. Playing with the new camera tonight ,a few questions here and some other stuff.
  75. Woohoo... 70-200 f4 and 430EX speedlite came in today. Will try to get out this weekend. 200mm
  76. Amazing image
  77. something I snapped while at the Tower of London...C & C?
  78. Rock the Vote! (or vote for me)
  79. where are the pumpkin shots?! it's almost halloween.
  80. Shooting snow... I have some questions..
  81. I'm in color match heaven :)
  82. how's this for a crop for my tree picture?
  83. suggestions on the 'best' way to take this picture....
  84. anyone here going to the photo expo in nyc next weekend?
  85. I got lucky with a fly..
  86. is this too much?
  87. are tasteful boudoir shots okay on AW photo?
  88. quick memory question
  89. Can anybody confirm that Amazon is a Canon authorized dealer? Looking to get lens + rebate
  90. to those that suggested Mpix to print out pictures, thank you.
  91. While waiting for a flight to arrive yesterday...
  92. any of you guys prefer square (1:1) aspect ratio photos?
  93. there was this ansel adams picture of a tree i saw when i was young
  94. a few filters came in the other day and i finally got around to trying them out....
  95. would any of these be halfway decent to enter an 'abandoned' contest?
  96. PSA - No professional photographers shoot any moving sports with a tripod!!!!
  97. '06 ALMS Pics
  98. More watermark insanity!
  99. bird's gotta eat
  100. One more noob query: does anyone have tips for shooting at a pro football game (as a fan)?
  101. Noob questions re: travelling with your cameras (dSLR and film)
  102. what's the way to mount larger prints, up to 16x20?
  103. An old, tired, large cat. Comments anyone?
  104. Fall in Montana
  105. Fall in Southern California,,,
  106. Will the lens from my old rebel 2000 work on a digital rebel XT?
  107. Great deal last week ,Fuji S9000 for $350, not a D-SLR but one nice EVF .
  108. the Nikon 18-200 VR is "a grower, not a show-er".
  109. Watermarked photo warning! (WPW)
  110. Bought the Pantone eye-one displayLT and did a calibration- pretty big difference!
  111. interesting stitch
  112. Arctic Refuge Day 13 Photos & Notes
  113. Portrait of Mom - critique?
  114. Lightroom / post processing questions
  115. Going 'round in circles...
  116. Continuing on with the lone tree theme....
  117. Couple of shots from my weekend. I even used my white balance keychain!
  118. Nikon 70-200 VR: the lens i bought for laguna-seca...
  119. Does this work?
  120. Some photos from my new Rebel Xti... (BWW)
  121. More wide angle fun
  122. Hide and seek
  123. 599!
  124. i was messing with the menus on my Rebel XT and came upon this....
  125. Time to start raking, my tree is almost out of leaves...
  126. thank you AW Photo for all the advice about shooting races...
  127. "This must be the right place..."
  128. Sick of my point and shoot camera... which slr is better teh canon, nikon,.....?
  129. Adobe Lightroom beta 4 video demo...really great info here.
  130. New to this forum, just figured i's post a pew picts from this weekend at Ennis Lake, MT
  131. First images from my Canon EF-S 10-22...I'm impressed with it so far.
  132. Can anybody compare monitor calibration tools? Looking specifically at the Pantone Huey or Eye-One
  133. How many here print themselves?
  134. never saw this done before until lanemeyer posted a picture a few months back...
  135. of course....one of the few days I dont carry my dslr to work...
  136. who here shoots only in RAW? JPEG? both?
  137. How much impact does video card performance have on photo editing?
  138. Photo editing issue- help appreciated.
  139. Can someone please explain the pros/cons of shooting in Adobe color space? I'm a noob.
  140. You get 3 photos from Petit LeMans...
  141. Engagement Ring Pictures...
  142. An AW photo trifecta. Booyaa:P
  143. A few shots from the Adirondack cruise weekend:
  144. A few new ones from last weekend:
  145. A few new shots from this past weekend:
  146. i really doubt i'll be doing business with B&H again....
  147. OK, can anybody point me toward a basic OS X color management guide? Totally fed up again.
  148. Hook a brotha up!
  149. Now I really want a new lens.
  150. A day at the local zoo
  151. Quick pic from an apple orchard
  152. random photo
  153. photoshop gurus - enlighten me.
  154. thinking about submitting a photo to an online photo contest...
  155. A few photos from a quiet Saturday morning in Vermont....
  156. Any recommendations for one-off 'coffee table book' printing?
  157. i think i've gotten lucky the past few days and taken some pictures that don't look like what i
  158. A week ago, canoeing... (13 pics 10 sec. BWW)
  159. stupid question... what makes a photo grainy?
  160. The Canon Rebate Form is available via Amazon...bout to pull trigger but having 2nd thoughts...
  161. yesterdays detail, getting a pumpkin, and dinner
  162. Pics from the Royal Alberta Museum and the Mutart Conservatory in Edmonton
  163. I made a purchase......And i dig it!
  164. x-post from NYNJ: South Street Seaport @ Night
  165. shot i took after work yesterday....
  166. Layering help....
  167. Here is a quick shot I took recently:
  168. What says you AWPF........Someone convince me to take it back and get a 30D
  169. nothing fancy, just for fun... some pics I took this morning in a farmer's field
  170. The only fall colors I've been able to shoot in the midwest...it's sad here this year.
  171. Fun with fungi
  172. What's everyone's take on Heliopan vs B+W circular polarizers?
  173. Ski Utah photo contest 2006 finalists...
  174. is there any way to find out how large a picture can be printed without being distorted?
  175. Anyone ever purchased a photograph from a professional sports photographer?
  176. is there a program to enhance photos?
  177. Made a cross country jaunt this past weekend...
  178. Car Photo BT: need advice for how to handle a great opportunity at laguna-seca...
  179. I'm looking to create a website...
  180. Complete amatuer and point and shoot. Is this pretty good? it has be PS'd.
  181. My first try at a backdrop photo shoot. looking for comments and critique. bww.
  182. Some pics of my friends porsche at pocono....
  183. Lens protection
  184. I sold my first picture today!
  185. New camera purchase help !
  186. an attempt at fall pictures this past weekend...
  187. here's another newbie pic...comments welcome
  188. Has my lens or camera gone wrong?
  189. Shot my Fiancee's nephews Greek Orthodox Christening yesterday...
  190. ahh... The limitations of a P&S and no skills = great potential shots wasted
  191. China Photography
  192. I'm new to this...comments welcome. Thanks!
  193. Model RC Avro Arrow and a Cessna
  194. $575 for a one year old 17-40 f4 lens... good price?
  195. suggestions on where to get larger sized prints made?
  196. Chicago autumn...
  197. Here's a fun photoshop technique.
  198. need gift ideas: Friend has a D50 and a D70. She did some photo work for me and I would like
  199. Just for comparison sake. "Professional Photos" of Fleet Week in SF.
  200. Flash bracket suggestions anyone?
  201. Blue Angels Part Duex
  202. smugmug users--have you had slow "processing image" times lately?
  203. What does a perfect condition used D70 go for?
  204. Pictures of an exhibition (a juicy exhibition!)
  205. red bull air race / blue angels
  206. Blue Angels in San Francisco. Gotta love Fleetweek.
  207. Cross-post: nothing fantastic or anything, but a cool shot that caught my eye today...
  208. Within 1 block of my loft this evening...
  209. I think I am ready for this weekend.
  210. ACR 3.6 Beta available...
  211. not usually one to shoot flowers, but wife brought home these alien life forms...
  212. Nikon D80 or Canon 30D?
  213. pictures walking around my neighborhood wednesday after work...
  214. sweet. Just got a Epson 2200 slightly used for 150$!!! really excited. cant wait to get some 13x19s!
  215. Petit LeMans Photos
  216. Went for a drive (and photo the fall colours)
  217. Comments would be nice...
  218. Hello, this is my first post on this forum....long time AW member....n00b to D-Photo....
  219. just placed an order for a UV filter, circular polarizer, warming filter, and step up ring...
  220. new point and shoot recs?
  221. Interested in taking up Photography as a hobby...
  222. First Firmware update for D-200 is out if anyone is interested.
  223. my 'text' button in photoshop cs2 broke?
  224. Sandisk Ultra II 2gb CF cards $70 @ Costco,,,
  225. What program do you guys use for batch watermarking your photos?
  226. Nikon D80 and my lucky, lucky friend...
  227. A few pics from a recent trip to Canada
  228. would anyone be interested in a slightly used Canon rebel 2000 eos camera b4 I throw it up on ebay?
  229. My rollie
  230. 2 dogs, 3 photos
  231. A few B&W from Saturday morning...
  232. Haven't posted in here in quite a while...so here is a few pics.
  233. pretty cool picture... stupid question, but how's it done?
  234. where do you keep all your old photos?
  235. So when's our next photo contest coming? I actually have some time now and I'm itching to shoot
  236. Cause and Effect
  237. New watch
  238. Some pictures from Sunday and Monday: >56k
  239. What is a good telephoto lens for the 30D? Are the sigmas any good? What are you using? TIA
  240. just one for now
  241. This reminds me of lanemeyer's style of photography.
  242. noob/moron dslr issues
  243. Bought a 30D yesterday
  244. web based gallery (please don't say menalto gallery 2.0) with an uploader tool of sorts?
  245. after signing the lease to my new place saturday i went to a forest preserve and took some pictures.
  246. Arctic Refuge Day 12 Photos & Notes
  247. Wicker Park in Color
  248. and the next contest is...?
  249. Fall is here
  250. anywhere i can get decent (but inexpensive) 12x16 black frames?