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  1. 1st attempt at lightning...
  2. Random WF pics..
  3. anybody actually make lightroom beta work on a PC yet?
  4. Nikon 10.2 mp D70 replacement?
  5. In the garden at night.
  6. i'm just bored and don't have anything to take pictures of...
  7. turbulence...
  8. Okay for you wedding photographers....
  9. PSA: Adobe Lightroom Beta now avail for Windows.
  10. Any of you have insurance on your gear?
  11. The George Washington Bridge
  12. Trying to design a business card
  13. PSA: B&H Has the 30D for $1,219
  14. PSA: using the sRGB profile and printing via smumug with "true" color = perfect
  15. Just some randoms shots I'd like comments on...
  16. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Trip notes and photos (should have posted here first)
  17. How many of you have been into photography long enough that you didn't start with digital?
  18. Bizzare water streaks
  19. The Monarch's
  20. dumb question of the day
  21. Nikon D50 guys.. still trying to search. Is there any RAW support for PhotoshopCS?
  22. Does anyone know if there are any Nikon D50 updates on the way?
  23. New toys on the way...
  24. What is your post-shoot workflow?
  25. can we just get to work please!
  26. Flowers and Bumblebees BWW
  27. My first commisioned shoot! Questions...
  28. rented 16-35L, 28-70L, and 70-200L IS for the weekend.
  29. A portrait.
  30. So what are the "essential" accessories for a new 30D?
  31. Hey guys, haven't posted in forever, here's what I've been up to with the new side job. (BWW)
  32. Anybody know the 30D's required aperture for AF to work?
  33. Nikon RAW files... will not open in PS? how odd.
  34. ColorVision or other Spyder product
  35. Sensor and lens cleaning recommendations?
  36. canon s2/s3 users or maybe anybody that knows more....
  37. For you shuttle fans....
  38. RAW or not?
  39. a new toy...
  40. a gas cap...
  41. Has anybody seen any good deals on the Canon 30D, or is it just too new to expect that?
  42. Mini White Balance cards
  43. some rs pics..
  44. any of you printed giclee prints?
  45. I'm out of control...
  46. so since i still havent pulled the trigger yet on the 350D, anyone think the sony a100 deserves a
  47. What say you photog buffs out there - need a step up from my kit lens
  48. you guys think its worth spending near a couple hundred bux on the underwater housing
  49. some 4th of july shots from my trip to new mexico
  50. a couple (94) photos from this past weekends trip to the Adirondacks
  51. Just bought a Nikon D50 w/ 18-55 lens
  52. What lilly, B/W or color ?
  53. Cone Flowers and Co.
  54. is there a way to make the sky more blue in this picture?
  55. OK, let's see your 4th of July Fireworks photos!
  56. What tripod should I buy?
  57. well it looks like my sticking aperture issue is now migrating into a focusing problem...
  58. Excellent photos.
  59. Northen Ohio... with Kodak ;o)
  60. First Photo with the Rebel XT
  61. Canon lens and equivalents...recommendation needed
  62. Adobe Lightroom Beta 1st RAW conversions.
  63. Anyone using Apple's "Aperture" software?
  64. here are some pics from the sunflower field at sunset, I think theyd be better at sunrise
  65. 1st RAW conversions.
  66. So, how did Discovery get to the launch pad?
  67. I found the mother load....while bike riding last night, i came accross a sunflower farm...30+ acres
  68. A few sunset pics from the 4th
  69. picture of the moon... round two...
  70. Very grainy photo taken in RAW (D70). What's the deal??
  71. had the day off and went to a seminary to take a few pictures... until they kicked me out.
  72. Quick pics from the holiday in Stowe, VT
  73. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] I may have to send my Sigma 18-125 in for service....
  74. Think I've finally decided to go digital AND expand my lens collection. Looking for advice.
  75. Can anybody recommend a padded packpack for carrying a tripod
  76. ALMS: Lime Rock :-)
  77. See it ticking!
  78. Pictures I took from today's Space Shuttle Launch !!!
  79. Pics I took last week during a canoe trip...
  80. Waterfall pic I took up in Vermont this weekend.
  81. All that's left of a beautiful old house.
  82. Some new shots, still with my old camera:
  83. Shots and linky to all hosted pics from me trip to Ireland...Good Craic!
  84. Some pics of the A4. bww
  85. Critique/Criticism request -
  86. it was in the 90's today and i was sort of bored so i figured i'd go out and try to take some pics..
  87. looking for suggestions on lenses for my canon S3...
  88. let's see some amateur porn!
  89. lets see some really good pics from non-DSLR cameras...
  90. any opinions/thoughts on Sony's first DSLR (alpha DSLR-A100)
  91. Anyone know of any good deals on the Canon 30D (body only) going on right now?
  92. Open
  93. 1st few shots w/ the 50mm f/1.4...
  94. some clouds
  95. Going backpacking - looking to buy a decent camera with HIGH resolution
  96. Some plums fell off the tree after a month of rainy season. Summer is near here.
  97. photography the old fashioned way, some thoughts and humor
  98. Chapest place to get good 1 or 2gb cards?
  99. drip drop
  100. anyone have a suggestion for a camera/laptop combo backpack?
  101. Wow - first time visiting this forum, and I'm impressed
  102. Fun with 4 flashlights. (x-post from B7 forum)
  103. A few pics from Crater Lake
  104. F1 Montreal
  105. Anyone looking to part with a D50?
  106. Action Sports BT: Shooting in the rain...
  107. Sunset racetime...
  108. Pictures from last night..
  109. are there any free programs to download raw files straight off of a camera (5d) to a mac?
  110. What I've been working on for the past week
  111. Observations: (canon content)
  112. Does it irritate you when....
  113. Copyrighting photos
  114. photo stamps - thought some of you might be interested.
  115. I need some advice. I have a Nikon D50 with a Nikon 18-55 lens.
  116. Dragon fly
  117. Nikon Speedlight SB-24 - Looking for parts...
  118. For you photo geeks... Canon EOS 5D for $2400 (body only) on slickdeals.net right now
  119. Repost from Computer forum: Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.6) and Gimpshop question
  120. Thoughts on this photograph?
  121. Camera maintenance BT: I've been getting spots on my photos..
  122. who's the current top for photo prints? mpix, shutterfly?
  123. Stunning portrait shot:
  124. Here are the rest of the pics from the cheetah run.
  125. Pics from the Cheetah Run Safari.
  126. Would this bother you?
  127. What digital camera should I get? i just bought this one but dont like it.
  128. vw gx3 photo - how was this desaturated look achieved?
  129. Webster's Fall
  130. Thinking about the future purchase of the 30D again. What lens would anyone with a 20/30D suggest?
  131. New Telephoto shots
  132. Pros out there - advice - portfolio content, etc, for getting auto mag work (major BWW)
  133. I think these work...
  134. Sometimes ya just get lucky...
  135. Fvcking ISO
  136. I didn't realize we HAD a phtography forum - NICE! A few pics from yesterday (Beach, Saab, sunset)
  137. Picked up a new lens for the D200. Leaving for Ireland next week expect lots of pics:)
  138. some pictures from 14,000 feet
  139. Noise level on iso 400 for rebel xt. I was wondering if it's normal. Link inside. Thanks.
  140. n00b question: Can anyone recommend a good Point and Shoot?
  141. Renting the Canon 100-400mm IS tomorrow for the weekend.
  142. Just bought a Nikon D50 with the kit 18-55 lens.
  143. How do I post multiple pictures using the "Optional Image URL" box???????
  144. Take off.
  145. Comments and suggestions...
  146. okay, so im revisiting a dslr purchase, it is between the d50 and rebel because
  147. Rec on a light meter?
  148. A picture from a recent trip through Oregon. Absolutely one great and beautiful state, my wife and I
  149. omghi2macro
  150. photo background/backdrop question... i need to take a picture of a basic business card...
  151. If you were to get a digital SLR what would you get now and why?
  152. Osprey!
  153. are monopods worth it?
  154. Late response to Pentax DSLR question link inside...
  155. How does this make you feel?
  156. Manhattan shots...
  157. Finally took the jump, picked up a Nikon D50 at Costco...
  158. Vienna....
  159. Canon BT: Why is there just a touch of play between the lens and body when mounted?
  160. a few from a recent trip
  161. sorry if this sounds stupid, but how to i take a picture at 300 dots per sq inch?
  162. FYI, 2filters.com has the 77mm Hoya HMC Circular Polarizer on sale for $102 (overstock sale)
  163. Done. EF 24-105 f/4L ordered. Two of them, in fact. $1128 each.
  164. Proud owner of new 50mm f/1.4 AF Nikkor. Love it so far. Now I need camera / laptop backpack.
  165. First shots w/ 30d and 24-105 f/4L IS USM
  166. FYI: 30d w/ 70-200 2.8L will fit in the LowePro Off-Trail 2 bag.
  167. PSA: Tokina 12-25 f/4 lenses back in stock at BHPhoto
  168. Filter BT: Best filter for protection / perma mount on Canon L lenses?
  169. SWEET!! AudiWorld has a photo forum? awesome. I had no idea. Reading is fundamental.
  170. Anyone need help or ideas for using an external flash?
  171. doh. forgot about this forum. I just got a Canon S3 and wanted to share a pic of the moon I took
  172. Can you use isopropyl alcohol to clean a lens?
  173. I'm always amazed at the unique approaches people take to photography
  174. Church in the middle of nowhere....
  175. just when i'm about to give up on the 70-300...
  176. Ok, calibrated monitor folks, I need your help.
  177. Attempt #2: Some big-ass bird and a barn
  178. Memorial Day :: Tour of Somerville Bike Race.
  179. Some HDR pics I took this past weekend... (BWW)
  180. I'm lucky
  181. HYDRO
  182. Nikon DX Lens PSA: for those searching for the impossibly OOS 12-24 tokina...
  183. finally some pics from tuesdays baseball game
  184. caught a nice shot of a humming bird
  185. A few from Memorial Day. Can anyone identify the truck or flower?
  186. pics from yesterday..
  187. nothing special, but this thing makes me laugh.
  188. More flowers. I can't help it the colors and shapes draw me in.
  189. Anyone here own/work in a studio?
  190. Some random shots...
  191. Motorcycle pics from the museum today...
  192. Lake Poway pics.
  193. Can I damage my flash with reflected light?
  194. Damn, my lens didn't sell on eBay because of a stupid rule...
  195. Nikon DX Super-wide Lens Question: can't decide which way to go...
  196. Does anyone have any engagement photos that they like?
  197. the local Memorial Day Festival aka "Artsfest" had this broom maker exhibitor
  198. a few from yesterday ...
  199. Delaware Water Gap...
  200. Don't have a great camera, but would like some suggestions
  201. a few random shots taken up by brekenridge this weekend
  202. Memorial day BBQ at the beach
  203. Need to buy another (hopefully last) camera bag... LowePro's Toploader vs. Tamrac Velocity?
  204. need some help deciding between 3 cameras
  205. Having such a hard time deciding whether to buy a Canon Rebel Xt or just go balls to the wall...
  206. 3D landscape
  207. some meh... pics from the weekend.
  208. whats a good book or website for me to learn about
  209. Telephoto decisions.
  210. Pictures from my drive way. I live by a lake by the way.
  211. 50mm f/1.8 comes through again.
  212. Ok my brother is looking for a badass digital camera. Anyone have any suggestions?
  213. Anyone have experience with Pentax digital SLR cameras?
  214. does anyone own the sony dsc t9?
  215. Random pics my brother took.
  216. Pacific Beach
  217. Some quick pics...comments welcome.
  218. It was only a matter of time!
  219. Blue Angels Show in Annapolis MD at the Naval Academy
  220. Pics from Detective Armel's Funeral Escort
  221. How do the free photo hosting sites compare? I'ld like some help choosing one. Thanks
  222. besides the canon s80... can you guys recommend another wide angle point and shoot
  223. 70-300 IS vertical orientation issue acknowledged by Canon
  224. Pics from lake.
  225. Took some pics of my pup this morning. How do they look??
  226. Casio EX-Z600....Anyone have? Do you like it?.....
  227. pls post your favorite sunset shot...
  228. Used my new lense...Canon 75-300/4-5.6 EF USM III Zoom Lens
  229. ARGH...70-200 f/4L or f/2.8L...someone help me fricken decide
  230. Canon BT: Has anyone used the new 24-105 f/4L IS lens yet?
  231. For anyone who has not yet tried Pec Pads and Eclipse yet..
  232. Wanted:: Person with great eye and great camera for shoot near Philly...
  233. PSA: Canon 30D w/ 18-55mm EF-S Lens and 2GB CF card $1499.99 @ costco.com
  234. second visit
  235. Joe
  236. some nature photos taken around Mt. Fuji today
  237. Socaleuro/Norcaleuro big gtg pics.
  238. i love what happens to this tree in the spring. <bww>
  239. Canon: EOS 20D vs EOS 30D
  240. Semi boring truck shots.....
  241. Legal issue of posting strangers' pix on the Internet
  242. I have not done any serious picture shooting for years; but, I sure did missed
  243. Taking wedding photos for 4th time tomorrow , need some digital camera info.
  244. i'm selling some equipment for my friend... what would you guys consider reasonable prices
  245. Costa Rica
  246. I'm going to take pictures tonight in a parking garage. How do I get it not so yellow looking.
  247. Hoya filters BT: what's the difference between the various Circular Polarizer options?
  248. Hellooooo 5D!!!!!
  249. Latest is my Wisteria series. This spring is amazing, flowers in general are very happy.
  250. New Gallery: First portrait studio shoot with new black backdrop...C&C welcome.