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  1. I was thinking of getting the .Mac service for hosting photo slide shows.
  2. A few Bryce Canyon shots I took yesterday & today
  3. Need some ideas from the BT
  4. this forum has been moving slow so here...
  5. Just ordered this lense..
  6. Can a non-professional get photographer press credentials?
  7. What is more important from P&S camera: More MegaPixels or more Optical Zoom?
  8. Canon 20D BT: Dust on the viewfinder?
  9. Anyone using SimpleViewer, AutoViewer, or Postcard viewer having problems?
  10. Canon BT: is it worth upgrading from the 10D to the 30D?
  11. Paging Kujo.
  12. went backpacking this past weekend...
  13. Iris
  14. Some pics from Chihuly exhibit at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens to start your week (54k=die)
  15. Mother's Day at Fashion Island
  16. Several from Mom's garden yesterday
  17. modern classic
  18. Opinion on 'expodisc'? What do you guys think?
  19. Nikon 50D vs Canon Rebel XT
  20. snowboarding.......
  21. I need a 3 lens quiver rec.
  22. on the way home from dinner tonight...nyc
  23. longs peak, co
  24. bored last night...
  25. Impressive pics from an ELPH SD350
  26. Karting
  27. car pics and twins first birthday
  28. First shots with the 50mm f/1.8.
  29. I wish I could have found a better angle for this one, but I still like it...
  30. Autox Photos from today.
  31. slowly learning the d70s
  32. Anyone pick up the Nikon 18-200 VR Lens? What's the ....
  33. Need a Mother's Day gift idea?
  34. sad
  35. my photo album from sichuan, china
  36. the eye
  37. Anyone here want to sell me your 70-200 F4L?
  38. may 5th... ((PICS))
  39. My Canon 50mm f1.8 review: go buy this lens now.
  40. An album of rally photos
  41. Been thinking about joining the DSLR world for a couple of weeks.
  42. Camcorder BT.
  43. Day at the track
  44. Anyone interested in some cheap Canon lenses before I put them up on eBay?
  45. Two photos that I like to call "The face in the clouds"
  46. Anyone ever get completely stiffed on a Canon rebate?
  47. New pic, what do you guys think.
  48. Found a nice place to rent glass on the web. I don't have a local rental shop so this works out -
  49. Canon 75-300 f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens, hit or miss and at what price?
  50. night pics of the car
  51. lumiquest pocket diffusers - any reviews?
  52. Hit a rut. Work is demanding lately and I've had little time to take photos. So I went out with my -
  53. Questions about buying Canon lenses on eBay...
  54. Need help choosing a reflector kit for outdoor portraits.
  55. A few new shots with my 60 Macro
  56. I love my camera, check out this shot.
  57. Can't believe I got this shot!
  58. I'm thinking of going with primes only
  59. pics from mario
  60. need serious help, I'm about to toss my D100.....
  61. Looking for great affordable telephoto lense. Considering 70-200 2.8 but is on pricey side
  62. Need CF cards?
  63. Had to snap this. Too funny..
  64. Probably going to grab a 30D in the next week or two. What is the go to lens for typical shots?
  65. Couple of nature shots
  66. This evening, and the guy who did it
  67. DOF carried away
  68. any reason to not get a 5d? AKA not worth the money/spend it on a different body?
  69. my shroom pics... lighing was hard cause i was in a forest at it was about 7pm
  70. Just a few random shots
  71. Can someone recommend a reliable image hosting service - iServe is brutal
  72. Which lens: Tamron 24-135 or Tamron 18-200?
  73. this is some really remarkable stuff. check it out
  74. Oregon Trail Rally Weekend... a picture before I go to bed.
  75. supermario's super pics :)
  76. Smile for the camera
  77. spike
  78. Thinking about getting into photography. Tell me what to do better with these.
  79. I got the 30d!!!!!!
  80. yay, picked up a 50mm f1.8 off amazon
  81. Recently attended a Vintage/Classic Motorshow - some of my favourites
  82. My first attempt at 'artistic structure' type shots...
  83. "Tinsmith"
  84. Hey guys, just found this forum, and I think I'll be around.
  85. Some pics from the weekend
  86. A couple of moon shots
  87. Just put up a EF 55-200 f/4.5-5.6 USM lens on eBay if anyone is interested.
  88. allow me to jump on the bandwagon with a few flower shots
  89. How do you like this shot?
  90. Motorcycle roadracing at Summit Point - April 23
  91. Quality of Kingston Elite CF card and B+W UV Filters?
  92. Help me pick some photos!
  93. Singh-Ray graduated neutral density filter... hit or skip?
  94. X-post: Your thoughts please. re Canon S2 vs S3
  95. Hung out at Road America yesterday. Kinda fun to watch the sportbikes.
  96. Broadway Photo a reputable store? Thanks
  97. Some Sprinkbok I photographed a while back
  98. Shooting my brother on his motorcycle tomorrow at Summit Point - wish me luck
  99. Anyone know if the current rebate promotion Canon is running doubles the rebate if...
  100. Any two lenses (canon mount) to cover the entire wide-tele range <$1.5k total: what'd you get?
  101. I consider this my one of my best...Just got lucky I think
  102. Image Stabilization or not on the EF 70-300?
  103. Canon flashes: is it worth it for the 550 or is the 430 enough?
  104. More Spring Pics
  105. a visit
  106. Backyard birds.
  107. Please help a photo newbie with this decision between two cameras
  108. SONY is getting into the DSLR market and will use Konica/Minolta lenses.
  109. walked around the golden gate area the other night...
  110. I have a photo that I want to get printed...
  111. Looking for feedback...
  112. How To Create Stereo Photographs
  113. Some Easter "ham"
  114. Looking for a good digi cam in the 300 dollar range
  115. I'm getting the 30d!!!
  116. Need guidance for photography class... what is a good aperture to have when doing night long exposur
  117. first shots of my d70s
  118. Okay, I picked up a PowerShot S2 hoping it may improve my lack of photography skills
  119. POLL: SILVER or BLACK body for the Canon XT?
  120. Surprise visit today
  121. some quick pchops my brother and I did.
  122. "Neglected"
  123. new images.... 2005 BMW 330i ZHP
  124. M= Delicious.
  125. Are any of you photographers in the DC Metro area interested in shooting a portrait? My wife's
  126. some pics i took today
  127. Some shots of my dag and some easter eggs. Mainly just trying out my photoshop frame.
  128. out of curiosity, I priced a 5D and 24-70mm f2.8 L package. YIKES!
  129. Solar Eclipse
  130. H&R springs
  131. bww...some pix taken at thursdays baseball game....spectaters and players
  132. hiiiii
  133. Road Movie
  134. Scottish Highlands
  135. some photos on my walk to work in NYC.
  136. F-18's taking a break.
  137. Two shots of the new photo processing beast
  138. Bestpricecameras.com ? Reliable? Anyone?
  139. Is the AF-Nikkor 28-70 mm f/3.5-4.5 lens worth picking up for $50?
  140. 2nd guessing my Dell purchase of a SD500 @ $298 total, shipped.
  141. Some Fire Department Pics that i had taken
  142. What carrying case would you guys reccomend for a 30D?
  143. First shot from my Canon SD630
  144. Infrared moon landscape
  145. Pics hiking with my dog today.
  146. Local protest
  147. Took some flower pics the other day
  148. Gallery of shots from Show N Go at Englishtown last Sunday more shots will be added...
  149. Bored
  150. looking to purchase a vid recorder for onboard video set up any suggestions?
  151. how would you of captured these two items? how can i improve these shots?
  152. Hey guys, just got my 30D. Finally after about a month of trying to figure out what to get,
  153. Nice photos
  154. A couple spring bloom shots
  155. Any thoughts on the Sigma 24-135 f/2.8-4.5?
  156. BAH! did I make a bad choice? just bought the Canon SD630 and now notice it has a 1/2.5" CCD
  157. YAHOO ,Just snagged 1gb xd card from Amazon for $49.95 + ship , $57.90 total
  158. More motorcycle [link] + Ben Bostrom
  159. *Purple Flowers*
  160. Night shots with my Casio Exilim EX500-
  161. Amboise 2006 - Part One
  162. Infineon 4
  163. Infineon 3
  164. Infineon 2
  165. Infineon
  166. Has anyone here tried reversing rings and a 35mm SLR lens for macro ,using a digital camera?
  167. Zoo photos
  168. Cool mask
  169. so should I get Nikon or Canon? Like for pro pictures
  170. Does anyone here use simple viewer?
  171. new night pics
  172. I need opinions on Corel programs and others
  173. Pocket wizard in... works perfect
  174. Coronado Island Pics
  175. closeup photography is kinda fun
  176. Wow! I didn't know Audiworld had a Photography section 'til now...
  177. Printer selection resolved... now I just need to pull the camera trigger :)
  178. The gate...
  179. Tadpoles
  180. Damage assessment: what effect may some small dings, chips and scratches have?
  181. First week of shooting with the D200 has been fun...
  182. need a good Point and Shoot. I think I've narrowed it down to the very new Nikon S6 or the Sony N1
  183. Any deals yet on 30D's from legitimate places? (scratch that)
  184. just amazed....
  185. Some pics from our Washington, D.C. trip
  186. good deals at Dell on bodies and body/lens packages
  187. Fuji S5200 on its way , hope I made a good choice. Do I get a thumbs up ?
  188. Thoughts on this for a starter car mounting setup?
  189. Dust and small debris a problem inside a lens?
  190. Window
  191. pics taken in Switzerland, Mt. Matterhorn and Audi A8 by Lac Leman
  192. TT
  193. w00t! just placed an order for a d70s w/ 18-70 lens and 2 gig extreme iii
  194. some shots from tonight.
  195. Looking for a new point and shoot camera. Need some help.
  196. For you folks in New Jersey
  197. Dust on the antialias filter on top of the sensor
  198. need a tutorial to eliminate chromatic aberration using Photoshop?
  199. Some shots from the last few weeks
  200. Hummingbirds feeding.
  201. Loire Valley, France <teaser>
  202. Mt. Hood
  203. i just found a ton of pics i want to put on a dvd. i want good quality, doesn't neccesarily
  204. Just a fun shot from today :)
  205. Maui pictures (alot)
  206. Today is a good day I just picked up a D-200 and will shortly start grabbing some more lenses:D
  207. Just pulled the trigger on this camcorder....
  208. Crappy Canon software question: What do I need to use to pull RAW photos off my Rebel XT in OS X?
  209. Amateur photographer looking into a D-SLR...
  210. Taking the day off on Friday to hit DC for the Cherry blossoms, memorials, etc
  211. Spring is here!
  212. Helo
  213. la jolla shots
  214. service
  215. what other photo related forums / websites do you visit?
  216. Spring in Vermont
  217. The effects of time...
  218. Lexar 512mb 40x CF cards $40 at target
  219. Sea World
  220. Don't upgrade your 1d mkii to firmware 1.2.4 if you use WFT-E1A!
  221. sunset in key west -- no touch up to pic.
  222. Semi-repost: Has anbody found a cheap online framing co for basic frames?
  223. Whoa..the girl I am dating just bought a Canon Mk2
  224. Waterfall.
  225. Wild looking tree.
  226. tunnel pic
  227. some pics from my Austrian Alps ski trip (repost from OT) (may be BWW)
  228. D200, nice camera. Too bad I like canon lenses. There should be a standard mount for all SLRs.
  229. Does anybody here have the Fuji Z1 digicam?
  230. Focal length conversion 35mm/digital
  231. Had some fun at Sebring last weekend...
  232. Outside diffuser for people photography recommendations? + some pix
  233. Pics from my trip to Portland (BWW)
  234. Just got back from New Orleans BWW
  235. From what I see the Canon 30D isn't available anywhere yet. Any idea when it might be out?
  236. xpost: pics from tonight....my (new to me) a6.....
  237. d70 RANT...
  238. Dell sale - 10% off Canon lenses
  239. 100% crop from my sigma 170-500
  240. Needs some advice on Polarizing filters.
  241. Ugh, I have lens envy
  242. FYI: Costco has the Sandisk Ultra II 1GB CF and SD cards on sale for $49.00.
  243. Ansel Adams fans just a reminder that if you live in or around Philly........
  244. Can someone recommend a good monopod(brand model) in the $100 range? TIA.
  245. TRM, or RKA. Either of you sign up for that weekend workshop?
  246. Testing my new wide angle lens. Thoughts?
  247. Haha!! Windows XP can now be loaded on Intel Macs! Now I can get rid of my PC and just have the -
  248. I am going to wait a while and grab the D200 thanks for the help guys....
  249. Who here puts watermarks on their photos? And what technique do you use?
  250. Post artistic pictures of your Audis, please!