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  1. Moving clouds
  2. Went for a hike at surise this morning...
  3. Some (11)pics. of my friends' band from a couple recent shows-constructive criticism is very welcome
  4. Can someone clue me in on Apo-Nikkor 1:9 f=610mm
  5. Photography noob questions:
  6. Pic from last night, had a few mins to spare in the City
  7. Anybody here know anything about video camera rental?
  8. Recent Euro photoshoot... (Warning Lotsa pics)
  9. First visit evar to the Grand Canyon
  10. just got the fuji V10 camera its got a 3 in lcd which is about the size of the whole camera..
  11. Anyone ever send a lens to Canon for repair?
  12. Olympus SP-500 UZ Hit or Skip?
  13. Fluorescent Lighting Findings
  14. Within the week I will be grabbing a DSL questions for those who have used both Cannon and Nikon....
  15. A question about custom fitting a camera into foam-filled waterproof Pelican box...
  16. I bought a D50 with 18-55 Nikon lens and 1 gig card for $645 with shipping.
  17. NYC at Night
  18. Home studio, setup and sample shots.
  19. I returned the XT. Question now is, should I go for the 20D or wait for the 30D. How does the Nikon
  20. took some photos at the WBC USA v. Canada game yesterday, best of the bunch
  21. Neophyte Pro-Equip advise needed..
  22. Okay, photo people... Photoshop question (re: water)...
  23. Who here has gotten their canon rebates? Mine was supposedly sent on 2/8 and I have nothing...
  24. How many of you here are professional photographers (fulltime)?
  25. Which lens would you choose for a Nikon D70?
  26. Could some of you tell me why the Canon 20D would be more desirable over the Rebel XT?
  27. Okay, since I'm bored today, I'm sitting around playing with Photoshop...
  28. Thoughts on Sony DSC-H1?
  29. Nikon Cooplix P2 for $200. Do I buy?
  30. lowepro computrekker aw -v.- tamrac expedition 5 ?
  31. Mont Tremblant
  32. lady liberty
  33. Thinking about setting up some of my photos on consignment in local cafes.. what do I need to know?
  34. Best Camera for night time pictures
  35. interesting camera coming into production... the L1.
  36. New processing beast: Macbook 2.0ghz dual core, 1GB ram (will add another 1GB), 120gb HD...
  37. Can you please help me out with a Photoshop CS2 question?
  38. new and first Macro lens...... Canon 100 2.8 USM Macro
  39. Robins and a Hawk
  40. Some pics from our visit to the DC Zoo today
  41. loving this neat "simpleviewer" flash gallery thingy...
  42. Issue with B5 FAQ pics - anyone have some free hosting?
  43. Ice Driving at Lake Cynthia Pictures
  44. Canon 70-300 ISU...my Verdict? it's soft at 300mm
  45. haha, coworker just showed me a stereo camera he picked up from KEH
  46. Tethering your DLSR for studio work, who here has tried it? I would like to do this, bypass the CF -
  47. Photoshop BT: blending.
  48. Uhhhhh SPRING TIME!!!
  49. Winners! 2005 Audi Club NA/Sideline Sports Photography Photo Contest!
  50. Please tolerate this newb, and advise on the following.
  51. So, I've sold my Nikon Coolpix 8800. I am looking at the Nikon D50.
  52. New Gallery on my site, my first Event. This was a great learning experience, I did it as a favor-
  53. have any of you used an underwater housing with a digicam?
  54. One more shot from the same wedding last month..... why not?
  55. Pic from a wedding about a month back.... lately B/W is the way to go for me
  56. Discount code for B&H
  57. so i took the plunge...
  58. A picture from this weekend
  59. What's a top quality UV filter? Hoya, Tiffen?
  60. "Photographing The Steel Workshop" 6/3-6/4
  61. several shots from the Steel....
  62. New Website up, check it out. I've recently been getting a lot of requests for photos from friends-
  63. On DSLRs, how much processing do you do on camera?
  64. I've been dying to get a DSLR for some time now, well.......
  65. Talked my dad into buying the Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS. Best place to buy?
  66. Waterfall pictures
  67. Photography Marketing Association has a show this week.
  68. Randon Shots over the weekend... relaxation...
  69. Yes i'm a n00b here... be gentle...
  70. Black Magic.....
  71. Who is shooting with the Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT? Other questions inside
  72. Snow Play
  73. here's why i want to make sure they let us on site...
  74. "I want to go outside"
  75. Thoughts on landscape pic?
  76. Who here is free and is willing to help me choose and edit a few pictures?
  77. a couple shots with the 170-500 sigma
  78. can you guys post some nice tropical shots? its freakin cold here in NYC
  79. Crap my laptop just died today, I think I'm going to buy an iMac this afternoon.
  80. So THEXXY
  81. Panoramic Miami skyline (daytime) [bww]
  82. Question....................TIA
  83. doggy.
  84. wow... "bigma"
  85. gonna have a shot at shooting this in June ...
  86. Photography nOOb here...
  87. Used lenses off ebay OK?
  88. First picture with the Canon 20D.
  89. Soulive concert last Friday
  90. It will never end, 8GB MiniHD for $150.
  91. Yummy: EF-S 17-55/2.8 IS
  92. Canon 30D
  93. Got to work on my action shots this morning...
  94. I like this shot
  95. Frigid day in Chicago, some street shots snapped on the way to school...
  96. There is a speck of dust on the glass in the middle of my 85mm... how to get it out?
  97. Bookmark this...memory card deals...
  98. bought another lens
  99. Picked up the Canon 50mm f1.8 mk2 today
  100. nikkor 18-70 v. sigma 24-70 f/2.8 ?
  101. How do you clean your lenses?
  102. Would you agree that my composition is a bit too
  103. Lexar 1GB 80x CF card for $36 after rebate
  104. Speaking of cheese...
  105. Want to enter school's photography competition.
  106. What software do you use for your digital workflow? I've been using Adobe Camera Raw but I think I -
  107. My car.... Can you find a nicer interior?
  108. Sandisk Ultra II 2GB $81 after rebate.
  109. Is it too good to be true?
  110. Any nice places to take pictures on Long Island, where do you guys go?
  111. Any use here for a used Canon Digital Rebel?
  112. Had to happen someday; dust on sensor
  113. photoshop sig?
  114. Shot of the moonrise tonight.
  115. Took this one tonight... i just love the place!
  116. Best way to take pictures of large format black ink on paper.
  117. I highly recommend these
  118. Well.. pulled the trigger on my first Digital SLR..
  119. new ride....
  120. A couple of PacNW mountains from today
  121. ok, i have a quick question about lighting....
  122. Few random shots around the house...
  123. OK, I am sick of my Nikon Coolpix 8800's performance. What should I buy?
  124. ok North-Easters...let's see your snow pics!
  125. Orchids
  126. Some photo's of my in-laws new Mini-Schnauzer with my 85mm f/1.8 and 200mm f/2.8L.
  127. the old days.
  128. recommendations for a travel tripod...
  129. some color....
  130. Macro w/ ext tubes....
  131. I can get used to this 20D
  132. Chicago Auto Show!
  133. A few more Shots from my vacation....
  134. Need more storage - hit or skip?
  135. removing battery and memory card when storing camera. why?
  136. I need to get out and shoot
  137. Anyone use ReadyNAS or other for data?
  138. Crappy lil' game day shots.
  139. Just Got back from Here!
  140. HMMmmm - I wonder what I'll be doing this weekend?
  141. Canon flash photography explained...
  142. D70 noob Auto-Focus question
  143. Ok... stayed up way too late to put this together... Mavericks Big Wave Competition Photos
  144. Digital SLR BT: +8mp and less than $1600 new
  145. Can someone touch this up and fix anything for me?
  146. need zoom lens suggestion/replacement...
  147. Sandisk 1 GB CF Ultra II card @ Amazon for $60 shipped
  148. So i have a Speed 550ex canon flash. What are the essential accessories?
  149. This weekend's football and cycling action
  150. WooHoo
  151. A couple of pics from my SD500 (im totally an amatuer and these shots are completely untouched)
  152. I think I need a sharper lens....
  153. Amazing automotive photography.
  154. This is my sale...........
  155. Some amazing images...
  156. Problems with my NIKON COOLPIX 5700 PLEASE HELP
  157. Took the 85mm to the streets today..
  158. Anyone know where I can get a used 550EX relatively cheap. The prices on FM seem to be a bit high.
  159. Tips for shooting the Chicago auto show?
  160. Anybody know how to reach GiVeMeAuDi?
  161. So I gave in and my 20D will be here the beginning of next week :-)!!!!!! - CF card question inside.
  162. DoF Calculator
  163. Pic Request: 2000 Audi S4 Silver (B5)
  164. My first time playing with a SLR digital camera and depth of field
  165. anyone have the D200 and using with mac? TIA!
  166. caved in and got a 85mm f/1.8. this lens is... impressive.
  167. Nikon DX lens used on film body?
  168. Need opinions on what camera I should buy, likely used.....
  169. Can you guess the mountain?
  170. Got a 17-40 on a 1.6 crop body and need a lens hood?
  171. camera fondler
  172. accidentally lost my digital rebel's lens cap... is there anything cheaper out there than this one i
  173. what do you guys think abou the Canon EOS 20D? thinking about picking one up..
  174. Random shot of my breakfast this morning turned out really nice after some PS tweaking
  175. What's the best lens for urban tourism?
  176. lens help for Nikon....
  177. What digital camera should I get?
  178. critiques please... <edit>
  179. Out in the cold
  180. Where the HECK have I BEEN??
  181. best of a bad situation...
  182. Maynard Ferguson & Big Bop Bouveau
  183. How would I shoot sunsets? Do I need any particular colour filters for good shots?
  184. Any serious reasons why I should NOT get a KonicaMinolta Maxxum 5D?
  185. My other newest toy
  186. Here are a few recent photos I compiled. Not much but check them out and give me some feedback.
  187. Before I buy from somebody else- is anybody on here looking to sell a 85mm f/1.8?
  188. X Post beware
  189. Anyone looking for a 200/2.8L? EDIT: already sold
  190. Who here (Wombat?, etc.) has shot the Grand Canyon?
  191. My first photo on the Mr.Ricco Cam :-)
  192. anyone ever use Fuji Provia 400 slide film? It says "daylight" on the side of the box
  193. took this pic in complete darkness at a party a while back...
  194. Anybody that frequents the FM forums- have they been incredibly slow for you lately?
  195. Last one for today, "Painted Sky"
  196. I will call this one "TRON"
  197. I got my suction cup camera mount today, here's a shot from it.
  198. The "gateway"
  199. Took a li'l morning outing yesterday...
  200. At the request of PDX, posting some track shots over here.
  201. some more Chicago street shots
  202. mpix HELP....
  203. Today's fun...
  204. Rally Cross photos from today
  205. Would picking up a Canon 50mm f1.8 be worth it?
  206. got all my shutterfly photos in the mail today.. not bad for free!
  207. some macro fun
  208. Vendor recomendation?
  209. Two quite interesting photos from the Thunderhill Audi Club event.
  210. Anyone else see Konica-Minolta ceased making cams yesterday and sold out to Sony? Wow!
  211. got bored... playing around with the camera
  212. How much is a 17-85mm IS with a Hoya UV filter worth?
  213. some images from Stowe VT.
  214. Sigma's new competition for the 17-85 IS?
  215. First posted shot with 20D and 50/1.4
  216. Good site for beginners
  217. broken hotshoe replacement on the 580EX procedure.
  218. 200mm f/2.8L and 70-200mm f/4L size comparison.
  219. Laguna Seca Last Week... [BWW]
  220. Konica Minolta announces withdrawal plan for camera business and photo business on Jan. 19, 2006
  221. O. M. G.
  222. Could have used one of you this past weekend
  223. Need a quick flash photography primer...
  224. Camera Bag recommendations?
  225. Audi at the Detroit Autoshow
  226. Is there such a thing as an easily attached flash modifier for a D50?
  227. How do I darken the blue in the sky with this shot?
  228. Decided to start framing things myself again, any thoughts on a nice mat cutter?
  229. Just got a tripod as a present. Is there any difference between a video tripod and a photo tripod?
  230. 7 ball
  231. Pic for Greatgrandpa
  232. Come spring I'm gonna need a much longer lens
  233. It is obvious, that I don't know much about photography. What did I do wrong?
  234. Can someone please tell me where the RED EYE Tool is in Adobe Photoshop CS2
  235. I sell houses and need a light weight small digital camera.
  236. Just got an offer......
  237. couple of shots w/ the 70-300 ISU
  238. I love teh triple rebates :)
  239. Cute little Killing Machines
  240. Best way to learn how to edit/enhance digital photos?
  241. so im finally gonna order, anybody know any promo codes for newegg?
  242. Nikon D70 owners: battery recall--possible fire hazard
  243. Heads up...free prints (including a 16"x20")
  244. Paging Tanner: Still on the fence about the 85mm f/1.8. Here are a couple I took [email protected]/2.2 -
  245. have most of you found 1gb necessary or 512 or 256 sufficient?
  246. Proposal: for those posting your own pictures, please provide some photo stats
  247. Need some opinions...
  248. Any Philly guys with Photography skills around for Jan.21?
  249. Has anyone used Newegg to buy equipment for Canon triple rebates?
  250. What would AWP (Audiworld Photography) do....